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Shadows, Lights And More


I have seen shadows my whole life. Until today I did not know that there was a phenomenon known as "shadow people".

When I was a child I remember seeing one seem to want to crawl up the side of my bed at night. Always as I was starting to drift off to sleep. I would turn to my other side to protect myself.

Later in life I would see the shadows again, always out of the corner of my eye. As soon as I would turn to take a better look they would disappear. And it seems they appear at times of high stress.

Lately I have been seeing them again, but I am also seeing flashes of bright white light. Again just out of the corner of my eye. I believe that the shadow people are dark spirits and the white light represents "good" spirits.

I have also been dealing with problems with my marriage. I am unsure of whether or not to leave my husband. My sense is that his death is coming soon. If he is dying, and he is having health issues, then I love him enough to want him to leave this world with love and happiness in his heart. I figure I am going to need to heal regardless, and I can find more peace with him being happy if he is leaving this planet shortly.

A bird flew into the bedroom window yesterday. I have seen that happen twice before, once shortly before my mother in law passed and once before a friend of mine passed. I have also been able to sense people's death up to a year before it happens.

So my question is this. Am I seeing the shadow people again as a foretelling of my husband's upcoming death? Or am I seeing them as a result of the stress of the situation and the stress of the marriage itself? If he is going to pass away shortly, and my instincts say he is, do I trust my psychic experiences and wait it out? I know that sounds terrible, but I really need some help understanding what is going on. I am not afraid of the shadow people, as I sense they are simply dark spirits and if I pray they go away. They have never hurt me nor done any damage to my home. I really don't have anyone to talk to about this, as anyone else in my life would think I was loony.

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pooka (1 stories) (1 posts)
8 years ago (2013-03-18)
Thank you for your input. I realized Saturday that I am only seeing the shadows when he is home. If he is at work I am not seeing any shadows or lights at all, so what I am seeing definitely has something to do with his spirit. Also Saturday morning he told me he was having massive chest pains. When he told me that I took it like he told me it was sunny out, like it was so matter-of-fact. Could it be possible that my spirit is sensing that he is so close to passing that it is like it is just a matter of time? I truly appreciate any insight into this.
hug100 (126 posts)
8 years ago (2013-03-15)
I share the sighting of shadows and lights as well. Even though no one close to me has died, I believe the shadow spirits are more messengers than evil. While it is true that most dark spirits are evil, I have a feeling that these are not for darkness does not always equate to evil as light does not always equal good either. I have had visions and warnings from spirits in many different ways, shadow messengers (the dark spirits) bring me messages into my dreams so I can prepare for what ever is coming. I would say for your situation listen to the spirits and your instincts before you make a full judgment, to make sure on both sides there is fair judgment. I also say stay with your husband until after he is gone. It will put both you to ease and his spirit and you will not regret staying with him to the end. I hope that this can give you some guidance as well as insight. ❤ May love and light guide and protect you on your journey through life ❤

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