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I'm Releasing Strong Energy


I did meditation sometime in January 2013 for 2 days only for 30 minutes The following month I had this strange situation and it just started sometime Feb 2013 2nd week. I was already in bed trying to get my sleep around 1:00 pm (I work night shift) suddenly I felt someone stroking my hair strands, I tried to check if there's bugs walking through my hair but nothing on it so I went back to sleep, again I felt my hair standing on end dancing like someone caressing them since I'm tired I just ignored it thinking maybe I'm too stressed that's why had this feeling. Then again everyday each time I go to bed I always have the same situation not just the hair thing caressing now I began to feel some static all over my body and strong current, there was a time I was lying in my bed then suddenly I felt my bed sinking (its was the 2nd week already) on the the 3rd week I began to worry bec. Even at work I get to feel someone caressing my hair strands. I started to cry franticaly and began to share my stories to my husband and sister on the 3rd week of Feb. I felt that some spirit is after me I'm very terrified and called a Priest to bless my house. I cannot explain what was everything, I'm so scared... The goose bumps, hair end current on top of my head, tingling, sensation, I hear laughters and a lot more. I feel like I'm losing my mind. I'm always putting my hand on top of head so I won't feel the hair thing.

My sister and my husband already exhausted of explaining things that's its just all in my mind, They said I need to control my mind, mind over matter don't think about it so I won't feel them otherwise I would end up to mental institution since I'm acting so strange which they can't understand what exactly I'm going through its really a disaster. I started reading the power of mind, how to control brain until I got through brain waves then to human body energy finally found out about kundalini energy.

Honestly I don't know nothing about Kundalini Energy for someone who doesn't do regular meditation and yoga was really surprising to have this. I don't know really if I have this kundalini thing. I just started reading various article about kundalini I need to know the symptoms I'm crying everytime, so terrifying each time I get to feel the current thing in my hair, the crawling sensation, intense heat, I hear voices, electricity circulating in my body etc. I need peace of mind because I'm troubled and not in my right state of mind. Somehow since I've read a bit about kundalini at least little by little I'm back to my balance again. I was relieved thanks for all the articles for someone who is not familiar about kundalini its a great help having read everything, it gives you a lot of information, it really can be dangerous if you are not aware of what's going on.

Until to this day I've got strong energy on my right hand and everyday my hair stands on end mostly on the right top and very active evry bed time, electrical like pulses of energy. Now even I have all this symptoms I'm not running like crazy I'm a bit relax and calm as what I read in one of the article embrace it with all your heart and things will be okay.

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heatgirl (1 stories) (11 posts)
6 years ago (2015-04-20)
hi when I was was 7 this used to happen to me my hair got stroked but at the same time my bed floated
Higherfire (1 stories) (8 posts)
8 years ago (2013-03-21)
Hello mgcalvares,

I have been through Kundalini for many years. I knew it was coming but I didn't know anything about it. Kundalini can have us experience almost ANY kind of odd and strange experiences. Also amazing experiences as well; it's full spectrum. It's due to the shifts and changes happening in our bodies. So there is nothing to worry about. I don't want to suggest anything but you may be going through a Priming Stage where the body gets ready for it's "Spiritual Puberty". Tingles, numbness and skin crawling can happen. Kundalini is just life energy...Love. An opening of our minds to joy and peace. Just let things happen as they are, the symptoms won't last forever.

"Biology of the Kundalini" by Jana Dixon is an amazing book for Kundalini.


I hope this helped. Please email anytime at higherfire [at] if you want to chat. One day I would love to study and have my profession on this subject so please email if you would like! =)

Good Day,

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