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How To Find Out Who Is Hurting Me? Why? Avoid? Apologize?


Blessings, peace and joy and prosperity for everyone.

Someone has been hurting me with pins and needles it seems in my ears to the point that one is having trouble hearing and is coughing up blood.

One feels these piercings going into the body and my insides are hurting. One awakes in the morning and one's side is hurting so badly one fears one will be unable to walk. One is fearful of going to sleep.

How do I find out who is hurting me? Why they are hurting me? How to avoid them? How to apologize to them?

I have always tried to do the right and virtuous thing. If I have ever taken any proactive action it was after seeking help desperately for years for the sake of the weak and the helpless children. I have always tried to do the selfless thing and side with those who could not defend themselves.

I am no vigilante or maverick, I want to avoid conflict and controversy and trouble. One realizes that one can end up doing the wrong thing even when one feels one is doing the right thing.

I feel I am losing out in this "social life" thing. I already have minimal contact with humankind and I already devote myself to my books but its getting worse. One's ideas about one's own parents are different and unfortunately quite disillusioning. One's relations have deteriorated.

How to avoid the hurtful? How to apologize and let people see that one is on the right side and wants to do the right thing?

I am a poor PHD student and I am studying good things and have virtuous goals. Who is hindering me please? Why are they doing this to me?

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growing (1 stories) (3 posts)
11 years ago (2013-06-19)
Thank you Amzi,
I don't think its a good idea to try to take life away from a flower! Just to protect myself. Surely there is a better source of protection. And a better way.

I was told by someone at a house of worship to sacrifice a goat as a protective charm and I won't do such things, sorry. What kind of a way of thought is that?

I have seen people do terrible things to children and when I mention how wrong they are these people try to hurt me and then they try to entice me (trick me even in) to doing the same bad things. I am not like that nor will ever be like that and I know everyone has the ability to not be like that. This entire thing started when I started speaking up about some people doing terrible things to little children (kind of what you are doing to that flower). That is immoral and wrong I feel.

I believe the following and the following has been helpful: NO ONE CAN HURT YOU WITHOUT YOUR CONSENT, the free will is highly respected. If you are feeling something you may at any time cancel strongly, verbally or in any other way you find suitable, any CONTRACT, you may recall or not doing at any moment, you may also request for help in higher vibrations, rest assure they will arrive, YOUR PEACE AND YOUR FREEDOM FROM HARM IS SACRED. PROFOUND PEACE.
AmziMisa4 (21 posts)
11 years ago (2013-03-31)
I'm sorry to hear that someone is doing this to you. It's awful that someone would use their gifts negatively to inflict pain on others.

While I don't know how you can find out who is doing this to you, I can offer you a way to protect yourself. It's called shielding.

Shielding is a method of protection and also fighting, but you only need to worry about the protection part. Here's how our group shields:

First, find something from nature, like a flower or stick.
Sit down in a calm and quiet space and in your hand hold the thing you got from outside.
Close your eyes and breathe deep.
Think about your 7 chakras, starting with the top one: crown, third eye, throat, heart, stomach, solar, and finally the root chakra. Be careful with the last one, it's the most important, as it is in charge of your stability.

Afterwards, think to yourself that there is an energy coming from the piece of nature you hold in your hands, flowing up your arms, down your legs, all over you, covering you in its protective light. Think "I ask for a protective shield, one that will only come alive if anything tries to harm me and keeps me safe from the negative emotions of others"
Keep this up until you feel like all of the energy from the flower/stick is drained.

Think of it as a form of mediation and do it very often. It will help protect you.

Hopefully this has helped but if you continue to have problems please email us at Vendettasiblings [at]

Stay safe and remember to shield.


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