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My name is Evan and I am a fifteen year old girl from Michigan. All I really wish to accomplish by writing this is to document all the things that have happened to me since I was born and ask why these things may be happening to me. Starting off I do not abuse or use any kind of drugs and am not mentally ill like some may say because I would think my family doctor would of realized that already. Thank you to everyone that has something to say I truly appreciate it! To start off my writing I have always felt, different. My parent's, outside family, family friends, and everyone really who has come in contact with me has told my parents I do not act my age and that I am so respectable and easy to talk with. They all said that in a way they felt drawn to me, and my parent's thought it was just me being a cute little kid. This has still carried on until today, random people who all of a sudden show up talk to me about things that strangers shouldn't talk about to other strangers. All ages feel comfortable around me and I feel like as if I can reach in their mind and make them tell me these secrets they keep. Another thing that has been happening since I was a child is I can see ghosts. I've seen many people, my grandpa, my grandma, and others I've never met in my life. It's like they are attracted to me, like I am a light bulb and they are moths. I've been able to tell who has a good aura and who has an evil aura. The evil spirits seemed to be able to manifest into actual beings, they could stay in contact with me longer and touch my hair or shoulder. One of the biggest occurrences with an evil spirit was when my little brother and I were playing outside and I felt as if someone was watching me. I told my brother that we should go inside, and we ended up running inside with me chanting he's after me, he's after me. When my brother went inside and then I went inside I tried to push the door closed but it was like someone was pushing trying to get inside. I yelled at my brother to get our parents and finally right as our parents were running downstairs I was able to close the door and run crying into my parent's arms. I know for a fact this was a spirit because my father checked around the whole house and there were no foot prints anywhere. My father tried to pass it off as the wind, but it was so real and my body just sort of knew this "he" was trying to get to me and for an evil not very nice purpose. On top of all of this light bulbs have turned red around me, electrical picture frames go off, T.V's flicker to different channels, and lately I've realized that I can change the temperature around me. For example I was feeling cold while laying down on the couch one day and I imagined a sweater and instantly felt super warm, it was like as if I could feel the sweater on me. These past few weeks I've been having dreams that actually happen the next day. Here is an example: In my dream I had become pregnant and had experienced certain feelings going through the carrying and birth of my child. The next day I just had an impulse to go talk with one of my senior friends, and she just happened to be talking about thinking she was pregnant. I had asked her many questions and I could feel the same emotions rolling off of her that I felt in my dream. I should end it on that note and again I repeat that I appreciate ANY thoughts on what I am or why these things are happening to me.

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fossilera (4 stories) (124 posts)
8 years ago (2013-04-25)
Hey Evan,

As for why it's happening to you, there are several reasons that come to my mind:

1. Usually, it seems like between the ages of 8-17 is when people have a little more "energy" than normal. In the past, poltergeist or psychokinetic activity would seem to occur around those that were in that age range. A lot of what you experienced sounds just like a couple poltergeist cases.

2. You are psychic, which means (as my friend put it), you shine out like a "lighthouse" to any entities out there. The entities use that extra energy to make themselves present.

In my case, I found that having crystals around me did help a little (I highly recommend Crystal Pathways, as I've been in there numerous times - didn't realize there were so many Michigan people on here).

Another thing that may help you is to practice creating a "psychic shield" around you whenever you feel threatened. The "shield" is just creating a barrier between you and whatever is bothering you - it doesn't take any special skills to create, nor do you have to be an expert to create one. I won't post any methods on here (as it's bedtime for me), but if you get the chance - take a look at some of the stories & articles on this site, as they contain some basic methods.

Pravius (1 posts)
8 years ago (2013-04-23)
Hi Evan!

I am also in Michigan, I also carry some strong empathetic abilities and can completely relate to people talking to you about things and it seems out of no where. I have actually had complete strangers approach me and initiate a conversation, pretty cool but can be stressful as well.

Sometimes in the grocery store, concert, highly populated areas I get so incredibly tense and high strung I have to leave and be by myself.

As a child I was able to see spirits, or at least I think, I remember two different occurances when I was younger and that is all I can remember.

I am a bit older and am just now really starting to realize who I am, for you to be going through this at 15 is great and will give you much time to find and carry through with your life's purpose.

If you ever want to talk feel free to email pravius at gmail dot com. I spelled it out so spammers can't see it easily.

There is actually a store in Shelby Township I found today called the crystals pathway. I am going there to get some sage and some crystals, maybe it can help you too?

Peace and Love,

OldWiseOne (guest)
8 years ago (2013-04-22)
To: SilenceintheShadows
Thank you so much for your insight on this, even if you may think it is not much I do! Just by helping me you've given me all that I need (:

To: midnightrose
Thank you for your understanding and giving me the prayer, I will start it as soon as I possibly can... I hope you have a great day also (:

To: red_velvet
What you said really actually helped my mind perspective! I never really thought that this is happening because I'm "me" I always thought that I should have to be someone else. So your positive feed back helped me out A LOT! And of course I always love to make new friends (:

*On a side note, I would like to update that I just found out another one of my "gifts"... Two days ago when my parents and little brother were all very frustrated I tried to stay out of it and then all of a sudden it was like as if I had taken in all of their energy and my body couldn't handle it... Something in my head told me that I must get it out of my system so I just stared at my mum and then she turned at me and started swearing! My mum NEVER swears or even thinks of being rude to me or my little brother... Then all of a sudden she was fine, and happy again. She is not bipolar or has ever acted like this before... Just thought I'd share yet another strange occurrence that has started (:
red_velvet (5 stories) (47 posts)
8 years ago (2013-04-21)
i can't give answer about what are you and why those things happening to you. Cause the fact that you already share all those stories, it means you already know who are you and why those things happening to you 😁 you are evan... And why that thing happens, is because you are evan 😊 I'm sure in inside you already know all of that, is just that you are still in the middle of processing all of it. When you need help, remember that you are not the only one. When you need a guide, you are guiding yourself by following you heart 😁 you are smart... I'm sure you know all of that already... Lets be friends!
RevSilverson (103 posts)
8 years ago (2013-04-21)
when we either consciously or unconsciously are opened to the energies of the spirit world we create a 2 way street. We can "read" them and they can 'read" us. You have natural empathic abilities - that's why people tell you stuff and you have psychic abilities able to see spirits aka energies. Negative energy entities have a stronger energy because they are tied to more dense physical anger (tragedy, murdered, deep despair etc) energies and can manifest more strongly. They take a lot of positive energy (prayer, energy manipulation) to de-manifest them. Positive energy entities are not as solid and do not as easily form into solid shape because they are not as tied to the physical world. My experience has been that water (near ponds, lakes, ocean even high humidity) plays a big part in manifestation for both negative and positive energy entities.

My advice is for you to find a psychic energy shield that will keep the negative energies away from you- keep them from attaching to you or bothering you. There are many methods you can find online. My preference is to envision every morning a shining, sacred golden light in the shape of a pyramid covering me from head to toe. I also do this whenever I give workshops, classes or go to crowded places. This will help you filter those energies that want to use you for bad things versus those energies that want to use you for good things. Just keep in mind, angry entities need to tell their story too. But the shield will help protect you so you can help them too.

Love and light... Always
midnightrose (5 stories) (39 posts)
8 years ago (2013-04-21)
I know how you feel, I feel that all the time. Like Silenceintheshadows say you are probably an old soul. I have a cleansing prayer that might help out with the evil spirits. Do it for 3 months and every night or day. You can also light a white candle when you say this prayer.
In the name of Jesus who has given me the Authority to use his name we ask for protection and holy ground today as we minister to each other. In the name of Jesus, bringdown every stronghold, argument, and presentation that sets itself up against the knowledge of God and bind any demonic spirits that attempt to oppress, confuse or deny the truth. Help us take every thought captive and make it Obedient to Christ. Holy Spirit, we submit to you. We ask you to be our Counselor, Healer, and Deliverer as we lay aside our flesh to Minister to each other. In Jesus name we pray, Amen.
This helped me when had to deal with evil black masses and I hope it helps you. Have a great day. 😊
SilenceintheShadows (3 posts)
8 years ago (2013-04-21)
Hey so sounds like you have some interesting abilities. You seem to have a pretty good grasp on what is going on with your life which I expect is why no one has replied yet. Have you ever heard of old souls? From both your story and what I have read you could possibly be one. With the evil spirit side of things if you find it still happens I'd suggest looking in to protection methods such as the white light method (type it in on Google).
I know its not much but that's my 2 cents, feel free to ask me any questions and I'll try answer them to the best of my ability 😁

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