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My Spirit Guide Or A Ghost?


When I was 4 my family lived in a two story house. My father was an alcoholic. I decided to sleep upstairs on this particular winter night. No one was ever willing to sleep upstairs but me. After I had fallen asleep, I vaguely heard my father come home very late and stumbling about as usual in his drunken state. It only interrupted my sleep for a moment and then I fell right back to sleep.

I don't know of the time that had passed but as a 4 year old time is very different. I had a strange feeling upon awakening again that someone was in the room with me trying to get my attention. I chalked it up as one of my other siblings playing pranks.

I had made a mistake because this turned out to be a spirit trying to get my attention, and she did succeed in her efforts. I had fallen back to sleep and I was in an in between state of sleeping and awake.

All of a sudden my blankets just flew off of me completely across the room. This scared me beyond belief but again, I thought it was a sibling. I got out of the bed and jumped to cut the lights on. I did not want to be anywhere near the bed because well, all children have a fear of what could be lurking underneath the bed.

I gathered my blankets and got everything put back on the bed, turned the lights off and mad a running jump for my bed. No one was in my room or so I thought. I again was falling asleep and was in between the sleep and wake state.

Suddenly the blankets flew off of me across the room and this time I refused to stay in that room because this time I had seen a woman that I did not know standing over me.

I went RUNNING down the stairs and when I had gotten about half way down, the smell of natural gas hit me so hard it was almost suffocating.

My drunken father had turned on the gas heater without lighting the pilot light AGAIN. My mom had shown me how to turn it off just in case this happened.

I did turn the gas off as shown but this time I had to open the windows and doors to let the natural gas out.

Just about the time I had the natural gas out of the house, my mother got up, lit a cigarette and asked me why all the doors and windows were open. I explained to her what had happened and my mom told me I had saved everyone's lives.

I have often wondered about the woman standing over my bed that night. I have always thought she was responsible for snatching the blankets off of me to let me know we were in danger. When I was older I started learning about my spirit guide and I strongly believe this is the spirit that had shown herself to me. I will be forever grateful to her and her determination to communicate with me even though I was so stubborn.

It was not me that saved my family that night, it was her and she knew what was about to happen if my mom lit that cigarette with the gas built up in the house as it was. I would not be here to tell this story if she had not been as stubborn as me. I will always be grateful.

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Reneemichelle (1 stories) (25 posts)
9 years ago (2013-11-22)
Amazing! Yes it could have been your spirit guid or your guardian angel 😁 thanks for sharing, renee
dropd34dbella (2 stories) (6 posts)
10 years ago (2013-06-27)
Wow! That's scary, but amazing. I'm glad you finally got out of the bed! ❤ ❤ ❤

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