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I know my girlfriend and I are soulmates, we have both felt this energy between us from the moment our eyes locked onto one another at a reception. An energy that can't be explained so easily, whether we are together or apart, it's like electric. We finish each others sentences off, I know when she has emailed me and most of the time when she will text, as she has felt the same too. She senses me at night as I do her, as I send her healing and my energy and love. At times I will smell her perfume even when she has been long gone home.

My question is, and I hope its appropriate to write this, but can't see which other way to explain. Whilst making love, my girlfriend saw a beautiful blue shimmering light, that turned to purple and was shimmering slightly too, like little silver glittering bits within this purple light, she totally felt calm, and felt and saw this from her forehead, no fear at all regarding this experience, first when her eyes where closed, and it started to fade when she opened them? I did sense some strong energy, at the same time as my girlfriend saying this and it was not anything negative in any way what so ever. Could anyone possibly know what this could have been, and or why it happened please, as it's most confusing and a strange experience. Also if anyone else has has similar experience. She has never experienced anything like it and I have never heard of such. I know we are very bonded, and even though we live just a couple of miles apart find it very hard to stay away from each other.

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kallG1967 (1 stories) (2 posts)
10 years ago (2013-05-02)
Thank you PsyBlade11. May love and light always shine on you. May you have the gift of love given to you too. Blessed be my friend.
PsyBlade11 (2 stories) (34 posts)
10 years ago (2013-05-01)
I wouldn't expect an angel to appear at a moment like that myself, guess somebody wanted to be a little nosy, perhaps. XD
A slight invasion of privacy, but what the hey? Truthfully we really never have any privacy if you honestly think outside of the box about it.
I wish you the best mate, I hope you and your girlfriend have the best relationship you two could possibly have.
I wish the same for myself, love and only love.:)
kallG1967 (1 stories) (2 posts)
10 years ago (2013-05-01)
Thank you for your positive comment PsyBlade11. My girlfriend does sense spirit, and even though she is jewish, she believes in such. She feels like someone is watching her at night, but does not feel threatened. I do pray for her every night when she is not at mine, and I do send my love and energy to her and asking angels to watch over her. If you are right and it was an angel, is it not strange that one would appear at such an intimate moment of making love. Didn't think angels came across as that?
PsyBlade11 (2 stories) (34 posts)
10 years ago (2013-04-30)
That was absolutely beautiful to read friend, that put a smile on my face reading through your story. It sounds like you and your girlfriend have a very powerful bond with one another, like unbreakable from what I read. From what you have wrote, I believe what you saw may have been an angel, yes, an angel. Considering the light that was seen, and how it changed colors like that. The calm feeling that your girlfriend had gotten also may indicate this, as the energy appeared to be calming and soothing, not worrying and uncomfortable. I believe if it was an angel, then a good spirit, but, from my knowledge, I'm going to go ahead and say there is a high chance that probably was an angel that you two had seen back there. There is a girl I feel I have a special bond to as well, I want a relationship with her to be just as powerful as the relationship you and your girlfriend have. True happiness with the one you love.
If there is anything else that happened that you have questions on, please explain. I'll do my best to help, just as everybody else here would. <3

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