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Freaking Out Over Spirit Troubles With Girlfriend


I am 17 right now and I am a full believer and ghosts and have a very open mind when it comes to this sort of thing. My girlfriend is 15 or 16 right now and she has multiple abilities. She is a Wiccan and with the ability to see, hear, and talk to spirits, she also has an ability to actually hear colors. It's strange I guess, but to the story. She had checked herself into a mental facility across the state for a few weeks after being close to committing suicide. She was there for 2 weeks and came out and hasn't had any trouble with one spirit, Fae, who keeps controlling her. After a week, she came back and has been torturing her still. But she has it under control. But spirits are still around, following her, attacking her. She has randomly passed out at home when these things get close or try taking hold of her. I think she may be some sort of siphon for them but I am not sure. I cannot see or hear spirits for the most part unless they are very powerful. But if they are near anybody who I deeply care for, I can feel their presence. So the fact that I have some spiritual bodies following me, 3 that I know of, doesn't help the situation with her. The spirits that follow me tend to stay away from her for the most part... Except one. I don't know who it is, why it is following me, or anything else of the sort. I have a rough estimate on how long it has been following me. Since I was in about 3rd grade. One night, I got up to watch TV and dropped the remote. I tried picking it back up, I pulled with all my strength but it wouldn't budge. I let go and it flew under the couch at full speed. But it didn't make a single sound. I quickly ran off to bed. I fell asleep under the covers scared. I woke up later that night and peeked out from under the covers. I looked to my right, nothing. I look up towards the top bunk, and there is a black mass, a person no doubt but I couldn't make out anything besides the head and eyes. I didn't have time to. The sheets were pulled back over my head, not by me. At the last second, I looked over to my right and I saw another black shadow just standing there. I can't remember anything after that. I woke up the next morning with scratches on my arms and back. I have tried time and time again to replicate them but they never matched up the right way. They couldn't be mine. I didn't tell anyone out of fear and tried my best not to acknowledge it. It worked and it left me alone. Until this year. One of my very good friends' friend was attacked. Those two were the only two to see it. My good friend has the ability to see spirits too and she saw the whole thing. The black mass was sitting over her, choking her, she could hear her friend gagging. She ran towards it and it took off and her friend sat up freaking out. My good friend called me right after it happened and later that night. They think she's crazy. I believe her though. The way she described it, the fear in her voice... Some reason I could just feel it was him again. But I didn't have any proof. About 2 weeks after this incident, my girlfriend was attacked by a spirit. A black mass. She was lying on her bed, she knew it was there but she didn't know exactly where and she didn't want to find out. She stopped talking to me for an hour and I was freaking out. When she came back she told me the spirit had held her down, had scratched her up a little and choked her until she passed out. It was all too similar. I told her about what happened to my friend and she freaked out a little more. Last Saturday was my prom. The spirits had seemed to have left her alone for the most part but are focusing more on me now. We were outside; her parents were taking pictures of us. It wasn't until today that she looked at the pictures. And she said in every single one, there was a black mist over her face. They had used two different cameras for the pictures and they all had black mists in front of her face. Just hers. I am really freaking out here; I want her to be okay. I want to do something to make them stop bothering her, so she won't have to deal with this. It is absolute torture for her and I see it in her eyes. I want to know if somehow I am the one causing this spirit to follow her. And if there is any way I can stop them, I want to know. I am open to all options except for oouiji boards, spirit or angel boards, and seances. One of my other Wiccan friends made it very clear to stay away from them, or never come inside her house again. So please, if you know of anything, tell me. I want her to be okay.

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midnightrose (5 stories) (39 posts)
10 years ago (2013-05-07)
I am a sensitive and an empath. I have been dealing with these black masses that you have been talking about. I am going to give you a prayer that should help you out. I am sorry that you guys have to deal with this. I hope that this helps you. Do it for 3 months and if you want to you can light a white candle. I want both of you to do this.
In the name of Jesus who has given me the Authority to use his name we ask for protection and holy ground today as we minister to each other. In the name of Jesus, bringdown every stronghold, argument, and presentation that sets itself up against the knowledge of God and bind any demonic spirits that attempt to oppress, confuse or deny the truth. Help us take every thought captive and make it Obedient to Christ. Holy Spirit, we submit to you. We ask you to be our Counselor, Healer, and Deliverer as we lay aside our flesh to Minister to each other. In Jesus name we pray, Amen.

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