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Does My Experiences Mean Anything? What Is This That I Have?


I am wondering if there is someone who can help me. I am 29, a full time student, single parent, and I work full time... I am pretty busy and I have a good head on my shoulders. The only thing is I have a gift that can be a curse sometimes. Since I can remember, I can see and hear spirits. It's periodical yet consistent, sometimes they are good (angelic appearances) while others are simply evil (releasing fear and a thickness into the atmosphere- if that can be understood). I have communicated with a spirit that has been following my brother for years, a spirit that was weighing depression on my friend, a spirit that was watching my daughter at school, and even a spirit that was haunting my friend in Texas through the telephone.

An example: One time when I was watching tv with my boyfriend in my room, a gentleman came to my doorway. He kept asking my repeatedly, "Can I come in? Can I come in?" He bugged me for over an hour until I finally acknowledged him. Then, he kept bugging me to light a candle for him in the hallway. After trying to ignore him, I finally gave in and lit a small candle in the hallway. In the end, he thanked me for lighting the candle because all he wanted was some form of memorial for his death. I felt an overwhelming sadness for him.

Another was a boy who showed himself to me at my boyfriends house. He spent a half an hour telling me that he thought my boyfriends apartment was a mess. Then, he bugged me to come look at my boyfriends trash area. When I finally came to look, I saw a pile of recycles my boyfriend had. The kid thought it was the funniest thing.

I have awaken to spirits in my sleep, felt them touch me and move me in my sleep (three years ago, one dragged me to the edge of my bed- he wasn't a good one at all), some enter into my dreams. I have had spirits curse at me, make me laugh telling jokes, stand in the shower with me (that was interesting) and I even realized I had the ability to meditate to the point where they can write through my hand (encountered that by accident). It appears the rain makes my senses stronger for some reason.

Sometimes I can walk into a room and scope for a spirit. It sounds strange, but the only way I can explain it is this: When I walk in, I open what I can only call "my third eye", I send a signal that reacts like a wave. The wave can scan far or nearby. If there is a spirit nearby, the signal comes back to me and I immediately connect to the spirit. The information of that spirit including emotions, sex, ora, etc, connects. I usually wait and try to feel out the spirit until I can understand its motives. Most of the time, the spirit talks to me first. Sometimes, however, sensing a spirit will just "click" on randomly.

Example: One time, my friend and I were online on our own laptops while watching tv. I was on facebook when all of the sudden, I saw a spirit standing behind my friend. It was a man and he was giving out a very heavy feeling. I could see the ora flowing over my friend like water or a fountain like mist. I tried to ignore it and went back to my computer. Later, I couldn't help it... I had to ask. I asked her if she had been feeling down lately. She said yes. I asked her if it was periodical or at random times. She looked at me very surprised and said yes. I told her what I saw. She smiled, thanked me, and said she knew exactly what to do. Later she told me she no longer had any feelings of depression after identifying, meditating, and taking a few minutes to pray.

I have tried to ask psychics, studied extensively everything I could, consulted a few friends about this, had myself tested for schizo, etc. I have contact a local paranormal organization in hopes they might have a few answers for me. Besides being told I am an empath and have premonition abilities (through my dreams), no one else has been able to give me a good answer as to why I have this or what to do with this. I have helped a few people with this gift which has been great. I would wonder if I am haunted, but the spirits are never the same and they come and go. Sometimes they are not there for me but for someone else. I'm just wondering if there is someone else who has this and knows what to do with these abilities?

Due to its consistency, I have learned to deal with this-it has just become part of daily living for me now. I'm just wondering if anyone might have any answers for me regarding this...

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therealangel7 (1 stories) (7 posts)
9 years ago (2013-06-04)
Hello friend, I have these experiences all the time, do your best to avoid those heavy bad ones, and even befriend the good ones. Much love, and happy hunting;)
RebeccaRay (2 posts)
9 years ago (2013-05-30)
Hello, I just wanted to say that I know what you meant when you scope the area with your third eye, sending out a wave. I do the excactly the same thing. Stay well 😁

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