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I Feel Energy In My Fingers


I am fairly new with all of this, so please excuse my rookieness.

About a year ago, I've been feeling this weird feeling in my fingers when I focus on absorbing something in the space around my fingers. When I do that, my fingers go really tingly, and my hand starts shaking. It feels like there is energy running through my hand. I have only tried this while keeping one of my hands closed, like I am holding an invisibe object. When I open my fingers and focus on sending energy somewhere, the feeling disappears. I've read about chakras, and have tried to send energy to the chakra in the top of my head (not sure how it's called), and I've been feeling more energetic and being able to think more clearly. Can someone help me find out what is happening? Is there the possibility that it is a medical issue?

Also, I've read stories about telekineses, pyrokineses, cryokineses and being able to control the weather, all starting with this feeling, but I have not noticed anything like those four. I wish it was, because I'm a great fan of the X-Men series.

I'm not sure if any persobal details are needed to make a conclusion, but I am only 13 years old. Also, after a while, my fingers feel so full of energy I can't go on, but the more I practise, the more energy I can store. I read about supplies of psychic energy, and I might think by practising I can make them bigger, also it seems that when I'm tired and I jump in a pool, I feel energy again. I'm not sure if that is relevant though.

Thanks for helping

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sunsolaris2000 (16 posts)
9 years ago (2013-07-12)

We all have underlying abilities which just need to be awaken. Our Soul (Conscience) is a sum of values (clairvoyance clairaudition, healing,...)
Sadly, an average person has 3% conscience and 97% subconscious. We need to conquer our Soul back because the 97% is under the Ego domination now. We must dissolve our egos o gain it back.
sigmadeadbolt (5 stories) (42 posts)
9 years ago (2013-07-12)
About the whole finger energy thing, I experience that as well, only its more of an at will thing for me, or at least after I practiced with it, anyway Something I learned from it is that if you project the energy forward from your hand you can feel things with your energy. This could come in handy, after a while I could even do it with my eyes, which I assume is taking energy directly from my chakra or my "Third Eye"
lilylove (3 stories) (362 posts)
9 years ago (2013-07-09)
It is energy you are feeling around your fingers.
You are not absorbing the energy you are merely waking up your senses to feel the energy that comes from ourselves.
We are made out energy and so is everything else.
Kineses abilities are simply a greater form of manipulating energy.
Anyone can manipulate energy but its mostly on a low level.
The fact that you feel better in water is very important. It means your elemental type is water

Meditating is a great way on improving energy flow and improving kineses abilities.

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