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Energy, Vibrations, Lights, Auras?


For the longest time now I have always wanted to get to the bottom of what exactly I'm seeing and experiencing. I'm 20 and for the past 10 years or so I've been able to see what I can only describe as a cloud of static electricity; a mix of constantly vibrating particles that don't have a distinct color but rather a variety of hues not too vibrant---it's like a film over everything I see. On top of that I can see streaks of lines, waves and ripples everywhere I go. I'm also able to see bright little orbs of white light that flash for an instant as well as pitch black orbs of light which all vary in size. I can also see these weird tiny orange dots with a black center, they tend to appear in vast clusters that vibrate. When I go outside I am able to see what I can best describe as almost tiny raindrops of light in liquid silk wispy form. There are thousands upon thousands just floating around. It gets to the point that I space out because I just sit watch. I've also been able to see an invisible second layer around by hands, arms, etc which at times starts to turn a deep purple. I've never told anyone this except my relative because it sounds pretty far fetched. On top of that I've had dreams where I see symbols that I've never seen in real life, only to find out that they exist from some weird culture called the anunaki. I have also dreamed of ancient Egyptian symbols and found my self speaking Egyptian in a sort of trance like state about a year ago. I've had dreams ever since I was a child that I was exercising demons out of people and saw one in my dreams when I was 14. It was very pale skinned with long jet black hair dressed in what looked like a cross between ancient Egyptian and old native American clothing. I have never meet someone with the same experiences. As they years progress, it seems like my sight is becoming more fined tuned. I used to be terrified by what's going on but now its really intriguing. I love researching things I dream about and finding out that what ever it was really exists. My experiences even run deeper than this, I just wanted to get some feedback on what I said so far; don't know if I should say more it already sounds farfetched enough lol.

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AnthonyXVII (1 stories) (2 posts)
11 years ago (2013-08-19)
Thank you all for the responses I am going to try meditation again and hopefully I can get over the anxiety I have about it. The first time I tried meditating all my senses became overwhelmed I was beginning to see too much at once which kind of freaked me out. I am excited to hear that others have the same experiences. I stand with you Cattydee, I highly doubt the lights are caused by a deficiency or any other medical condition; what we see will never be understood my doctors or science, I don't even bother bringing anything up because I know its pointless. I too wonder how the world would change if more people had these experiences.

Arfulf, what's the best way to relinquish fear while meditating?

AniokNitya, I would appreciate pointers or any advice. Its to the point I feel disconnected with this world, sounds weird. I'm normally a straight A student who loves science, currently studying engineering but more and more I feel that everything is ephemeral and what I found interesting now seems boring and lacking.
AniokNitya (guest)
11 years ago (2013-08-19)
This is a manifestation your you connecting to yourself, I have see and experienced this first hand.
Your main past life memories and physicality is connecting to your body, A few of my students have past lives from that time. The most important thing that you can do is just try to remember as much as you can because you will be needed in the coming future. I can teach you how to connect and figure the reason why this is happening. Threw this process gifts will be granted to you and you will know your propose here. Contact me if you truly need help.
PowerHound (3 stories) (24 posts)
11 years ago (2013-08-18)
I'm glad to read another story so similar to my own. For years I've seen energy and have learned to move it and use it through meditation. I see what you see every day and wonder how society would change if others would see through the veil as well. I too find myself in awe and tend to space out looking around me. I have enjoyed reading your experience.
Cattydee (12 stories) (161 posts)
11 years ago (2013-08-18)
So I can't tell you how many times I've heard stories about this stuff. The invisible light around your body is chi. This light can be seen on anything if you focus. It can grow or shrink depending on how well you're focusing and how much chi the object has.

The colored light you see is an aura, only livng things have this, its kind of like your life force, everyone's aura changes color due to their emotions. Usually there's one particular difference that everyone has in their aura to tell them apart.

The orbs are energy just floating around, most of the time its nothing to worry about. Sometimes spirits can take the shape of an orb, but not very often.

The orange dots, I see those a lot, I have been told its because I have a low amount of iron at the time or its my eyes messing with me. I haven't yet figured out what they are. I usually call them sparks though:D Anyways when you see the sparks, what do you feel? I usually feel as if I'm about to astral project but I never do.

The dreams, maybe its your future to cast away demons. Maybe you were an Egyptian in your past life, who knows. Research is the best way to find out:) Hope this helped!
arfulruf (1 stories) (9 posts)
11 years ago (2013-08-16)
Thank you for sharing this story. It really rings true to me. I myself have seen lights, colored smoke (purple) and I also see auras. I see you have developed some abilities. If you can get past the fear you should not have too much trouble developing these talents more fully. A good place to began would be to start to meditate. When I began to meditate inside of a nearly completely darkened closet I began to develop quicker. The loss of senses like being in the dark seem to allow you to see and to learn without distractions. I now see colors and other things happen as well. Continue to look for auras. Tell your higher self you want to see them and other psychic activity may start to develop as well. Some of the colors you see is energy. If you hold your hands a few inches apart from each other and think the thought that you want to manifest energy between your hands you can produce a psi ball. Also there are energy vortexes on the palms of your hands and at every joint of your body. I often can see the purple and dark red energy cover my entire body as I meditate. The faint colors will be really easier to see and much brighter in the dark. It doesn't need to be pitch black. The light that comes in around the door frame when it's closed won't hurt anything. Also if you have access to a bathroom without windows it should be a good place to meditate and see the energy more brightly. Some of the martial arts develop this energy "chi" is what they call it. By your description you are able to see it. I do too but It's much easier for me to see it in the dark than in full sunlight. There are exercises around that draw the energy into your body. Healing by way of energy or energy healing goes byway of the name "Reiki". Earlier today I punched the wrong keystroke and lost the first copy of this letter. This is the second try. I'm not going to make it any longer as I don't want to lose another half hours efforts. In light and love

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