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Premonitions And Claivoyance?


I think I'm psychic.

I am 19 years old and I have been having paranormal/psychic experiences since I was a small child. They have mainly come in the form of precognition but I have also had experience with clairvoyance and the paranormal.

My premonitions is usually about rather ordinary occurrences in my day to day life. However on some occasions I can foresee major natural or cultural disasters.

One such occurrence was the February 2011 Christchurch Earthquake. A couple of weeks before the event I had piercing images of destruction and I could hear rumbling and screaming around me. One of the images the really stuck in my head was the image of the Cathedral with its spire missing. I told my family and friends about the upcoming danger however they refused to believe me. Maybe they were skeptical of my "new found" abilities or just couldn't imagine such an event taking place. A few weeks passed uneventfully and then the earthquake hit. On the evening news that night was repeating broadcasts of the damage and the most frequently shown image was the cathedral with its missing spire.

Sometimes I see premonitions of my friends' love life. That is I can foresee who they will be going out with in the future. It is funny and rather novel, but it has happened too frequently. Sadly enough I cannot see my own future relationship statuses, so I can assume either that I am not going to be in a relationship soon or I can't see my own future. I hope its the second one:)

Sometime I can also see past events like events in peoples lives they haven't told me about, and people who even they don't remember.

I think i'm clairvoyant, although I cannot communicate with the dead. I can't see them but I can feel their presences and can see them with my mind.

I have been trying to visualize aura but I can't see colour well. I can see the a white aura shadow around most objects, sometimes without even trying.

Sometimes when I am talking to a person a can sometimes see images of their past in my minds eye. I can also "feel" the mood of those people around me, even before talking to them. Although if I spend to much time around groups with varying moods I get worn down and grumpy.

Recently when I am concentrating or even relaxing I see little balls of white light moving through my field of view. When I shift my gaze to said balls they shoot out of view, only to return once I return to what I was doing. These are not eye floats as they move independently of my eye. What am I catch in my glance?

Lastly sometimes I see images like that of premonitions that involve me or people that I know. They seem real and appear just like my premonitions do but have sometimes very obvious differences to our Earth. These "visions" show events and disaster that haven't happened here. They seem so real though.

Am I just imagining some of this stuff?

What can I do to enhance my abilities?

Am I a rainbow, crystal or indigo child?

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jodenx12 (70 posts)
9 years ago (2013-08-20)
You are capable of seeing energy as you view them as these while light balls. I myself can see the same and its best to look at them in the Sky because you will see thousands if you focus. Also as your open to energy in this way you are also able to pick up on the energy of other people and translate them into memories that belong to others. There are many things that can be be done if you can understand how energy works and as for your dreams; there will be many disasters ahead when the end times come and its best that you continue your abilities to become stronger for you will be able to protect yourself. If you would like more help on awakening then you should contact me. 😊
PathR (4 stories) (1274 posts)
9 years ago (2013-08-16)
Who can tell of if rainbow, c, or indigo.
These all seem to be fad names.

All humans have some form of psychic ability,
Many get discouraged because they compare themself
To others. And the reality those who persistently
Work at it can become stronger.

Do what feels comfortable, a type of meditation

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