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Could I Be An Indigo Child?


I have always been kind of "strange". I've never found a human being that I can really connect with. I always have been able to sense or feel what others were feeling, animals especially. I used to be very close to my pets as a child and I use to be able to "speak", not necessarily in words, to them. I've been told I'm very empathetic. I feel it very much now at the age of sixteen. When I talk to someone I can really feel a certain energy coming from them and it varies from person to person, I feel very different emotions and vibes from different people. I can never seem to decipher my own feelings though, I feel so many mixed feelings. At one point I was very depressed and I didn't know why, I believe it may be because many of my loved friends were at some point of suffering in their lives and I couldn't help them (I was very isolated from them at the time due to a long, long grounding). My life is fairly good, although I feel very restricted by my parents. I've felt like that since I was a kid. Several of my friends have told me I seem to have ADD or ADHD because I never seem to "be there" when they would talk to me, but I really really do listen to every word. I am considered to be an art "prodigy", although I would not use that term, I could say I am very talented in drawing. I also love music and can play any instrument I want, but I never seem dedicated. Even as a child, I loved everything, but was dedicated to nothing, and today also. I can imagine myself in the future doing many things, but nothing at the same time, it's all very blurry to me and all I know is I want to do great things with this human experience. I love learning new things, but I hate school because I can't relate to very many people, they all put on fake, egotistical personalities and are pretentious, they do not realize I can see right through their disguise. Luckily I have found some friends who are very into spirituality as well as astrology (which I am very very VERY into), they are very real people, and one of them I am sure is an Indigo child. She is very very special and I feel it so much. We all have crystals and experiment with meditation, astral projection, lucid dreaming, etc. And the affects of candles, incense, and crystals. I have a very strong connection with the clear quartz I own. I also have a deep attraction to nature and everything natural. I want to help people, animals, especially the earth. I feel like I can see things in people that they can't see about themselves. I feel a potential in all the people around, but many seem to be blind. I have a lot of deja vu. My intuition is very developed for much of the time when I feel something is about to happen, it usually does, I especially feel bad things. My mind is never at rest because I question everything until I am convinced. That is why I am questioning these traits and my ability. I would really like to know your opinions on my situation, and if you are into astrology as well my sun sign is Taurus, rising sign Leo, moon sign Pisces (which I've read tend to have psychic abilities), Midheaven Aries. Thank you for your input if you have any! =)

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indigotaurus (1 posts)
11 years ago (2014-01-02)
Alina. I'm Andrew. I was born April 24th 1989. My sun is Taurus part Leo and also part Pisces. My brothers and sisters, daughters and sons. We are here for the beings on this planet currently. We have the most problems because we come from a place that we already did this or beat that. We already ascended. We are volunteers. We know what is true and what illusion is. We know God. We have abilities that no such words can describe. We came to a lower existence that is why everything is off balance within yourself. Trust within yourself and ask Mother earth is help you. Ask the Violet Fire and Saint Germane and also Michael. They are also our brothers. We are one. We are all the same. All of you are soul aspects of me and also you. We all know each other spiritually. I will contact with you all telepathically. Things on this planet are chaotic now, but it needs to be played out. Be patient and allow the dust to settle. Our brothers and sisters from stars and also are parents will be here with us all soon. Just hang in there my lovely indigos. I LOVE YOU ALL. WE WILL ALL LIVE FOR 1000 YEARS RESTRUCTURING PLANETS, NEW SOLAR SYSTEMS, NEW EARTHS. Our purpose is to love and to love all. That is what our creator created for us because the universe loves us all. All of you are powerful beings of loving indigo light. The rainbows will take care of us. They are our parents and they will all be here with us very soon. They messed up thousands of years ago and we are here to fix it because that is what we are. Soon we will rest. Soon we will all play. I will see all of you soon in the nearest future. ❤ Namaste LOVE ALL OF YOU. ❤
xXAloysiusXx (10 posts)
11 years ago (2013-08-24)
Man, let me just say on a personal note, I can relate to you in a lot of ways, if not almost everything you've mentioned within your story.

Sticking out is a trait I've always had, along with the blurry future. I was always pressured to make a definitive choice on what I wanted career-wise, and I never gave a straight answer. Same deal with the art and music as well. I have a constant need to learn as much as I can, get into as much as I can, be as diverse as a person could possibly be. I could go on in the ways that I feel similar to you, lol...

Don't you think there is more beyond astrology and spiritual objects? Your future may seem blurry, but isn't there something deep down, tugging at you everyday, to begin doing something fulfilling, something that would both develop yourself and help others at the same time? Do you have that primal urge to become stronger as a soul... As a good soul?

You are very much aware and growing, evolving.

I am a Guardian of Our Father and I can help you with these feelings. Please don't hesitate to contact me (or anyone else who would like help) at venusaloysius13 [at]
Earth_Angel1188 (1 stories) (4 posts)
11 years ago (2013-08-22)
Just be patient sweet heart! I hated High school too and didn't have a lot of friends growing up because I just couldn't get past the facade they put on. You seem to have some true friends around you though, hold onto them! My teenage years were the hardest for me too because I was forced to go to a place 5 days a week that I hated and I seriously felt like I belonged to another planet from every other human being! Just hang in there and surround yourself with things that make you happy and at ease, and that make you feel like you can be yourself! You seem to be an empath like me, read about indigo children, crystal children, and empaths... Whatever you feel closest to stick with that! ❤

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