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Help Shadow People Is To Playful And Sexually Aggressive


I live in a apartment and ever since I moved in 3 weeks ago. I asked for help but I had to share this. Ever since I moved in I felt so much sexual aggressive and messing with things in my home that I didn't touch. Me and my daughter which is 4 years old so tell me when I get home things are different in my home, they'll not mean or harmful but messing with me. I felt a woman touching my arm and another woman was humming in my ear while I was cooking this morning. When I sleep at night I have a little light on in my room and it goes off and when I'm about to get up to turn it back on it comes back on. I feel people sitting on my bed talking to me while I'm sleeping or having a Paralysis sleep mode and they always laughing and touching me as if they know me. My daughter have experiences as well like one day last week I heard her laughing and talking to herself so I peeked in her room and saw her holding a toy up like she was handing it to somebody. I mean it goes on and all in the 3 weeks of living here. What can I do? I don't won't people over my house because of it. These shadow people are not shy and seem nice but playful. I"m a great believer of them but how can I be in control of my home and not upset them. My mom like them but she still won't come over because they are sexually aggressive lol I know its weird but true. How do I control my situations with them? I was in my closet and my blouse's sleeve raised up and I just closed my door to ignore them and they are truly playful beings in my home.

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Tripox21 (31 posts)
9 years ago (2014-02-13)
From personal experience, don't communicate or play around with them, this or these entities are of negative vibration, they are good chameleons, they are warm in the beginning and friendly, they are that because they want you to invite them to your personal space, they will talk to you make you have feelings for them then it backfires, its true, they abuse and terrorise for energy, theyre like you describe them playful and immature, this can be a beginning to a possession, its not as dramatic as in ghost movies when you get fully possessed by a being but it can come very close to it.

It wants an reaction from you a feeling, often something that will boost their being with energy, long term more stuff will happen around you guys,
Its not to make you scared this is how possession is starting...

Stay grounded and strong, you are as strong as you think you are.

Thats why they will try to make you fear them more and more because they get boosted with negative emotions, and it will try to influence you to make wrong decisions in stuff, like drink alcohol, eat more fat foods, anything unhealthy, you will get visions, voices, images, nightmares with strange beings inside.
Why alcohole and stuff?
Well it lowers your natural protective field called aura and keeps bad stuff from coming inside

If these guys manage to mess around so bad with you that your aura got holes in it they will siphon energy and you will feel drained and fatuiged for a while.

But don't worry, you can get rid of them, either:

1) call an exorsist or medium.

2) be indifferent to them don't feel you need to react to them, only that will neutralise any psychic attack they might throw at you, or use recommended herbs to clear out any negativity

I promise you these entities are not there to play hide and seek or be friends with anyone, only energy or other cravings.

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