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The Body Electric


After an accident I had one Summer that left me injured and unable at the young age of 18 to walk or leave my bed I re-found meditation. I was of course hoping this might help get me up and out of that bed, if it be 'Out of Body' well that was more then fine with me.

That Summer after trying for a week or so I found I was making progress though in the beginning I was shocked with a electrical current leaving me frightened. I soon passed that stage though it did take hours at times in order to make just a brief exit in the following stage or second stage. I found that in wanting this so much I was perhaps trying too hard so I slowed it down and began learning better breathing techniques along with a few self taught methods enabling me to finally leave that dam bed and in fact out of that busted up body!

This was years ago and I have learned much. Most of what I found which worked for me was not found so much as in books but through my own practice.

This being my first time here I only wanted to share my first experience, later I want to share my experiences with sound and how to take sound or ringing people may have in their ears or body and use it to help them. Concentrating on a light high pitched ringing sound helped me to 'pop' out during that Summer many years ago and later on into some pretty wild places. For what it may be worth to some, I have never used any items or tools such as crystals or candles to aid me.

I'm looking forward to hearing how some of you travel and your techniques.

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Joni437 (guest)
11 years ago (2014-01-12)
hi KnightOwl,

Awesome you focused on it to work for you. Years ago I popped out without any effort at all... I was sleeping and then all a sudden floating above the carpet and remembered I couldn't feel the carpet... Knowing uh oh, I am floating... Anyways good for you and happy that you are able to experience something other than natural walking.

And thank you for sharing here,
Joni 😉
AnneV (4 stories) (1064 posts) mod
11 years ago (2013-08-27)
I think it would be wonderful for you to post your experience with sound and astral projection. If it's sufficient in length, I would happily turn it into an article on the Articles page if you want. You can also email me at annemoss65 [at] if you want it submitted. I have another webpage (, and I wrote about the impact sound has in our AP travels. Please do share! This is such an interesting topic.


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