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This past year (2012), I lost my grandma. She was going under surgery to remove a tumor she had 2 days later she was fine I was so happy. I don't know what happen after that the doctors put her to sleep she never woke up her heart failed and she end up brain dead, so we pulled the plug. This happen right before news years eve. Our family gather at her house in her memory cause she loved news years that night wail everyone was outside I heard a noise in her room I saw a shadow and the dog bark and ran to her room, I felt something there maybe it was her. A few days later as I went to sleep I dreamed her she was calling me on the phone telling me what you doing my dear, and I replied grandma your dead she started crying telling me I know I know. I told her go visit grandpa he misses you and rocky (dog) cause they where real sad. A few days later she came to me again, I was sitting on her sofa wail she was at the table fixing her nail, and she said Bella is getting so big I can't wait to buy dresses for her. (last time she saw her she was just born, now she's 9 months) I feel like my grandma still sees us, they say there body not here but there still with us. Before all of this a cousin who died a few years ago came to me and said someone was very sick and he didn't look good, now I know who he meant my grandma. My mother also has dreams of her dead friends that past. One told her just because there gone doesn't mean they don't see. I do feel that loves one who die find away to talk to you. Another story when I was little I had a friend who died she flew out the car and hit her head on the ground, she was brain dead I vised her in the hospital when they plug the plug. The next night she came to me in my dreams telling me Amanda I woke up I'm ok she sounded so happy cried when I woke up.

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lilylove (3 stories) (362 posts)
11 years ago (2013-09-03)
When our loved ones or close friends pass way, they do come by to say bye or hello.
Its great that your grandmother visited you.
And she may visit you again.
Thanks for sharing your experience.

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