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Feeling and Showing the Injuries of the Spirits


My psychic intuition began early in life but somehow I think they were repressed until recently. I think that a haunted house my wife and I lived in, reawakened the abilities that were hidden inside for so many years.

Now it seems that these abilities have grown ten fold. I am a humble person, and find it rather incomprehensible that I have these gifts and even harder to know what I am supposed to do with them.

Early on I called them a curse, but in recent years I have come to see what good I can do with the incite I am afforded by those who have passed. Although it is becoming easier to accept my gifts/talents I still am baffled and have little guidance as to how to control, understand or understand them.

My most recent experiences have been eye opening to say the least and the first one would likely be too unbelievable for anyone, so I won't even detail it here. However one of the most recent and dangerous experiences concerning this strange ability was last year and about 1 week before my 40th birthday. I had worked that day and then went help my brother at the lodge that he manages. As it turns out, it was a rouse to get me there for the surprise celebration of my birthday.

I spent most of my time indoors enjoying the company of friends and family, took some time to enjoy the children, ate great food and opened presents. We packed up about 10:00 that night and headed home. The next morning my hand felt tight and I took a motrin to help with the muscle cramp and uncomfortably.

We met a friend and his boys out at a nearby lake and enjoyed watching our 6 boys fish together. We hadn't been there more than an hour or so when I noticed my hand had become somewhat swollen. An hour or so later it was not only swollen more but also seemed to bear two puncture like pin holes very near my knuckles. Within another hour my hand was twice the size and my wife insisted we go to the emergency room.

We went through questions after questions from several doctors, nurse and PA's and although the reaction I seemed to be having was depictive of a venomous snake bite, I couldn't for the life of me remember getting bitten. Something you would surely remember.

Tests were done for a venomation and as the swelling continued up past my elbow, the tests continued to return with inconclusive or negative results. 18 hours later I was having surgery to relieve the pressure in my hand to avoid compartmentalization of my nerves.

A week later I had the stitches removed and a week after that I returned with a clean bill of health. The next day I got a call from the hospital to tell me that one of the tests did show that there was venom in my blood. Apparently however, a miniscule amount. Interesting though that it was enough to swell my hand and arm approximately one inch every hour.

OK, so where is the oddity in all this? The whole time I was in the hospital I felt that there was someone who was lost in a desert and bitten by a snake. We never got confirmation on this and so I didn't put much more thought into it.

Over the St. Patrick's day weekend this year (2008) my wife an I went to Chicago to see Oprah, meet up with family, do some shopping and have some fun. We flew in Sat. Morning redeye and by 2 O'clock we were on a South shore train to Indiana where we were to give a presentation on our own personal experiences of living in a haunted house. It was during this 45 minutes trip that I began to get a horrible headache.

Upon arriving at our destination, we were met an individual who would drive us to the location for the presentation. On the way, I asked to stop at a convenience store to get some aspirin for the headache that just wouldn't ease up. After another 45 minutes of driving we arrived at the library, gave our presentation and headed out to meet others for dinner.

The ride to dinner was short but excruciating as my stomach was feeling sick and creepy. I remember telling my wife that I thought I had the flu. She tried to remind me that I could combat it with mind over matter, and asked if I had my protection up. I got rather hateful towards her lack of concern and tried to make the best of the rest of the evening we had planned.

The rest of the evening consisted of going with a local group to a actively haunted location and doing a walk through. There were about 20 people on-site for this hunt and so it was not conducive to obtaining undeniable evidence, but my abilities were valuable in communicating with the local spirits.

Although it was not the original intention of our visit to this location, it was excitingly the first time I used my abilities in this capacity. What was more exhilarating was the confirmation I received every step of the way from the curator of the property.

Thru the entire walk through, which extended almost 2 hours, I felt that I could just vomit. Between trying to keep up appearances and communicating the spirit information that was coming to me I was losing the psychic battle. If it weren't for a team member with Reiki abilities to support and aid me, I don't know how I would have gotten through the evening.

The hunt ended about 10pm and we were driven back to our downtown Chicago hotel. The whole ride back, I prayed for a pillow and bed. I remarkably did fall asleep and woke the next morning feeling much better. As my wife readied herself, I went to the gift shop for some juice.

Entering the elevator, I suddenly felt sick to my stomach. Feeling so bad, I had to stop several times momentarily along the way, but got my juice and got back to the elevator. With an unbelievable suddenness, my head felt like it was going to blow up. I happened to look at my watch and noticed it was 10:25am.

In tremendous pain and anguish I slowly made it back to our room sat down for a minute and then entered the bathroom and kicked my wife out so I could violently throw up.

I spent the rest of the Sunday day in bed sleeping. In fact I also slept straight through that night too. The next day I seemed fine although a strange abrasion had showed up across the right side of my forehead and was pointed out by my wife. Upon my own inspection I realized how painful it also was. Monday evening we flew home.

Tuesday I over slept and went into work late and then left work about an hour later in excruciating pain. The headache was back and so was the sick feeling in my stomach. I also was getting distinct communication from a spirit. As I received the information I suddenly understood what had been happening all weekend.

This individual who had suffered in a car crash the previous Thursday had actually passed at 10:25 on Saturday morning. He had been trying his best to contact me the best he could. I wrote all the information down that he gave me and it all began making sense.

He gave me his name, along with his wife, son, father and 4 of his pets. He told me of his hobbies and interests, his concern over the other accident victim, and his surprise at his death. He offered many details that I also jotted down.

Wanting to find out who this was, I contacted a new friend in Porter County Indiana and asked her if she knew of anything related to the information I shared with her. She said she would keep her ears open and see what she could find.

Within about 10 minutes she called back. "You've got to be kidding me!" She found an article telling of the accident that severely injured a man on Thursday, it was a bad crash and even the Surgery wasn't enough to stop the aneurysm that killed him at 10:25 Saturday morning.

From further details that were made public over the course of the next two days I know, without a shadow of doubt, that this individual was trying to contact me by using his physical pain.

I've been told that it is very rare to feel and show the physical injuries of those that have passed and are communicating with you. I have also been told that it can signify that there is an evil or negative energy involved. I am concerned of course and want to understand this phenomenon better, so if there is anyone who can shed light on this seemingly rare occurrence, please feel free to do so.

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Ruc13 (1 stories) (6 posts)
16 years ago (2008-04-08)
aramasamara and Deborah Anna, yes, I am learning that there are different way s to do everything. It's almost as if the ability to visualize and concentrate on something from the needed perspective is what is important. The better the connection to the visualization the better control you have. Hence the reason so many people have different ways of doing the same thing. What works best for them won't necessarily work for someone else. I say this because ten different people have told me ten different ways to do the same thing. I am still trying to hone in on what works for me.

Thank you Edmund, I am trying to find a recognizable factor in the contacts that bring the pain and ailments (so that I know that I'm not just catching the flu like I did last time).
Ruc13 (1 stories) (6 posts)
16 years ago (2008-04-08)
It would be different if we knew what secret it was that was to remain hidden. We currently do share with other groups our story and as much of the evidence and theories. In fact we did over the St. Patricks weekend. We were in Chicago doing a lecture and during this time Max ended up with activity at his home. This sort of activity now points in the direction of a gaining a reaction from the spirits or the negative entity of that house whenever we talk about it.

Now going back to the conjecture that the negative entity (from this haunted house experience) is coming through or attached to the spirits that actually come through to me and bring me the debilitating ailments that they do. Currently there does not seem to be a correlation between our speaking on the house and my spirit communication. In fact the spirit communication I get can be weeks or months after or before any sharing of information about the haunting case.
Max (7 posts)
16 years ago (2008-04-08)
I have been trying how to figure out a way to get your email or give you mine but don't see how to do this. I would really like for you to see a website devoted to this haunting. Can you please drop me a line? Not my intentions to pull you away from this one or phish for new members. Please use this address and they will forward it to me. Thanks, Max
BirdsMom at
Edmund (578 posts)
16 years ago (2008-04-08)
Ruc13... It is like you are living in another reality that dosen't yet fully belong to you, but to which you have access to through these spirits. Maybe you could try to develop a discernment of their intent and be able to limit the negative impacts that they have on you... Get the message and act on it. I wish that I knew of a good guide "human" that could help... Thanks for the info on the timeline you have had a lot of exposure which does account for some of the ability... Keep in touch you have had quite the experience up to now!
DeborahAnna (18 posts)
16 years ago (2008-04-06)
I agree aramasamara it is wonderful how many diffrent ways we can clear our energy as well as how many diffrent ways we can deal with diffrent situations in the spirit realm. That is why I love a site like this where it gives us the oppurtunity to share as well as learn from each other. It could only help to increase our understanding and that's a good thing. 😊
aramasamara (22 stories) (577 posts)
16 years ago (2008-04-05)

That is a very creative way to clean energy out, I use another method of spotting 'congestion' 'clumps' 'darkened' or other colors that aren't suppose to be there. It's just amazing to see how many different ways people do things, simply wonderful isn't it?
DeborahAnna (18 posts)
16 years ago (2008-04-05)
I am glad to know that you have others to help you keep your energy clear. And that part about second guessing yourself... I promise you your not alone on that. The way Spirit is we may think what we are given means one thing when it actually means another and it doesn't become completely clear to later which can be real confusing. But how else are we going to learn...right?
You said areas around you on the pictures looked blurred and muddy looking, I would think that if I was basing it on color like reading an Aura that would be energy that is gray or dark. Which to me that would not be energy I would want to come in contact with.

Let me give an example: When I am clearing my energy I can see the colors of my Aura and areas where I see shadows or darker gray or black spots I work extra hard to clear. When I see that to me my Aura is dirty and needs to be cleared out. I will either use light work or I will create in my mind a tool to use to clear my energy such as a Sticky Gold Rose with stem that works like a duster wiping and clearing all the dingy away.
So to me what you described sounds like dirty energy but I don't think its yours it is energy you are coming in contact with. I can not be sure and am only guessing since I can't see the pictures.

I did want to ask you if you have thought about getting a journal for your impressions and keeping it with you all the time? I think this would be very helpful because you could keep all of your psychic impressions in one place and be able to record when you recieved the impression so if later you need refrence you will have it in your journal.

Have a great day!
Ruc13 (1 stories) (6 posts)
16 years ago (2008-04-04)

The time frame Hmmm... Ok we moved about 4 blocks away. (small town, gotta know someone to get a decent place and the streets only got up to 17th street - LOL) Moving on... A little tell tale signs of the little girl spirit we dealt with in the previous house as well as the woman spirit we felt that was responsible for the scratching there.

The 1st and only time her activity was noticed (about 4 months after we moved in) my wife made me take the sage upstairs (we had guests that we were concern about alarming and told me to demanded she leave and mean it. After that, we had no further activity at that house (we were there about 2 years).

We then bought our own house in 98'. All was quiet for a while; no spirit energy or unexplained events. About a year afterwards, I would often wake up to an old woman bending over me and about 2 inches from my face (Holy sh*t did she scare the crap out of me!). Then there was a soldier from an early war that was wounded and would stand by the side of my bed. One morning I went to the front porch to find a very elderly woman there. She said she had been walking with Johnny and was tired, then she asked for a glass of water. Less then a minute later was back on the porch with it, but the woman was gone. I looked down the street, but saw nothing. Unless she was a sprinter or in the high school track club, I surely would have seen her. After doing some research, we found that the son of the woman we bought the house from was named John, and it was her mother that lived with her and died shortly before we bought the house.

About 2003 I began being able to do physical things that others could not. After a while I got better at this. About August 2004 my wife began investigating the house with other groups. I really feared that she would bring something home with her, but we had no paranormal activity that we could detect. It wasn't until about 2006 that I began to get spirit contact that would harp on me until I wrote the information down. I would get tons of info and not know why or who it belonged to. I would write it on whatever was handing just to get it out; back of my pay stub, bottom of a line up list, on a paper plate etc... I would then end up stuffing it in my drawer for lack of a better place. Eventually I would read something or talk to someone that rang a bell with the info I had written down. So 9 out of 10 times I find who it belonged to.

Hope this gives you some idea of whatever it was you were curious about. If not let me know.

Deborah Anna,

The photos don't seem to show physical when we are on an investigation, but more of a blurry energy mass of sorts (best that I can describe it); it has shown up as murky black, brown, and grey. I wish I could post a few of them here. There as never been, however, any negative activity before, during or after being able to catch these anomalies. So, I can't be sure it is my energy or something else that I am simply not detecting. I've not been able to detect specific energy at the haunted house when we were there and I would get one of these murky photos (and by the way, its not the whole photo that is effected - just a small section - everything else is in perfect focus), but when I have gotten similar photos here at our current home - I was able to detect a presence. Now other times I have produced/imprinted images photos on a digital camera. Just something that sort of accidentally happened one day when I was alone and messing with it.

I do have a Reiki individual that helps clear and protect me, and another that has cleared the house and attachments she found about 8 months ago. In fact they continue to be involved with my and my family's protection. They have become friends because of the their direct or indirect involvement with this haunted house we've dealt with and have offered their services to help free of charge. I am actually well taken care of.

We haven't been to the house since August 18th, 2007, and because of the influence and manipulation, and because I was thrown 4 feet across the room and hit the wall, we will never go back. Be sure as well that I call on Arch Angel Michael often. He is the one I count on and who has helped me most.

I thank you both for such great input, suggestions and reflection on this. Its good to have someone to talk to about it, who doesn't think I'm nuts. I only feel so comfortable with Max and my wife because sometimes I think that they think I'm some sort of super hero or something. They want to make a big deal out of the things I can do or the spirit I pick up. I guess what it is, is that I am a lot less excited about dealing with it than they are. I second guess myself and what I get all the time. I just don't want to ever mislead anyone or hurt anyone with the information that I pass on. And hell, I'm not comfortable in my own skin, let alone my own mind. LOL
DeborahAnna (18 posts)
16 years ago (2008-04-02)
I guess I'm a big ole chicken because just the idea of cuddling up to these energies scares the willies out of me.
I have came in contact with lower level energies before but nothing too scary just enough to scare me maybe not anyone else. But I didn't care to repeat those instances.
To Max:
I realized that the coins was related to you perhaps I should have used a different example. Sometimes I will see feathers or coins appear when certain energies are around me but I just sense whom they are connected to. My grandmother always shows that she is present with me finding dimes... She used to collect the real silver dimes. And when Spirit is trying to say hello remember your connection to everything then I will find a white feather. And when my angels what me to pay attention to guidance and direction they are trying to send me, everywhere I turn I will see the words Angel or Angels or see pictures, etc of Angels so then I know to pay attention. These are just examples of manifestation of spirit a person doesn't have to be a medium to experience. But physical mediums can actually create around them manifestations stronger than what we would experience the difference would be like we would find coins or coins would appear but they would have coins raining from mid -air. Now poltergeist have ability to manifest as well. Now as far as ectoplasm it's a spiderweby gauzy like material projected from the medium, so I doubt what you have on your pictures is that but it could be usually it is mostly physical when it appears.

What I think though that you might be seeing in the pictures is his Aura being effected by spirit energy he is communicating with. I am trying to think of how to explain this... All mediums whether they realize it or not communicate with the spirit energies through their own energy (AURA).If those energies do not connect to the mediums energy communication will not happen. This is the reason mediums need to protect their own energy field so carefully. If a negative energy makes contact with your energy system then it can wreck havoc and there will be after effects long after the contact unless they are cleared away.

And this is why I was telling you Ruc13 you need to protect yourself and it doesn't really matter how often or little your ability kicks in you still come in contact with energies that are not your own. There are ways to clear your energy system and there are people that are trained that can do it for you if you don't like doing it yourself. There are many energy workers such as Reiki Masters and Chakra Clearers that can help and many offer their services for free.
The Native American Indians were right on the money about Man being a 3 fold being, Spirit, Mind and Body. If a person becomes Spiritually ill it can cause problems in other areas of the life as well. It's possible that might be some of what is causing this effect on you Ruc13. Try getting your energy cleared and see if you feel better and as far as those spirits are concerned in that house maybe it would be wise just to leave them alone and stay away. I don't see any benefit in getting them all stirred up they don't seem to try and harm anyone unless they challenge them in some way maybe they will die down and leave you alone after awhile. I don't really know but that's what I would do and if they continued to bother me when I was trying to let it go then I would flip it around and do the opposite. I guess you need to find out what they want. Do they want attention or to be left alone. Hope this helps and I'll do prayer work for you Ruc13 and if you should ever feel in danger call upon Archangel Micheal he will help. Call him by name.
Edmund (578 posts)
16 years ago (2008-04-02)
Ruc13... Well you have a very interesting story and it sure has given us quite a lot to talk about. Every conventional explaination for anything dealing with the house comes up short. I wanted to know that if you went to church if afterwords you would experience any sort of paranormal activity that you might consider a punishment for attending a mass or even just being there... If you did what I call the Entity at the house would be even more in line with the demonic. By the way I'm a R.C. Myself and what you carry with you is good as you already know... But just go to a church to see what happens afterwords. With the circumstantial death or two surronding the house a good argument can be made in that direction anyway. Since you stated that no one has been hurt defending you only when they challenge the house the demonic claim on your person goes down a notch somewhat and just adds to the mystery of the house. Now for more confusion If a person is not in one of the stages of possession then an explaination for your abilities gets even more muddled. The time frame that interests me is right after living in the house up to the first day of the enhanced psychic abilities.
Ruc13 (1 stories) (6 posts)
16 years ago (2008-04-01)
To everyone responding here and posting, thank you. I am not the computer sort, so I don't get on it much. Please forgive me.


I know you aren't so much interested in the time line of events w/living and leaving the haunted house, but I feel this may be something to consider. Several years (7-8) after leaving the house, my wife began investigating it again. She returned with several groups over the course of several years. About 3-4 years ago I began growing (for lack of a better word) these abilities. About 2 years ago I began investigating the house with my wife and others.

The point I'm trying to make is I can't say there is any significant time frame, experience or event that I can reasonably identify as being the catalyst.

Deborah Anna,

Thank you for your input and concern. You are not the only one who has warned me about protection. I have worked on it some, but often find that I don't even think about it or anything paranormal. You see if anyone would have told be 5 years ago I would have these abilities, I would have thought them out of their minds. I have always been very skeptical about psychics and perhaps that is why I have kept so much of this hidden from others. Anyway, this is all very hard for me to take in. I don't have experiences every day or for that matter each week. I go lengths of time without any strange feelings or activity, so I don't have much going on to remind me to protect myself. Like I said though, I am working on it. Until then, I am blessed with others who are looking out for me too.


I am catholic, born baptized and confirmed. I graduated from a Catholic high school. I have a rosary that is in my pocket everyday and I say the rosary almost every night when going to bed. I have a statue of St. Michael on my bedside table and I wear a cross around my neck. I have holy oil in my SUV that travels with me always. My depend greatly on my religious beliefs to keep me safe from harm...

It should be said that no one has been harmed whole directly trying to protect me. Some of those who have challenged the "entity" in the house have been harmed. Some have been followed from the house and activity noted since their returning home. (now is it because of an attachment from the house or simply an awareness that wasn't present before, and awareness of the possibilities of paranormal activity?)

"To me the obvious is that these secrets shouldn't be let out. So your key to getting this to go dormant is after your investigation is complete... Tell the world! Publish or something! Its wants to keep everything a secret for its own little power trip...!"

My wife and Max have been investigating this house for so long now... There are so many unanswered questions, so many avenues of interpretation that the evidence points to. It has been a grueling task for them and one that is not likely to end soon. Funny thing is, since returning to investigate the house with various groups, I have never really been able to pick up on any ghost, spirit individual. I have on occasion felt a presence of sorts, but it has never been anything identifiable. I wonder why this is.
Edmund (578 posts)
16 years ago (2008-04-01)
Max... O.K. I agree that what ever is in the house dosen't want to be exposed or talked about... More about that in a moment... "My dream" So anyway myself and a woman... Who is known to me drove down the hill... Houses on the right cemetary to the left... A little further there is the water she goes in knee deep in the lake/river she sits down and starts talking on a cell phone to a man who had a drug problem. What this means to me is someone who is maybe connected to the house who while at the house had some sort of drug problem and is now deceased. Don't know if he died at the house or if the drugs killed him only know that he is now deceased. She was looking at the far shore line... Another tip that he is deceased she turns towards me and says let's get the "f word" out of here I turn around and all the statuary from the cemetary is now walking down the road and are quite pissed at the conversation that just took place... To me the obvious is that these secrets shouldn't be let out. So your key to getting this to go dormant is after your investigation is complete... Tell the world! Publish or something! Its wants to keep everything a secret for its own little power trip...!
Max (7 posts)
16 years ago (2008-04-01)
A psychic said a boy had contacted her at the house and told her he had died at a pond. He and some friends were there when he drown.
Another boy that I heard about through evp drown while trying to remove supplies from a small boat. Supplies were for the store that the first homeowner owned. We know that the family lived out of the upstairs of the store just a few doors down from where this house sits. The boy says that the boat swamped and he became tangled in the rope and went down with the small boat. The house is up hill from the river and it is a wide river now but was wider then and actually had the old large paddle wheel boats and barges bringing passengers and supplies before the railroad was there. Small boats were used to get the supplies from the barges and bring them to shore.
I know that a flood wiped out the road that was once between this house and the river and wonder if a cemetery may have once been there. These stories don't match the history of the people that lived in the home nor the two houses on either side of the one this family lived in that was haunted. We know there are a number of ghosts/spirits that come to the house when they know we are coming to visit. We have yet to find a connection to the house for some of them. Hard to find out all the friends a family had 150 years ago. Like the wonderful little "slave boy" the woman befriended, they call Paul. She says not his real name but what we call him. How can you trace that? Lol He was lynched by one of two people, either her husband or the neighbor.

As for Ruc going to church we have discussed this a little. It seems like "it" just wants him to stay away from the house and not talk about it. We will have to talk more about going to church to see what happens.
Edmund (578 posts)
16 years ago (2008-04-01)
Max... What happens if Ruc13 goes to a Catholic church, a Orthodox church, or a Synagogue... Someplace where the altar has been blessed and sits for a half hour or so... Does he get Umm... I'll say punished for it when he gets back home or is it a break for him?
If psychics have been growled at and scratched for trying to help him that means the "entity" has a claim on him. Keeping Ruc13 away from known hotspots is a good thing for him because if something is there it darn well will find him.
Finding reasonable scientific explainations for the phenomena that surrounds Ruc13 will be hard to find or to explain... Keep great records this is a once in a lifetime opportunity to record the paranormal... And thanks for sharing the story...
The cemetary by the water... If it is relevant to your story I think it is more of a lake... A residental area if your walking down hill to the lake some houses on your left and to your right a cemetary and a little further on a lake. At the bottom a small boat launch. If its a river its wide.
Max (7 posts)
16 years ago (2008-03-31)
Physical mediumship is not what it used to be. Back in the old days they would create ectoplasm in red or blue lighted dark rooms. And the medium could change their appearance and voice making things like coins rain down and making things disappear too.
I have been told now days a Physical Medium does not need a dark room anymore and there appears to be no ectoplasm, but also they don't do much manifestation either.

I do want to be clear about the coins. I am the one that experiences the coins showing up and falling down from the cabinet. This happened to me for several years before even meeting this family or any investigations to the house. On one event we were in the house and asked for a confirmation regarding the woman we believe is in the house. (there are several) We heard a terrific report boom that shook the floor we were sitting on. We went downstairs and found an 1862 or 63 Victoria penny on the floor. She was born in the USA however her parents were Irish immigrants. The date of the coin was just a year off of the year she was born. Ruc stated that he had "found" pennies like this before when a child. He doesn't remember the year and had given the coins away. Not sure how often this had happened but had happened once or twice before he lived in this house.
One other thing that I can't get a straight answer on is photo's. Do other strong psychics normally pick up energies? Ruc's photo's are simply amazing. I would say that 25% show some type of anomaly. On one of the ghost hunter shows they had the camera that shows hot and cold spots (just can't think of the correct name right now). A psychic was trying to pick up information on the two guys on the show and it appeared that the psychic's energy was actually visible. Makes me wonder if it is his energy showing up on the camera or the energy of someone trying to communicate with him.
Could this be the ectoplasm you are talking about associated to a physical medium?
Now to make this more difficult I want to tell you about something else that has been tried.
The difference here is that this was a deliberate attempt on Ruc's part. I had been asking so many questions about the photo's that he takes and really they are very impressive. I wanted to know if I were to stand beside him when he takes shots if I could get the same image on the camera I used.
Some of the pictures he has taken when he feels someone is trying to contact him. Is this proof that it is a spirit/ghost? As an investigator I don't want to shut down any possibility. Could he be imprinting the image? Could it be his energy reaching out to look for someone? Even the idea of us both taking a picture at the same time doesn't prove anything if we don't know what his abilities are. So I asked if I were to sit a camera in front of him could he project a picture to the camera. This goes back to one of my favorite instructors of psychology. She said "never under estimate the power of the mind". She taught the class how to get rid of a headache by concentration and for most of us it worked.
Some time later his wife called and said you won't believe this. Well give it a try, never know.
She said she had just taken off and cleared the pictures from her camera a day or two before and went to put it away. Not remembering if she had erased the pictures she powered it up and it showed one picture. She looked and couldn't recognize what the picture was so she asked. Ruc said oh he saw it sitting there and started wondering about some of my questions. Is it possible to project a picture to a camera sitting across the room? He got an image in his head and tried to project it to the camera. He never even touched the camera yet enough of an image was there that the camera recognized that a picture existed and assigned a number to it. She asked what would this be a picture of? Ruc described a young girl with big puffy sleeves and a wide brim hat with her mother. His wife had to play with the contrast and color but there was certainly the image starting to appear of a young girl with the large puffy sleeves he told her she would find on the camera. To be fair we have been in other locations that are known for activity. Once we were in an attic and I kept hearing little girls giggle but couldn't pin point where they were. As I went to sit back down on a day bed I saw the covers indent and spring back up as if they were teasing me. Ruc was standing there with camera on and clicked the picture when I turned to ask someone else if they had seen the bed bounce. There is this blob of energy just above the bed where I saw the "bounce". I believe spirit/ghosts can use his energy and that this is what he catch's on the camera but under the circumstances I would like to have more proof. What I do know is that there isn't any type of trickery on his part. He and his wife are searching for answers just like indicated in his post. I am right there behind them because this is really a remarkable case.
If you know of any strong psychic's can you please ask them to take some photo's when they feel someone near by? Looking for someone that consistently gets abnormal photo's. Thanks!
I also agree that a physical medium would certainly describe some of what I have witnessed.

So my question of the day is aside from the investigation of this house and the people involved how do you intend to manage the activity surrounding the house and people? To minimize the effects? Because I don't think you can get rid of it. And also a question is are any of the deceased that lived in the house buried in a cemetery that is near a body of water?

Right now we are trying to keep him safe in a number of ways which involves others trying to provide protection. I believe that his belief in God is quite strong and he has told me that he says the prayer to Saint Michael the archangel at least once a day. He has received advice from several other psychic's but these same people have also received scratches and attacks. The one that is sticking with us on this says that Ruc doesn't know that he is so open. How do you tell someone to close the door when they really don't have any idea how to do that? It isn't like he sits down and tries to contact someone, he can be at work thinking of what needs to still get done and be attacked there.
His family and I have vowed to never go back to the house again since there is a strong tie between us. I believe that any further investigations by me in that house could bring negative reaction to them and vise versa.
As for the house they don't own it so the owner can allow anyone in that he wants to. Not long ago he allowed a group from another state to visit and one of the members challenged "it". This man ended up in the hospital when he was slammed into the wall. The owner painted the house after Ruc's family moved out. The owner told me that he was on the ladder when his friend asked if he thought anything was really there. He said something smart in a challenging way and found himself picking himself up off the ground. Another time the owner went to check on the water heater and a neighbor came over and went downstairs with him. They had rocks thrown at them. It can attack without Ruc being there but psychic's do seem to be a target. Ruc seems to be in a bit of denial and I can't pin point why or what to do. I think the best way to handle this is to try and find someone that possesses the same abilities he does... But there are huge problems with that too. I haven't heard of any and I have been looking for several years now.

As for your question as to someone being buried near water. You are not the first one to ask this question. Are you gifted? Those that lived in the house are not buried real close to water. We do question if someone was buried at this house and it is not far from a huge river. I believe the one you are picking up on is a young boy. This person has tried to come through before so please give me anything you can. Thanks so much and be careful.

Thanks again to all of you, Max
Edmund (578 posts)
16 years ago (2008-03-31)
Max... Because of the circumstantial deaths surrounding the house the poltergeist description slips away... Even though it has some of the elements. The demonic label comes more into play. So to avoid a game of semantics I'll just call it an Entity because of its multiple characteristics. Now you asked if a poltergeist can be attracted to a person's persona. Sure it's pretty much what it's all about puberty alone is not the total answer just a part of the equation... And really there are only a handful of cases where it "puberty" comes into play and the duration is short as you have indicated. So my question of the day is aside from the investigation of this house and the people involved how do you intend to manage the activity surrounding the house and people? To minimize the effects? Because I don't think you can get rid of it. And also a question is are any of the deceased that lived in the house buried in a cemetery that is near a body of water?
DeborahAnna (18 posts)
16 years ago (2008-03-28)
I am very concerned about your well being with this. The psychic level you have achieved is remarkable by any normal standards. I don't know of anyone who can achieve the level of manifestation of spirit that you have. It seems that perhaps your earlier experience with that tainted place just sling shotted you way over the top of what others have experienced.
I'm not as worried about what you can do as I am about how out of control it is. When you have something that powerful and wild its pretty scary to say the least. You are a brave soul to have bore all this so well for so long.
I don't know if I am right about this but you are coming across as a Physical Medium, which there are not too many anymore.
Physical mediumship is not what it used to be. Back in the old days they would create ectoplasm in red or blue lighted dark rooms. And the medium could change their appearance and voice making things like coins rain down and making things disappear too.
I have been told now days a Physical Medium does not need a dark room anymore and there appears to be no ectoplasm, but also they don't do much manifestation either.
Its like you were a Physical Medium already but didn't know it and that negative energy took a hold of it and transformed it to the 10th power.
I don't know anyone that can do what you do not to that level.
I would suggest you study everything you can about protection prayers, meditations and Good spirits that can help you. And make sure these spirits know your boundaries don't just walk around unprotected.
I mean you wouldn't leave your wallet out in a public place would you? You should guard your own spirit well.
Just be careful please and start putting some safe guards in place.
Max (7 posts)
16 years ago (2008-03-28)
Actually this case has all the signs of a destructive poltergeist. The difference between your description and what has been happening is that normally when poltergeist activity is blamed on a pre-puberty teen the activity only lasts maybe six months. Not only were there no pre teens in the house when this took place this type of activity followed guests home after they visited this family and no teens involved there either. Visiting family would return home and find some type of "gift" from the house, such as the lid to a pan from the kitchen. Another family member found puddles of water on his carpet with no reasonable explanation.
Now for a bit of background, even when all this was going on Ruc13's parents would explain all of it away even while sitting in the middle of the activity. How they did this is more than I can understand but they were devout in their religion and this type of thing was labeled evil and not to be mentioned recognized or acknowleged. His up bringing alone would have easily suppressed any psychic ability he had wouldn't it?
I believe that what you refer to as an entity is also called an elemental by some. That is what I believe this could be that is causing so much trouble to several people involved here.
I studied this house for a reasonable amount of time where I only encountered what I still believe to be human ghosts. There was elevated activity when Ruc was around however there are even exceptions to this.
I know that a famous psychic came to the house with a crew. While this crew was there they were getting phone calls on their cell phone and finally removed the battery. The phone still rang. On several occasions when I was on my way to the house I also would get calls that were not logged to my phone nor did they come in looking like a normal call. Once instead of the normal dialog on the screen it said "phone ringing" like it was being produced. I have received phone calls at home that I have no doubt came from that house even though there is no phone connection there. The day before our group was to go to this house for research I would be talking to members and hear an extension pick up when I was home alone. As I would search for the phone that was off the hook I would hear it hang up just before I would get to the phone that was being used. On one occasion I found a phone that had been put on speaker and phone itself was still hung up. The phone is on the wall and couldn't have been accidently pushed by a pet. The other phones were not "off the hook" when they were found either. Only time that this usually happened was the day before we were scheduled to go to this house. I made the comment several times that it was like the house knew when we were coming and evp indicated they did. Another member of the group would come up with "surprises" but the house always knew what was going on and when we were coming.
We know of one time that we were told that "it" would like to try its hand at email and a couple months later an email was sent out to a number of people that we know wasn't generated by a human.
Another occasion after my brother in law died Ruc was told that the brother in law had visited the house and that the house had a gift for us. We were to get this gift when the time was right. It was "delivered" to us while our families were together at an event. It was placed in my purse while I sat and held it in my lap. Long story here but we had been told that this was a trust issue and that we needed to take it back to the house. His wife and I decided to take it back but then a psychic from California familiar with this case contacted us and said that Ruc needed to go with us to keep us safe. Yes we were tricked into taking him back with us. I decided that as the one holding the "gift" if it had come from something evil I didn't want to be the one to not return it and certainly didn't want to keep it in my possession. If it had come from one of the ghosts I didn't want to disappoint them as so many others have, we were told it was a test of trust and confidentiality. We all felt that this was a gift from the ghosts of the house and we had taken gifts to the children and woman in the house before. We took more small gifts that they could take back with them including angles, hearts, and rocks and made it clear that they could take them into their world. It was this night that Ruc was hurt the worst and I believe they tried to kill him with an electric shock (according to the evp) Ghosts knew it was going to happen and were watching the whole thing. Even those that are usually helpful and seem to like us failed to warn us for what was to happen. (We do need to take some credit for this too as we didn't review everything before returning a couple hours later. Ruc had on work boots that were laced up. He was knocked out of one boot that we found still sitting where he had been standing before he was literally thrown through the air and into a door four feet away. I was in the next room trying to record and when I came around the corner I found him unable to get up. He was being held down by something and couldn't get up. I yelled that he must be released in the name of God and the second time again said he was the child of God and MUST be released NOW in the name of our God. With that he was released could get up and we escorted him out the door. We drove off and Ruc continued to be attacked. Pictures taken about 20 minutes later lead us to believe that Ruc was still under some type of influence. Yes we could tell that it was Ruc in the picture however it didn't look exactly like him either. I again stated that he was Gods child and that he would have to be left alone. I stayed until wee hours of the morning until I believed that it would leave him be. I have many recordings over the years that I can hear them talk about killing us.
There have been "accidents", some pretty bad that have happened to psychic's that have been asked to go to that house with other groups. Ruc's wife was contacted once by someone that stopped in front of the house and ten minutes later was killed in a motor cycle accident. My brother in law died under mysterious circumstances.
One of the members of the group I started investigating with claimed to be a demonologist. I say claimed because exactly where does someone study this unless they are a priest? He believed at first there was something demonic but says the opposite now.
I saw activity in my house that I thought was probably related to that house but I have experienced the usual paranormal activity since childhood. I believe it is the same stuff that happens to everyone except that some notice it for what it is and others just find an excuse they can deal with. An example would be the coins I find or that find me. I can be home alone in the kitchen and open a cabinet door for the forth time in fifteen minutes and the forth time I open it have several coins fall down on top of me. I can remove everything from my closet shelf and wipe it down with a rag. When I go to put the stuff back in the closet there are coins on the shelf I just wiped down. That is what I call regular activity and started about the time a cousin or aunt died. (Took me awhile to know for sure there was no explanation or that I wasn't just absent minded). My cousin started giving me signs at his funeral and they are what I would term playful encounters. That is what I would call many of my experiences with this house so I was completely taken off guard when the activity seemed to become much more negative. Negative activity happened immediately after standing up for Ruc the night I witnessed the attack.
So you see I tend to think this is probably an elemental or entity as you call it, because I know it has the power to kill us but hasn't. A demon I don't think would threaten it would just act.
People that have done research on the house and occupants have encountered playful, disruptive, threatening type activity as if to say it doesn't want anyone to know their secrets. A demon wouldn't care, and a nasty ghost or elemental with interest in the ghosts that are there would.
I don't claim to be an expert but I am educated and have always had an interest in psychology through high school and college. (I will be 50 this summer) There was always a bit of a conflict with some of the ideas they teach in psychology and the paranormal experiences that I experienced which only peeked my interest more. Instructors and professors with my same interest were most appreciated.
Still there are so many aspects of this haunting that simply don't fit the normal niche for certain categories. There are a number of certified psychic's that have been involved. One in particular walked through the house said she would help then a month or two later said that she wasn't able to help at that time and refused to speak to us again.
I must say that the ghosts in this house are more aware and cognitive then most I know about. I know that people involved with this house are followed and watched. I first thought (thanks to psychology) that it was something perceived by those that visit and hear the story. I laughed at those that said they were followed and bothered after visiting the house. EVP and experiments proved they were correct and I was not. I have had to eat a lot of words these past few years. I have an open mind but I also value proof in a way that tries to remove the human element so to speak. Happening once, twice or three times can be coincidence. Proof happens after the possibility of coincidence is removed.
I also meant to mention that while I was away on visits with the group to this house my spouse would report that the smoke alarms would sound and shut off for no reason or lights would flash or get phone calls from my cell. A few weekends ago I took care of Ruc's kids while he and his wife got away for the weekend. Lots of harmless activity really for the most part but a cell phone one of the kids had continued through the weekend to call Ruc's phone in error then wouldn't work properly for several days. Ruc seems to possess an ability to "fix" electronics that mal function by holding them in his hands and willing them to work again.

Do some people just have a type of energy that an elemental or nasty ghost might use to their benefit? There are some of us out there that believe this is a more viable explanation for poltergeist activity because a pre-teen energy alone simply doesn't explain many destructive poltergeist hauntings. I strongly question any conclusion that poltergeist activity is the sole result of a pre-puberty human beings energy. Generally speaking, conclusions of poltergeist hauntings attributed to puberty are made by people that either believe it is a ghost or by someone that only believes in the psychology books they have studied. I think that until those that are studying this phenomenon are able to truly be open to all possibilities and educate themselves to those possibilities it will remain a mystery. At least I do see movement in that direction but it has been a long time coming.

Again I thank you all for the help you are offering, it is appriciated and I am most interested in your thoughts and ideas. Together we might find a better explination and understanding.
Edmund (578 posts)
16 years ago (2008-03-28)
Max... Ruc13... My definition of a poltergeist is when you have a young person generally in the throws of puberty and a entity willingly or unwillingly play off of each other and the physical Manifestations that are exhibited include small fires, pools of water showing up objects flying about etc. Now I know that this is not the case at all with Ruc13 but keep the thought handy. Now go to the beginning of the Bell witch case where the farmer shot at something in the field that he thought was messing with his crops and then a few days later the story begins... Again not at all like Ruc13 is experiencing but keep the reference handy in your head. Now what ever happened to amp up Ruc13 let's say average psychic abilities probably came from the house... At this point you have no other possible explanitions... I'm not concerned about time lines about living and leaving in the house Ghosts/spirits/entitys are not to concerned about them either. Now let's move on to ghosts and spirits in general... You move into a house with a ghost or a spirit in it you live with it or try to get rid of it or you move you might become more aware of ghosts/spirits because of your experience but nowhere near what Ruc13 is experiencing.

Now we go to demons... There bag is to destroy humans generally it is done by sickness due to drug abuse or suicide or by outright murder/suicide... So all that's left with some certainty is an entity an entity would neither care to much about the good/evil game that most spirits/ghosts/demons play it has its own agenda. So guys with the info. That you have written about and a hunch there is a starting point the core of the problem if you will start a little research on entity's they are unique in the spirit world they are not good not really bad they can amp up a persons psychic ability or act like a poltergeist and generally if you can see one they take on a non-human form.
GlendaSC (5 stories) (1475 posts)
16 years ago (2008-03-27)
I do trust some. Nice ones. I once got tired, flying, and asked one if I could hold her hand. She told me that I wasn't really flying, my body was vibrating. Interesting isn't it. She was human looking. I remember her features. Before her had been a young guy, preppy and casual and very sweet. Neither was familiar but both helpful.
Ruc13 (1 stories) (6 posts)
16 years ago (2008-03-27)
Edmund, I would not necessarily consider myself empathic. I can't say that I pick up on anyone's pain or feelings.

Amped by a negative force from the house we lived in so many years ago. Well, from all that I have experienced over the years, I certainly can't discount the possibility! In fact there seems to be several levels of various and extreme abilities I have come into over the last few years.

My question would be why are they just coming to me now (3-4 years) as opposed to 14 years ago? I will give your hunch merit as I am learning to go with the gut instinct myself.
Max (7 posts)
16 years ago (2008-03-27)
Edmund you are either in my head or we think a lot alike. Problem is here that they are all possibilities. How does someone go about sorting them out? I would like to know your definition of poltergeist too.
I believe there could be something very very negative, possibly inhuman. [That statement is something I didn't think I would ever hear myself say and wouldn't have six months ago]
I also believe there are a number of ghosts involved, ghost meaning someone unable or unwilling to move on. Add to that one ghost that was (still is) somewhat psychic and bi-polar. (Yes we have found documents to support this information).
When you have a powerful negative entity can you be sure of anything?
Thanks to all of you offering help, I am pretty sure we need it and we are looking for someone that can tell us what is going on. Max
Edmund (578 posts)
16 years ago (2008-03-27)
Max... I believe you but if I was Ruc13 my first concern is to prevent more hospital visits. Then I would turn my attention to the source of the enhanced empath abilities. Ruc13 could be the best empath of our day why... Is it a natural gift or is his abilities being amped up by a poltergeist, previous encounter with a demonic entity, or a gift from the lord himself to give accurate explainations of the deceased and what they experienced? If you want my humble little opinion his abilities were amped up by whatever was in the house 14yrs. Previous. I don't have any scientific basis for this its just a hunch !
Max (7 posts)
16 years ago (2008-03-27)
I came to know this family when I got involved with paranormal research at the home they once lived in. I suggested to Ruc13 that he might have some abilities little did I know just how good he can be. We knew each other in more of a professional capacity for some time and Ruc didn't know me well at all. One day I wrote and told them that I wouldn't be in town while the rest of the group conducted yet another investigation at the house. My aunt died and I would be unavailable a few days. When Ruc heard the name I gave he went in and dug out a slip of paper that he had scratched some notes on. He told me he felt so bad because he simply never put it together until he read my email. The message had been for me not a doubt in my mind. What threw him off was that his dads name was the same as my aunts deceased husband. The one clue he missed that would have tied it together was a reference to the exotic pets I have. He simply didn't know me well enough to make sense and make the connection.
Now that this was out of the way I asked my aunts to go back to him with more information. Ruc said they have visited him a few times and told me their personalities and which one seemed to be the most vocal. Some of the information I actually had to verify with a cousin and my own mom. Ruc is accurate, detailed and his ability to pick up abstract information is incredible. Remember he had never even met my spouse so knowing my family is simply out of the question and I know he doesn't even know my friends.
One weekend his wife said they would be out of town for a few days. I heard on the news that the croc hunter had an accident and died. As an animal lover I certainly respected this guy for what he was doing and I made the comment that maybe my aunts would bring him over here so I could get some evp from him. A couple hours later I set up my recording equipment and tried to record him, just in case. During this session I made the comment that I really believed that I was unable to record or hear anyone that crossed over but that Ruc should be able to get anything I can't. I jokingly told my spouse that if my aunts were listening they should do what they can to contact the croc hunter.
A day or two later I got a call and his wife said guess who came through to Ruc. I had forgotten my comments because I never actually expected anything to come of my joking around. She said they were leaving and pulling onto a hiway when Ruc had to pull over. His emotions were getting the best of him and he started saying out loud what he was getting. He had to pull over off the road it was so strong. There were several things besides his catch phrases that came through that were so Steve Irwin. One thing that stood out was that he said he was so sorry about missing the holiday... He thought there would be more. This didn't coincide with any of our holidays and I wondered if Ruc had misunderstood this message. I heard later that it was fathers day or that he had missed being with his kids on fathers day because of this trip that took his life.
Hours before Ruc received this strong communication he noticed he had water in his watch. It had not rained and he had not been in the water so how is that possible? When the communication was over with Irwin they remembered the water in the watch. They said the watch was full of water not a drop or two, you could see bubbles if you moved the watch around. A day later she called and said that there seemed to be some residue on the outside of the watch and they were trying to dry the watch out. I have had salt water aquariums and remember cleaning that same residue off the tank. I asked them to taste the residue and tell me what it tasted like. "Salt" like maybe it was salt water. She saved some of this in a little bag and I tasted it. How does salt water get into a watch in Kansas? The watch dried out and still worked as I recall, at least for a while.
Ruc and his wife were still wondering why Steve Irwin would come to Ruc of all people?
Even if I was a die hard skeptic I would still be scratching my head on this one. I am an investigator and these type of things just make me want more. Exactly what is possible? How did all this really transpire? Were my aunts in on this or was part coincidence? I felt a little bad that Ruc had to receive this while on vacation but really the whole incident is quite phenomenal isn't it?
For now I will stop as I don't want to write a book, however for anyone that thinks this was an isolated coincidence let me tell you now that I have more I can tell that will really reduce any possibility of coincidence.
There is simply more going on here than what can be scientifically explained.
Edmund (578 posts)
16 years ago (2008-03-27)
Ruc13... Empath abilities could be strong like DeborahAnna has stated in her post but when they land you in the hospital with trace amounts of venom in your system that's quite another what would happen if you went to gettysburg or a nazi death camp ? You need a psychic attenuator of sorts have you ever tried a visual technique ? Something like visualizing a door in your mind open it a little to recieve and closing it when you have had enough... Obv. Try it in a "mild psychic area" setting to build up strength so to speak.
Ruc13 (1 stories) (6 posts)
16 years ago (2008-03-26)
First of all, big thanks to everyone who has posted. I didn't realize there would be so many comments and such great feedback, and appolojize for not returning to check these comments sooner.

Edmund, to answer your question, yes I believe there was a negative entity in the haunted house I lived in prior. I should also add that we moved out of the haunted house about 14 years ago and my current abilities peeked to what they are today, but really only over the last few years have they really come out...

Glenda, I too have moved beyond trusting all spirits, there are not so nice ones out there that simply set out to confuse you. That's one reason I, being new at much of this, seek those who are a bit more seasoned than I.

DeborahAnn, I have been told what you are suggesting and am going to try employing that next time I feel a sudden change in normalcy.
GlendaSC (5 stories) (1475 posts)
16 years ago (2008-03-26)
I learned early not to go too far with other people's pain. People have told me I'm soooo open, and others soooo reserved. It depends on how you look at me. I'm open with my friendship and reserved with how much I will feel pain. I shield myself. I can't help an accident victim if I'm writhing in pain, and I've helped a few. If you are sensitive and being helpful, I think you are a target. This concerns me not at all. Just ask for the shielding. Learn if you goof up. Be humble. Even if you feel strong. That's probably your weakest moment. We are all learning. Good Friday feels painful and hard to me and my dad's birthday, 9-11, and the day after my mom's birthday, when she left here. Those days, I try to just chill. Other days, I'm pretty certain of how to control my emotions and listen.
GlendaSC (5 stories) (1475 posts)
16 years ago (2008-03-26)
Max - I have had them do this. Yes they can. This may sound far fetched, but I'm no idiot either. I once had a "real" dream. My mother. She was calling me bad names. I woke upset, wondering how horrible I was and why I was... That lasted a minute or two. Then I knew, it was a trick. I felt like an idiot. I was my mom's second favorite person on earth, behind my dad of course. She called me Angel. Still, it was tricky and hurtful. I let it be.
Edmund (578 posts)
16 years ago (2008-03-26)
Max... Without Ruc13 further comments I'll go with this life and percieved but now I feel like I'm guessing instead of talking over some possible reasons.
Edmund (578 posts)
16 years ago (2008-03-26)
Max... About all that I can expand on is if when Ruc13 lived in the haunted house if the haunting had a malovent tone to it. That the spirit/ghost/entity that was in the haunted house percieved a sleight from Ruc13 and opened up his psychic abilities a little to much on the empathic side of the house as if to make a point. The reason that I say this is Ruc13 said that he feels that the psychic abilities were reawakened while he lived in the haunted house. Generally speaking a normal haunting could re-awake an ability even if it was latent or dormant but it is rare that psychic abilities get awakened to this point that is being experienced by Ruc13... So if the spirit/ghost/entity is of a malovent nature then there is for me a better reason that would fall in line with evil and its line of thought.

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