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Seeing Faces With Closed Eyes


This is my first post, I'm a regular 23 year old male and I think it is important to emphasise how little I know about this and how until recently I repressed any notion of a spiritual side to life. I once suffered from migraines and noticed that sleep was their only cure so in seeking another treatment I turned to meditation. Initially I was sceptical but found it helped calm my mind.

For several nights when in bed I began to see outlines in the darkness when I closed my eyes and at first I thought little of it but recently these shapes and forms have become much more vivid and they usually take the form of faces and people none of whom I recognize. These figures and faces are too vivid and real for me to have imagined they move fluidly some in colour and do their own thing beyond my control. They also remain even when I open my eyes. Seeing these faces rekindled my faith as I was raised Christian and I began praying before sleep each night.

One night during prayer I saw these faces so vividly they came right up to my face mainly laughing and waving at me some motioning for me to come toward them as if inviting me on a journey even to the extent where I spoke out loud asking them what they wanted. I didn't receive an answer however much to my relief.

I then for whatever reason, I still do not know why, motioned towards one of the figures putting out my hand they quickly disappeared but I was shocked to feel a force pushing back against me almost like a ball of energy. Waves of a tingling like sensation emanating from my brain and travelling through my body then began to wash over me. I then felt my arms vibrate and resting my hand against the energy I lay motionless (pretty much too scared to move) whilst what felt like a hand stroked my hand which still was raised in the air resting on what I do not know.

I was definitely one hundred percent wide awake when this was all going on, I was at home at the time sharing a room with my younger brother and I could hear him tossing and turning trying to go to sleep that's the only reason I didn't panic shout out or turn on the light but I was too frightened to move even to raise my other hand. The tingling was pleasant and I knew whatever energy I felt meant me no harm but I still couldn't move.

I am aware the 'occult' as it is known is considered dangerous and sinful by the Christian faith but I really don't know what to make of it. I really want to emphasise just how conventional a person I am I don't take drugs and have only meditated a handful of times as a result of headaches and have never considered my being in terms of a spiritual sense. But this has awoken in me a keen interest and I'm intrigued to know what it all means. I have done some research on these forums and believe it has to do with the third eye but am really seeking any additional advice information or stories from others as I'd love to be able to speak with someone about it.

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vindog (1 stories) (1 posts)
9 years ago (2015-02-03)
hi thank you all for your comments it has been a while since my previous post so thought I would update. I am much more aware now spiritually and find myself better able to control my experiences. There are still more questions than answers however. The faces still appear occasionally and I have had one or two terrifying encounters usually during lucid dreams however I remain in control and am sleeping better.

Lucy your experiences sound very similar to my own my advice to you is to be aware that you are in control at all times and that you are able to dismiss the faces if you so wish. Also my experiences have strengthened my faith- I now pray every night whilst I meditate much less. This has helped me greatly and I advise you to do the same- let me know how you get on and if you have any other questions.
lucy582 (1 posts)
9 years ago (2014-12-25)
Hi Vindog, I'm not sure whether you've made any further progress with working out what is happening, but if you have, I would appreciate any advice. I'm like you, I'm 21 years old and, although I was raised Catholic and prayed as a child, I've been more of a believer in science in recent years. But in the last few months when I close my eyes to go to sleep I start seeing a shape and it turns into faces and just moulds into face after face after face. They don't talk or laugh or anything, but I just keep seeing these really detailed faces that I've never seen before. And last night I could see multiple at a time and I tried to talk to them (in my head) to tell them that they could go and they got sort of blurry and I felt a tingling on my shoulder. It really freaks me out. And even if my heart is thumping and I turn the light on and I'm fully awake, I can still see them. I'm not sure what's going on and your post seems the most similar to what I'm experiencing. Any help would be appreciated.
Reneemichelle (1 stories) (25 posts)
10 years ago (2013-11-22)
Hi Vindog, my name is Renee. I am a happy 45 year old Southern Californian girl. I have had many different spiritual and psychic experiences ever since I was 5 years old. I accepted Jesus when it was the summer of "96. Even though God is everything to me, I can't help but wonder why we have gifts, talents and abilities. I believe everything your telling me. Something is telling me that you meditating might have something to do with it. Isn't that when it started? When you began to meditate? I would like to talk to you more about this if your interested. Remember when Jesus said that " I can do all these things and you can do more."? Also keep in mind that we only use a small percentage of our brain. If we used 100% of our brain we would be able to do all kinds of amazing things. Hope to hear from you soon. Renee 😁
Etak (1 posts)
10 years ago (2013-10-07)
I see the faces too. Sometimes they are American Indians, real old, sometimes babies, sometimes elderly women. I admire you having the courage to reach out to yours because when they look at me, I get scared and open my eyes but as a rule they don't seem to acknowledge me but I can sometimes see them talking or crying or just doing stuff. I also see animals and sometimes just landscape like a lone tree sitting high on a ledge or mountains and meadows. Sometimes it's just like a black & white negative (film) and other times full of vibrant color. I have seen the dots in the air as long as I can remember (during every waking moment with eyes open or shut) and mentioned them to my Mom when I was around 3 years old. I wish I knew what or why exactly these things are visible... What they are... Are they real and in another dimension. Sure would like to hear from anybody who has more info and insight into this phenomena then I do.
yval711 (5 stories) (35 posts)
10 years ago (2013-10-04)
I see faces with my eyes closed all the time. Sometimes they're more clear than what I see with my eyes open. Some of the faces have been my family members but most times I see strangers. In my experience, these faces have always been spirits trying to reach out to me for various reasons. I choose to interact with spirits I come into contact with but you can choose what you want to do with this ability.
Real-Helper (15 posts)
10 years ago (2013-10-03)
Because you are clean and don't use drugs your body was ready to miss out energy. Looks like it is going to be spontaneous initiation. Your body is ready, but your brain not yet. It still to early. You need to organize you body energy around body. Or soon you will not control yourself with not control you emotions.
I can Help you, if you REALLY need Help
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Pavel_kravchukmn [at]
Bluemorning333 (1 posts)
10 years ago (2013-10-03)
I think you might be interested in reading about the astral world or astral projection and other dimensions. The universe is a mysterious place. I have had visions of otherworldly things and beings as far back as I can remember. There are no definite answers to our experiences everything remains a mystery but there is knowledge out there to look into and others who share similar experiences. The true knowledge is within. It comes with time. "you can't rip the skin off the snake. The snake must moult the skin. That's the rate it happens."-Baba Ram Dass. I have had visions with my eyes closed and with them open throughout my whole life among a lot of other unusual experiences to say the least. I am clairvoyant and a medium. I don't ever use Internet forums like this really but somehow I ended up on this website and your post stuck out to me for some reason. I'm also your same age and always have been interested in hearing stories related to what I have seen or experienced. We all walk our own paths but have the ability to help each other grow and heal. Perhaps your third eye is in fact opening. That is beautiful and what this world needs is more and more people to start awakening. Nourish it, read, and learn about what that means. Also look inward for wisdom:)
-love and light

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