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I don't know how to put this first thing but I'll try. So one night I found myself outside not my physical body but as something else. I was cold and wet it was raining at the time something that I did not know when I went to sleep. I was also very scared my dad was chasing me from outside of the house. I got away and when I woke up I found out that my dad chased a raccoon away from the house that night, so what I'd like to know there is if I might have been that raccoon I feel that I was but I'd like a second opinion.

The next thing is one night that my friend got screamed at by a shadow not to tell me something. It was making her feel very scared and vulnerable something that she rarely feels. That same day I gave her a few quartz crystals I had charged with my energy. I told her to hold the stones and grabbed my really really clear crystal and sent energy through it to the other stones. She said that the shadows around her seemed to disappear and she felt energized.

Another thing that would concern my other writing grief from a past life. Lately my runes have been showing that justice will come and love will be found. The crows have told me that I will get unexpected company from the north bearing good news. And my love stone has been falling in the north making me believe that she is in a northern area and that we will find each other soon. These things all started to take place after I had done a spell to try and find her. She appeared again in the same room but this time she touched my arm and where she touched it became very warm and the air began to smell like flowers.

I've found myself able to see visions from water and it's connected items, able to astrally project, and several other things.

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Murffie (18 posts)
8 years ago (2015-08-17)
well you seem to be very skilled in spirit magic also you might have a gift I call elemental power. Its different from magic and chi this is only a gift you can obtain through birth. The shadows sensed this power in those crystals you gave to your friend that is why they went away they fear and hate this power. But be careful this power does attract an evil called Darkness that can't be stopped and over thousands of years of its existence no weakness to it has been found. This evil gained the title Darkness from abilities its said to have and also its look is literally a 3 dimensional shadow like form. It travels the world at a slow rate depending on if it can sense elemental power or not. I have witnessed this evil while it killed my friends at fast speed I barely escaped using a move I found out about were I can turn my body into pure air and back. There is a risk to this move you lose 20 years of your future life I hear that the risks are different depending on the person. I will tell more of Darkness and my travels searching for its weakness's and other things I know of but only through email.

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