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Empath? Acting Out Dreams


if this gets long I'm sorry, I tend to ramble I will try to stay on point. I'm 27 all my life I've instantly known if I like someone upon the first meeting. I can tell if people have good intentions or negative ones which has helped me with business ventures. I can feel people's energy when they enter a room, I can feel their emotions especially people I'm close to they can even effect my mood. For example if my husband is sad or angry it makes me feel physically ill or drained of energy. I can also feed off positive energy almost like dehydrating.

My skills are not what they could be I'm sure as I've had no guidance in this, and although I'm drug free and eat fairly healthy I do smoke and drink about once a week. Also I suffer from a fair amount of anxiety, certain people and situations give me a terrible nervousness I can't shake.

Recently I've been having nightmares. Most are lucid and some it's almost like watching a movie or out of body. Recently tho I've been having these nightmares that I wake up from and I know I'm awake but it's almost like I'm stuck in the dream. For example, I had a dream of a close family member being terminal I was crying in the dream woke up started walking around my home I knew I was still dreaming and awake in the back of my mind but my body was acting out such despair, crying hard holding head falling to the ground in deep depression than snap came too. All the sad feeling was gone and I was able to sleep. I've since then found out this family member is sick and having some scary tests run. The scariest thing happened this weekend my husband and I where staying with friends at there lake house it was very nice and relaxing I meditated on the water just a calm nice weekend. One of the nights I had an eerie feeling and made my husband come to bed early with me. About an hour after coming to bed I start having a dream about a young boy being beaten getting hurt by an adult it was awful so real feeling and the urge to help this woke me up but again I was aware I was both awake and asleep and aware that I was both. I wake my husband up hysterically sobbing and crying out to help the boy but not knowing who he was or how to help kind of threw me into a fit throwing the pillows and falling to the floor. This went on for fifteen minute and then just like that snap it was gone all the fear and disparity gone.

What is this I'm I going crazy or these not connected to my being able to feel things or are they and I'm confused because I'm not strengthening them. Am I in a trance or just need to be evaluated. I feel like I could be dangerous to my self if I keep acting out these dreams

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