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Strong Intuition. What Does It Mean?


I'm not sure where to start. What I do know is that since I was a young girl I was drawn to the super natural and have always had that. "Gut feeling" about something, Always had great intuition.

As a teenager I would get strong intuition about things and would warn people. I learned to pay attention to my dreams because I realized when I had a dream that I remembered, there was usually a message or warning for someone. Several times I would just get a thought regarding someone I would tell them my thought, they would be shocked and validate what I said. Like for instance I had no idea my sister was going to buy a house. I told her the loan would go through and she will be buying her home. I also forwarned her of her divorce. I've warned people about robberies and they validated what I told them.

I've always had these messages just come. Like a subconscious thought. I never saw it as a psychic ability. I just thought WOW my intuition is amazing. As I got older I didn't pay much attn to it but I'm pretty sure I've had messages I've ignored. 7 Months ago I was meeting withmy sister, when her and I met up, I looked at her and just said aww sis you're pregnant with a boy, she looked shocked and said she still had to take a pregnancy test. I didn't even know she thought she was pregnant. That night she took a test. Turned up positive. At 5 months the sex of the baby was determined to be a boy.

Several years ago I met someone who told me I have a gift and I'm being called upon to cultivate my gift. I thought ok so I'm amazingly intuitive but that can't be a "psychic ability" although I had been called to do cleansings and blessings in peoples homes and instinctively knew what to do. Like I was being gently guided. I've had many moments of telling people things about themselves and what's happening with them. Giving them time frames, descriptions of people. Don't know where I was getting the info. It was like I just knew. (These people are still validating things I tell them because these "readings" were recent) I take the subway to work, and as of late, I can pick up on peoples feelings. Their worries, excitement. I'll get messages about them and its so strong its overwhelming. Problem is, I can't approach a stranger in the street or subway. Afraid they'll look at me as a nut job. Also I have channeled healing energies to cure headaches and certain discomforts and pains in family members. I'm not sure what category I would fit in or what gift it is I have. Let me also say. I have recently started meditating. I have been doing Chakra meditations but I've been doing it to connect with my inner self and to relax. I did notice that what ever ability I have did seem to get stronger, more pronounced after I started meditating 2 months ago. And since I started meditating I am not sure if this is for real but I would have a conversation with someone and would randomly blurt out something and they'll ask "how did you do that. I was just thinking that". "That was my exact thought right now". I have decided to start keeping a journal. I want to see how it's all connected if at all. And if I can get a clearer picture of it all. Any thoughts on what this may be?

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leo9401 (1 stories) (7 posts)
10 years ago (2013-11-10)
i think youre telepath, when I was younger I would think things right before people would say it and now that I started mediating that ability sort of came back but it was never as strong as you describe so what you can do is truly amazing! Embrace it you were obviously sent here to help people with it

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