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Dreams of Places Before I Visit Them


I wouldn't call it psychic exactly, but all my life I've had dreams of places before I visit them. And I don't mean deja vu, in which I feel like I've been somewhere/seen something before when it's happening. No, this is different.

I remember distinct dreams by the geographic/structural appearance. There's never anything exciting that happens in the dreams. I'm just in a certain place, which I remember in detail. Years later I am traveling in Thailand or rural Virginia and boom, I find myself in a place I dreamed about. There's nothing frightening... No premonitions... No danger... Just very distinct places. Sometimes I even remember where I was sleeping or living when I had the dream.

I guess this isn't very exciting but I have had very scary dreams that have very distinct and unknown-to-me-at-present-time locales, so I suppose if I ever find myself in those places I'll be on the lookout for bad things to happen!

I certainly would love to know if any one else experiences this. If I am predicting the future - even just a very small part of my future - I wish I knew a way to develop it perhaps. It has taught me that I experience the world in a very visual way and that the physical appearance and layout of location are always easy for me to recall in great detail. Maybe it means I am supposed to travel... Since this happened the most when I travel outside of my home base. I don't think I really believe in fate - but maybe I will get the chance to help someone or save a life one day because of my foreknowledge of a geographic area.

A building on the side of a mountain in Thailand... A public bathroom in England... A shopping center in Charlottesville, VA... Those are just some of the places I experienced in dreams before I went there. Like I said, it's pretty boring. But it is most certainly the same place I dreamed, often years before.

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jabeck (1 posts)
5 years ago (2018-02-16)
Same! Just created an account because this has happened to me three or four times. The first was in elementary school. Looked over the edge of a railing and saw some flags hanging... Just like in a dream I'd had before. The next time wasn't until I was an adult, and it has happened to me a couple of times since.

In one case, it was an recurring dream about a tunnel under a road. The tunnel curved and then had steps going up on the other side. Posters on the wall. Randomly I'm in Austria (only time I've ever gone over seas) and suddenly realized I was in the tunnel of my dreams. Down to the posters, the curve in the tunnel etc.

My suspicion is that it's some kind of strange "remote viewing" thing going on...
taytay2424 (1 posts)
5 years ago (2017-10-29)
I too have very similar experiences as all of you. Oh recent told my spouse because I feel like I need somone to get it that it's real and actually a thing that happends. Anyways so we went on vacation to lake Tahoe and I had never been in my life nor seen photos of this place. Second day we were there we walk into this store. I put my hand out and stopped my wife at the door and was like... I had a dream about this place. So I told her go to the back of the store turn left look down and see if you see a glass case and told her what would be in it... Sure enough it was like I had said and finally she believed me... Point to me telling this is I just wish I knew more about it or what it is or why it happened anyone had information please comment back anything you found out.
Andrea189 (1 posts)
5 years ago (2017-07-12)
This is literally the only reason I have made this account despite the fact that this conversation was last added to two years ago but I felt like I needed to mention this because I have never heard anything like this before. I wouldn't say this is exactly psychic but basically a 4 years ago almost exactly I had a dream about dying on a random field with a football goal near a school in a town I had never seen before, but in the dream this town was the town I had lived in for a couple of months. I wanted to give you a couple details about this dream just to explain why I was so creeped out: in the dream it was around 9pm and I was with my friends when we started getting chased by a figure in black, my house was right next to the field so I had managed to get in and shut the door until I heard my friend screaming but when I looked outside the window it wasn't anyone else dying but I was watching myself get stabbed to death. This I found particularly weird because it was almost as if even in the dream I had an outside view watching in and then of course watching myself be killed when I thought I was safe in my house. This was the first dream I had ever had about dying obviously I'm still here so this wasn't the part that creeped me out but I still wrote down the dream because it was odd to me. Then a couple of months after that we were actually moving house (disclaimer: I was not the one who chose the house to visit because I was living with my parents at the time) and we visited the house that we were potentially going to buy and I received an awfully familiar feel to this house like I knew who had lived there before: there was certain furniture and possessions the previous owners had that seemed like they were very close to heart for me, but I decided to not think about the situation and give the house a chance.
Then I actually wanted to take a walk around the neighbourhood to see what it was like and it actually didn't take me very long because what I was about to witness was right next to the house.
The field right next to the school with the football goal was right next to the house, the same one from the one in my dream. I got to stand in the exact spot where I had died so I'm not particularly sure why but I decided to lay in the exact spot I had died and I felt a jolt of almost pain go up my spine and I started to cry out of completely nowhere. I'm not sure if you can call this deja vu but I certainly want to know whether anyone else has experienced this. Because for some reason I feel I got to save myself from my death? If that doesn't sound too crazy.
But that is not where the story ends 2 years after that I fell down a rabbit hole of researching deja vu ect and I thought back to the moment near that house where I felt something so dark so I wanted to see if I could find the house despite the fact that I had never seen the houses address before and in about half an hour with just knowing which city it was in, I found the house that we had almost bought.
Ever since then I've had a few similar experiences but not quite so dark so I just want to know if there is anyone else out there who this has happened to.
skyskater (1 posts)
8 years ago (2015-03-28)
Hey so I only made an account so I could comment on this (never had a psychic experience apart from this and I'm not sure it would even count).
A while back I had this dream I only remember details of but basically I think my dad got arrested? And I was with him in these grounds with a huge brick wall around them (a prison maybe?) but there were also ancient ruins in the grounds like of an old church or something, but it was huge. There was also this other girl and her dad there and we all walked around the front part of the ruins together, but as I got deeper in I realised my dad and the other people were gone and I was wondering around alone, eventually I came into some stone cloisters and found this huge old church door. The only way I can describe this is, is that the place had turned into Hogwarts from the early Harry Potter PS2 games I played as a kid, not sure if this room was actually in the game but I definitely had a strong "feeling" of those games at this point in the dream. When I opened the door there was a classroom type room but there were no students that I remember, just this guy in long robes standing in the middle. I think he was the teacher. Pretty sure that's where the dream ended, there was a lot more "plot" leading up to that but all I remember is that my dad was arrested for something and we ended up in that place.

A few weeks? Months? Later I was doing a course in the city near me and when I was done learning I would take a walk around, it's an ancient city so it's great to explore if you're into historical stuff like I am. So I was walking around one of the areas I was less familiar with when I came across a very familiar large brick wall, it was definitely the one from my dream, even the road going past outside it was exactly the same. I found the gate and took a peak inside and wouldn't y'know- they were ancient ruins of an abbey, and the stone ruins I could see from outside were in the same place as in the dream. Unfortunately the site is English Heritage and I would have had to pay a small fortune l to get in, also I had just bought my lunch and I don't think they'd appreciate me taking food in. Still I'd like to see inside.

This other time I dreamt that I was in a car with my old best friend's parents but she wasn't there, they were giving me a ride to the train station and we were driving down this road which had large houses was overshadowed by huge evergreen trees. I think they were trying to warn me or lecture me about something but I can't remember what. Then we got to the train station and I thanked them and got out. That was it, also I was sitting in the front but I got out of the back seat once we arrived which was weird.
The a little while later I was driving sown that exact same road with my parents, it was even the same time of day (just starting to get dark). There was no train station at the end tho.

Sorry for writing so much but this kind of thing both fascinates me and terrifies me.
lifeiscrazybeautiful (1 posts)
8 years ago (2015-01-09)
Hi everyone, sorry for this late thread. It's been seven years since the last comment here. Well, basically the same thing happened to me around the same time. In the years 2006-8, I had weirdly super accurate dreams of places that, when I had the dream, felt totally random to me. The most memorable one was a dream of a random cottage in the middle of a forest, in my dream I saw all the rooms, corners and had an orientation of the cottage. A few metres away at the back, there were a few skulls on the ground. I noticed some random names and marks on the walls. And unbelievably, two weeks afterwards I went to Australia for the first time in my life. There I had a great time taking a tour through cities and remember when we took a small stop to go to the loo and rest in the middle of a forest. Instantly I recognised that we stopped at the same cottage in my dream. I was frozen and everyone just stared at me weirdly. I'd forgotten my dream but suddenly all of it came back and I sprinted around, noticed the skulls on the ground, the same number of rooms, the same marks on the wall. It was like I'd been there before yet it wasn't physically possible as it was my first time visiting. That was back when I was only 9 years old. Any theories on what I experienced?
northcat (1 posts)
8 years ago (2014-09-28)
Just as Chococat describes, same thing happened to me. Some years ago I had a very vivid, detailed dream of a greenhouse on a slope, next to a run down house. Ferrel cats were taking shelter in both the greenhouse and the garage. I remembered the dream, becouse it was so vivid. About one year later I was walking in a part of the city I had never been before. And there it was! The house, the slope, the greenhouse - everything right down to the details. Only difference was that there were no cats, and the house was just about to be renovated. I was so taken aback by this experience that I stood there for the longest time, trying to find any other plausible explanation (logical vulcan that I am...). The house had been in very bad shape, the garden overgrown and holes in both the garage door and the greenhouse - so ferrel cats (abundant I our city) could have easily taken refuge there. The funny thing is that in my dream I "enter" the premises through a passage that - when I was there in real life - would only be passable for a cat-sized animal. This was during a time when I was feeding some wild cats in my residential area, and each spring/summer the young males/male would be chased out of the territory by the resident turf-holding tomcat. I always wondered where these young male cats went, how life fared for them. Sometimes I would find one or another, living in some other area, "owning" his own turf, or hunting for a living in park areas.
Having thought this dream thing over a few times, I have reached the only logical conclusion: that such a dream must be the result of an accidental "picking up" of thought-waves of another individual. After all, we only know what we know SO FAR. Who would believe in radio or radoiactivity before it was discovered? I am waiting for some serious scientists to make a no-bullshiat study on this subject. This area in human experience always gets drowned by profit seeking hoaxters, that will make a chicken out of somebody elses feather.
I have had these kind of vivid dreams of places I have never seen, pretty much all my life. The places reoccur in several dreams, I explore them more in each dream. But, upuntil the greenhouse, I had never encountered any of these places in real life. I was sure my architecture oriented mind was just having a planning spree when I sleep... Now I pay more attention, and one more time it has - possibly - happened that I went to a place that I have dreamt of previously. I say possibly, for the place was to "regular" to be 100% sure. But the greenhouse dream was 100% of the real place.
simonehills (1 posts)
8 years ago (2014-07-03)
I have experienced the same thing. I once dreamt about a place on the 10 freeway going from LA towards Palm Springs.
I also once dreamt of a large mountainous road leading down into a vast canyon. 3 months later my close friends and I drove up Deer Creek Rd. Off of Pacific Coast Hwy. My friend and I had both dreamt of this place before we had even been there.
I don't understand, but it freaks me out. I usually instantly remember the dream once I see the landscape. Even if I had forgotten the dream prior.
So interesting you have the same experiences
vivihorvi (2 posts)
8 years ago (2014-06-24)
i dream about places before I visit them or see pictures of them. For example when I was about 5 years old I had dream about an underground part of an old museum with little maquettes of old buildings and houses, about 6 months later we went to that museum with my family and I could tell them what was in the next room. I have a lot of dreams like that and when I'm in a dream, I know that I'm going to see that place again someday. I really want to know what this means.
debarshis (1 posts)
10 years ago (2012-10-01)
yes...i think this is true... Once I experienced the same kind of thing... Thaere was a time when my life had been passing through a very time and then one night I got a dream about a place where I never went or seen before... And what I saw is- first... I saw that I am shifting to a hostel in an unknown place to pursue my higher education... And then I saw that I am running from something on the street of that place (which was second part of the dream)...i didn't know from what I was running... And I told about this dream to my mother...
and now the interesting part... After one year of that dream I went for higher education and when I reached there in a morning of july 2010 I was shocked when I found the street where was running in the dream... There was no geographical or physical difference of that street it was totally the same street (which was my second part of my dream)...but the physical appearance of hostel (which was the first part of my dream) has no similarities with the hostel in my dream... It is not end yet...
when I spend the years in the institution... In the first year it was full of joy in my life... But whe it approach to the later part of the 2nd year... I felt like I made a big mistake with my career... I chose the wrong option though I had other option in my hand... Slowly slowly all the negative things started to happen in my life (I don't like to mention those)...i worked hard to live with it but didn't worked... I was totally broke... There was no hope left within me... Then one day I remembered about that dream... And the second part of the dream made a meaning... May be that dream tried to warn me about this painful condition... It takes almost 6 month to recover from that condition but it cost me so many valuable thing... But the good thing is I learned so many things about would like to say at the end that if you see the bad about that real dream... Then please be alert... Have a good future...
poealchemy (2 posts)
10 years ago (2012-08-17)
I've had these experiences as well, i've seen the exact house and buildings and I recognized them from my dream because it was the same setting.
It has happened more than once to me. Just like the other's there is no emotion of fear it's just a place that I have visited with the same roads and everything.

Wish I knew what It meant and why I have been able to see them.
Mubashir (285 posts)
11 years ago (2012-02-24)
[at] parassingh.Well its more like deja vu to me. Well if you say you never been to that place before and when you go there and you feel like you have been here before. This thing happened to me too. Like I already know what's going to happen in the class tomorrow and the exact things happen when I am class next day which is very boring I mean my class. Anyways thanks for sharing your experience. Take care and bye. 😁 ❤
parassingh (1 posts)
11 years ago (2012-02-24)
hi... I had been experiencing d same. When I was in diploma sitting in ma lecture hall I experienced, d same lecture hall I had seen earlier before in my dreams and its not like I see bad things or good things its just a feeling that I had seen d place before felt it. Almost like every point the top fan or the corner and all. I had d same feeling two three more times too and when I m at that place its stuns me like what d... I was here earlier too. I just want to know what is this something bad to see things or good. What actually I m seeing I just want to know that's it. I had just completed my college and know its not d same didn't see much but still sometimes I feel like the place I m in wit now had been seen by me earlier. Please do tell me anything if anyone knows about it. I m really eager to know about this more than anything.
javovo (1 posts)
12 years ago (2011-02-18)
I've had the same experience for as long as I can remember. Most times it is a structure, any kind of building or house, seen from the outside, but a few have been inside. There is no consistent time between dreaming of a place then visiting it. Once it was the next day, but can be as long as a year or two.

Sometimes the real life scene/image is exactly the same as in the dream, but other times the structure is in a different context than in the dream. I've also experienced the real life image as a mirror image of the dream setting.

What is consistent are the details. The building is exactly the same as in the dream or the scene (ie. Two houses, on a corner, with trees across the road) will be exactly as in the dream. I do not feel like I've been there. I know that I only recognize the place from my dream.

These dreams are never scary and I'm never creeped out when I finally see one of the places in person.

I'd love to know about this.
nancymyrick (1 posts)
12 years ago (2011-02-16)
I often feel like I have been some where before or seen an event take place exactly as I'm doing it but may I ask anyone because I'm new to this site and unsure how it works,

Do you ever have dreams that are so real and so intense about the past, maybe about a particular time period... Like maybe it was a life before. I have had several very intense dreams through out the years about World War II and the horrible things everyone had to go through. Once I dreamed I was German but having to give up a two year old child to keep it from starving to death (a family was taking me in but couldn't take the baby) and another dream I was in a concentration camp and there was a child involved with it as well. I had the first dream 20 years ago and I remember it exactly.

I've never traveled to that part of the world and have no family from that area. It has made me truely believe in reincarnation or time travel, string theory... Any explaination will do!
laineystone (1 posts)
12 years ago (2010-06-15)
hey I have had premonitional dreams about places ever since I can remember. I usually don't find myself in them for about 2 years since I had the dream. Many times I find these places when I move (I move alot). The places themselves are insignificant, but I usually get creeped out and leave immidiately. I just joined this site when I saw your article when I was looking for answers. Its good to know I'm not alone.
kthapa (1 posts)
13 years ago (2010-05-17)
Oh great, I have found friends with the same experiences like mine. My family, friends and even my wife doesn't believe in me.

Since my childhood, I have been visiting places in my dreams before I actually visit them physically. I see the exact location (sometimes little exaggerated in dreams), sometimes I see exact people and believe it or not, sometimes I get the smell of the place I am going to visit.

I know I will visit a certain place in future if I see the same place more than once. The place is very clear, distinct and I know every detail because I dream it more than once (the same dream).

If I see bad things happening in a particular place in my dreams, they don't happen when I visit that place. But I take it as a caution and try not to repeat what I see in my dreams.

What I don't like about this is - I don't really know when I will be visiting that particular place and I don't know which place it is (name of the place).

Like Katie, I can tell some things by looking at people. I have predicted about 7 deaths but without knowing much about the person (a TV personality for instance).

Unlike Katie, my bad dreams or good dreams don't really come true. But I visit the exact place I dream.

As friends above have experienced, I am also thinking of developing this power (?!) though meditation or may be other self-empowering techniques. But I don't have a clue how to do it and I can't tell anyone because people feel I am lying them.

Let's all get together to form a group and discuss it further. One who suffers knows the pain.
AMilo (1 posts)
13 years ago (2009-09-16)
I also dream of places I visit in the future. All of them have been mundane places except this one dream 15 years ago of which I just learned where it was yesterday.

In this dream I'm resting on a hill at night looking down at a city and boom its destroyed by a pillar of light. I would say it was a nuclear bomb but its night so I didn't see a mushroom cloud. The force of the destruction had me clawing at the ground even though I was 30km away.

Yesterday I was driving late at night through a city and It hit me I've been here before. That city is Las Vegas and when I was driving through it my skin got cold and clammy.

Weird eh!
Scentsy (1 posts)
14 years ago (2009-04-13)
I have the exact same experiences. I have dreams about places and at a later time, sometime's years later, I visit a place I've never been before, yet I have had dreams about the place and location. I don't remember anything else about the dream, or if it was a good or bad dream, just the place. I often remember details about the place, but nothing else. This has been going on for many years and I have often wondered what this means. A few of these times, when I visit places I have never been, yet have dreamnt about, it has sometime's coincided with major changes in my life.
jenshadus (1 posts)
14 years ago (2008-07-17)
I've been having these types of dreams since I was 11 years old. They are disconcerting at time, especially when I go to someone I've never met before in real life and I already know their name. I also know my way around places I've never been too because of the dreams. I started to keep two journals, a dream journal and a diary. Some of these dreams are months apart, others, just days.
kaismama (2 posts)
14 years ago (2008-06-10)
You described what I have been experiencing for years, perfectly.

For me, it can be a visit to a new country and I can be walking down the street and suddenly realize that I had been there before, but in a dream. Its not the visual things that are familiar as much as a feeling. It's hard to describe, but its almost like I recognize that its the same geographical point that I visited in my dream. My dreams are vivid and often connected though geographic location. I only sense that the location is connected somehow... I can have a dream tonight that could be connected to one I had 10 years ago and I will still recognize it's pattern.

I also go places and learn things in dreams. Often interesting quotes, strangely enough. Things that are perceptive and intelligent.
GlendaSC (5 stories) (1475 posts)
15 years ago (2008-04-06)
Chocokat - Thanks for the tip! I will try. Lately when I've voyaged, on the ground, have had a person with me. Haven't voyaged as much, but I'm tired with the new job. Did the other night. Was in a mall like place, but more a flea market one. Walked around awhile and looked. Saw a pair of sunglasses in the floor, looked at them, and they slid. No one seemed to know I was there. Wondered why I was there - if there was something I needed to see. Then a man began walking towards me. Didn't recognize his face. We sat down on the steps and I felt drawn to him and patted his back. I'm not a touchy kind of person. He smiled. I felt he found it a little funny and surprising that I was so drawn to him. I told him after awhile of being content just sitting there that I was having trouble reading in this otherworld. He took a small book from his shirt pocket, kissed it, and told me that should make it easier. I just wanted to sit with him. Then I remembered a question I wanted to ask. He smiled and told me I asked a lot of questions. I knew he wouldn't answer it, and he didn't. Then he told me something which shocked me a little so thought I might have misunderstood and he repeated it. It's a little confusing so not going there right now. Then he left, out of the blue and I did. A few seconds later, my alarm clock went off. It was so neat. Hope to go there again sometime.
DeborahAnna (18 posts)
15 years ago (2008-04-02)
I think you may be dreamning of places from a past life like mystical2 said but I think you may be dreaming about the future before it happens too. What clued me in to that was you mentioned dreaming about being inside a certain shopping mall before it ever happened. Most likely you wouldn't have experienced a past life in that particular mall and it look the same when you saw it in person now. So I am thinking you are getting both. I haven't really experienced anything like that myself. But I'm sure with time you'll find some good way to make this useful to others.
aramasamara (22 stories) (577 posts)
15 years ago (2008-04-01)
Sorry one more thing to Chococat

I noticed that these are only in your dreams, but I was speaking more of remote viewing, but they sort of work the same way. Just try it either in your dream or out of it and see where you get, don't get discouraged if it doesn't come out right the first time.
aramasamara (22 stories) (577 posts)
15 years ago (2008-04-01)

It's not boring ha-ha, seeing scenery before you see it can make you appericate it all the more. In fact to ehance this 'ability' try playing little games while on the road, seeing what type of car comes up the road, or by feeling yourself traveling looking down at the road, and 'feeling' it out. By starting on the ground you can trace through whole cities if good enough. It sounds crazy, but first look at the road, then think which way or what it will do next, until you have a whole graph sketched out on paper. Which could include, stop signs, traffic lines, dips, turns, resturants, gas stations and other landmarks. As you probably know it can come in handy.
GlendaSC (5 stories) (1475 posts)
15 years ago (2008-03-30)
chococat - I go fast and furious all day and drop asleep dead tired a lot. Sometimes I dream real dreams or astral voyage. Usually I sleep hard and am grumpy if something wakes me - that includes being grumpy with a few prowlers I've had. Annoying. But, I know things now and then for no reason. I wonder if I dream them, but in exhaustion don't remember. Sometimes little things. Sometimes big things. After 5 years took a job. Part of it is we have to vacuum ourselves. I find that kind of homey. Well it's loud so told the coworkers was going to vacuum the other day, but if the phone rang would switch it off so they could hear. Was doing it and switched it off because I felt like it needed to be. Seconds later the phone rang. My boss yelled over, after the call, Wait until it rings first! She laughed. I know it was a joke, but I always know it doesn't take long for strangers to know how I am. Perhaps you remember your dreams better than I. It is helpful though. To me, it's not really a big deal. Perhaps it should be. It's just helpful to me and I hope, to others. Since you are aware of it, learn to listen and trust yourself. That's a big step.
Katie (42 stories) (369 posts)
15 years ago (2008-03-28)
its ok now you know mistakes can happen. Are you not watching most haunted should go on the website and look at the webcams and see if you see anything like ghost / orbs then tell them
mystical2 (16 stories) (483 posts)
15 years ago (2008-03-28)
My fault. I was referring to the historical Jesse from the old west times (1800's). 😊
Katie (42 stories) (369 posts)
15 years ago (2008-03-28)
I don't mean to be nasty. Go on google and type in that name and Manchester next to it and you know what I mean then.
Katie (42 stories) (369 posts)
15 years ago (2008-03-28)
Some lad called that died a few months ago just by being shot he was only a teenager I think that was his name so I think you should be careful not to say names really on here just in case people get the wrong person. It can upset people cause they could think its anyone.
mystical2 (16 stories) (483 posts)
15 years ago (2008-03-28)
I'm going to make just an assumption from what I've heard before. It could be possible you are remembering these things and places from a past life and you are remembering them through your dreams. Perhaps you did a lot of traveling in your past life. Heck my father swears up and down he was Jesse James in his past life. I don't question it. I have seen and been through too many things to question anything. Anything is possible. 😊

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