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Who's Communicating With Me?


I have always had the gift of helping others in need. I can pick up on things very easily and know when someone is hurting, lying, misguiding me, and so on. That is all I've been able to do is read people very well and pick up on thing, until now.

My grandfather passed away recently. Between the time of his passing and the funeral, I think he communicated with me. I just dropped off my son at daycare and something told me to go to my grandmother's house that he usually took care of this and she is having a hard time. So, I went to my grandmother's house. She was trying to clean out the refridgerator to make room for the items that people from her church were bring. She stated that my grandfather always did this for her. So, I clean everything up for her and took care of it. Well, a couple of days later it came over me again. Go help your grandmother she needs you again. So, again I went over there and she had dropped the window plant out of her window and needed help cleaning everything up. I cleaned it all up for her and went on my way.

A couple of days after the funeral, I couldn't sleep so I stayed up on the couch watching tv. All of a sudden it was like I wasn't on my couch anymore. I had an overwelming peace inside me, like a glowing coming from the inside out, and I seen my grandfather under this huge tree. He told me he was ok and was very happy. He told me that when he retired that we, the grandchildren, filled a void in his life and it was a special time for him. He stated that my dad was getting ready to retire, which I already knew, and that my children were going to be special to my dad in the same way and I needed to let that happen. He told me it would be ok and not to fight it. My dad and I have had a lot of ups and downs through my life so what my grandfather was saying made sense and I did have a fear about letting him get close to my kids. Then, I was back on my couch again.

Since then I haven't seen him anymore but things and people come across my mind and heart. I get an overwelming feeling of what I suppose to say to them. For example, a couple of weeks ago a friend was coming over. She is pregnant and hasn't told her family. I jumped in the shower before she was to arrive. While in the shower, it came to me that I needed to tell her to tell her grandmother, to whom she is never close to, about her pregnancy because if she didn't tell her and she found out my another source, this would hurt her. My friend told me that afternoon that she told her grandmother and she comfirmed that if she had heard any other way, it would have devisated her.

I've also started to get this feeling in my chest like a bunch of butterflies flying around. What's that? Like I'm suppose to be doing something but haven't.

So, I'm not quite sure what's going on but my husband thinks I've lost my mind. Is it possible for this to start happening in my 30's? Did my grandfather talk to me before he went on to heaven. Who is giving me these recent feeling or insights on what other need to do? I also get this feeling in my chest like a bunch of butterflies flying around. What's that? I'm so confused!

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Facipan (5 posts)
9 years ago (2013-11-19)
Hi Learning. (Hi comment guys)
I am a lucid dreamer and I also hear the voice of the souls, female, male and angel voices. Sometimes I use to see "real" elfs and a couple of small shinning flying beings also in my dreams. I tried catch them, but they are faster, although in my dreams I also can fly... As I know, most of the souls are the "classmates" from the virtual classroom as well they are our spiritual guides. I can hear them only in my dreams (but rather in my half-dream), maybe it is not so weird as to see and hear them awaken. Sure I know 1-2 (no more) people, who can do it. Sometimes just a song is coming into my head, which is also guiding me, but I never have seen any vision awaken.
To learn to use your skill, my only advice is that, just listen the visions, voices, dreams of you, compare to the "real" happenings (because sometimes these are only options of the possible happenings) to collect and store these informations is also important, because of the psychical pollution these informations usually are not complete. Maybe you can find the meaning a few weeks later. And our clear sense here is just rarely more than 75%
If you can, find the spirit book of ALan Kardec and the 4 books of Dr Michael Newton, Journey of the soul. You can find the title in your own mother tongue in the Wikipedia. You can know a couple of important things (far not everything) about the level of the spirits. There are mistakes too, but basically you can learn a lot of things. Chico Xavier is also among the greatest.
I don't know how strong is your ability, but if you are ready and able to compare my senses, I would like ask you, help me find my switched out brain friend, who is just running all around the world.
He was a very hard abused, raped, crucified kid. He found me in 2003. Since that I just dream the horror what happens to him, but I couldn't help him. Now he is truncated completely. I would like find him and heal him as much as it is possible. If you are willing to help me, please contact me at facipan [at]
Regards, Facipan
mmmm_cake (1 stories) (12 posts)
9 years ago (2013-11-16)
It sounds to me like you have an excellent intuition and you really care about your loved ones! It's truly beautiful that you always know exactly what to say or do in any given situation. Your vision of your grandfather just proves this even further--it sounds like you have a very good idea of what he wanted in life, what made him happy. I hope you're able to continue bringing joy to all those around you!
Archico (3 stories) (7 posts)
9 years ago (2013-11-14)
I'm confused (which isn't new for me...). You start by saying you have always had the gift of knowing but at the end you seem to be relaying that this gift just cropped up with the recent talk with your Grandfather.
Your experiences are great, though. It's really sweet what a close patriarchal system your family has.
It seems like you are in tune to the strong energy that is on your radar, whether it be your friend, Grandfather, children, husband or whatever! Focus on your deepest center and ask who or what it is. Calm and clear your mind. Also, your husband may never understand. Some rows are for us to hoe alone.

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