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Greetings everyone,

I am currently 23 years old, and I have a story that I'd like some opinions to see what's really going on.

Ever since I was a kid, I've always been kind of a loner. I always used to go up to my room and be alone listening to music, drawing a little bit, watching tv, playing video games, etc. Even though I had some friends around, I always liked to be in my room alone.

Then around 13 years of age, I started to just sit down on my bed and stare to the emptiness of the room but very concentrated. My grandmother used to say that I was meditating. Well, during that time I liked believing in powers that we all have but few of us ever use them, like using your mind to persuade, or attract someone to your attention, or even talk to others through it.

I started focusing my mind on little things to see if anything happened like to a TV to see if it turned on, but nothing. Then I started to concentrate my mind into someone that wasn't looking at me and after a few tries I got them to turn and look at me (of course I was calling their name while doing this).

After that, I tried to make it happen more often, and sometimes I could and sometimes I couldn't.

Then I let it rest a few years when I moved to the States, but I restarted it once I moved by myself. I started to hear steps and doors closing in my new apartment, and then I thought there were some spirits around. I thought it was because I started reading tarot cards (probably should also mention that I was very good at them and still read them every once in a blue moon). I used to tell my friends what happened in their past, what was happening now, and what was going to happen in the future; and I was always accurate.

Well, now comes the actual experience I wanted to emphasize on. There's a girl I know from my school that is very kind and beautiful, but to be honest, I have never seen such pure beauty on someone before. I know you might think, you are probably just in love with her or something, but I don't think it's that simple. I've known several girls, and while I've thought of them being hot or pretty, this girl is so awfully beautiful that I even thought of her being an angel. (Not to mention how pure an caring she can be)

So I went online to search about physic abilities, and I found one about meditating where it said that you could look into something you really wanted to know and find out what the real true is behind it.

So I tried it. I closed my eyes, I imagined a hall with a door at the end, and when I opened it, it was beautiful like a paradise, and there I saw this girl just standing. I went to her and looked into her eyes; she looked back and I asked, are you an angel? Then later that night I tried speaking to her mind with mine telling her how beautiful I thought she was and how amazed I was by her way of being, etc.

The next morning she started to act weird with me. She always used to be nice and smile and greet me during the morning, but that morning she looked at me kind of mad or just indifferent. So I wondered if maybe she actually heard my message through the minds. After a good amount of hours, everything calmed down because I had a sign of affection/attention with her that made her smile once again.

To finish this story, a similar event just happened 2 days ago. While she's on fall break at her home, I decided to do this mind talk again. So after I prayed for the night, I decided to try to reconnect with her mind. I layed on my bed with no distractions and focused my mind only on her. I felt my body loose and as if I was lifted. Then my mind started to hurt as if It were working very hard and that's when I started sending the message. This message was about the same, but with a twist saying that I wanted to let her know how much she was starting to mean to me, and how much I could care and protect her if she would let me; that there were so many feelings I had inside me that I wish I could tell her (which I did during this message). Then I ended it with I hope you can give me a chance to talk to you again. (I had not talked to her for a good 5 days)

I should also mention that I graduated this past may and haven't really been able to see her (only online)

Well, the morning after that I was working and she got online on a time that she almost never logs in and I got to talk to her, but she still acted a little weird. Again thinking that maybe she received my message once more and felt either uncomfortable or embarrassed, etc.

*One last detail is that while I was still in college with her, during the time that I took interest in her, it very much seemed like she had interest as well.*

Sorry If I extended myself way too much, but the last parts of this story is what I am mainly concerned right now. Is it just coincidence? Should I ask her if she has heard me talk to her? Do I have some powers I'm not totally aware of?

If you think this is scattered and need better details, feel free to let me know. There are other things aside from this that I think could bring up the debate of whether I have a (different) power or not.

Thank you all in advance for having read this:)

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Doublemint (3 stories) (261 posts)
14 years ago (2010-10-13)
I feel your being just a little too obsessive compulsive with your feelings were this young lady is concerned and it seems to be unsettling for you because she is not reciprocating in same fashion. The best thing you can do is be yourself there is no need to do the stare to persuade this person to pay attention to you. The fact is she did not hear message but she did pick up strange vibes. You have to understand that when you do things in this fashion you are actually pushing people away from you.

newlite10 (1 stories) (21 posts)
14 years ago (2010-10-12)
Hey...ha ha ha... Sorry I am not laughing at you. But, your description of your experience brings back memories of many similar experiences. I day dream a lot and many times I used to day dream or think about the person I liked. As soon as I focus on a person they would either coincidentally show up in unlikely places, immediately return their interest, or be stand offish. I believe that everyone has the ability to influence everyone, some people may be able to focus it better than others. I can also tell when other people are trying to influence me, so I think I know what it feels like to be on the receiving end. I just have a strong knowing about a particular person, and I have a knowing that if I go to a certain place I will see them there.
I can also feel that you are projecting your idea of your ideal lover onto this person, I used to do this and would be disappointed/hurt when the person did not match up to who I thought/dreamt they were. This girl can feel that you are interested in her, maybe you should just ask her out. The worst that could happen is that she will say no... ^_^ Try focusing your attention of influencing daily events, electronics, and animals... I find it harder to influence events and animals over people and electronics.

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