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The Man In Black Coat


Last Friday I was walking home from school one day when I started having these weird flashes that made me blank out from the real world and because my friend was with she told me I started talking all funny and started falling down and walking into things. In the flashes I could see this man in a black coat reaching out for me but he never grabbed me. I couldn't see that much of him as his hoodie on his coat covered his face plus for some reason even though it was day time the visions was in night time and there was hardly any light. I got home and had a lay down but the next day It got worse I fall down twice in flashes and started having all these weird conversations with myself and started hearing scream and cries for help I started freaking out and getting all stressed so I went for a walk (it was late at night when I did). On my walk I keep seeing the man down every street getting closer and closer I was so scared so I ran into the a nearby park so I stepped out and all of the sudden this man in the black uld hide, I went behind some trees. I couldn't see or really coat grabbed me by the shoulder and then wrapped his arm around my mouth and whispered this in to my ear "be careful keep the friends you have now and don't make any changes to your life now don't come to be a different partner" and all I can remember of what he said but the last thing he said was kiss me and we shall be together and so I did but I ran off scared and confused and tripped and then somehow I stayed there the whole night and I get this feeling he was there with me helping me keep safe. I now see every day but from a faraway distance but somehow I feel like I spend the night with him but I don't remember any of it. And I still get these flashes of him when I come home and I even tried changing the way home, it didn't help. I don't know him and I'm scared he is going to do something horrible to me. Help I've tried blocking him though my powers but it doesn't work. I want to get read of him I'm just scared!

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Panhil (4 stories) (79 posts)
10 years ago (2010-10-18)
I hope, I so very hope I'm wrong but I think you made a deal. Demons often seal a soul transaction with a kiss e.g. The tv show Supernatural. When he offered you himself for ever and you kissed him I think you sold your soul for him.
I'm so very sorry if this is true.

Light be with you
Panhil ❤
zackterz (35 posts)
10 years ago (2010-10-18)
please if you ever see him again tell me his eye color. This thing may take the life of my sister. Also may be the sign that something big ganna start

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