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Black Drake Of My Dreams. Be Gone


The earliest ability that I am aware of having was the ability to will control over my dreams. I believe that through hereditary I am predisposed to being closer to my 6th sense but I also attribute it to assuming a meditative state before bed every night. It's good to go to bed before the day has absolutely ravaged you.

I know this early bedtime meditative state is essential to control dreams because when I began having more control of when I was able to go to bed (later!) it faded with fading practice.

On a side note, once, trying to get back this power, I found a story about a tribe that teaches there children this power. The child wakes up in terror and instead of comforting the child the elder says to him "You did it wrong. You must do it this way next time."

My husband.

He's beautiful and I have known him as long as I have memory. From dreams.

His dreams were always special and I still remember this very moment - much like popping a movie in - I can see it, my first dream of him. I'm talking 2 years old give or take. He was small, I was small. We were on different trains. We connect (children take in so much through just their eyes). It was the first time I may have actually considered someone other than myself. I took it seriously! Our trains pull apart and he is smaller and smaller through the glass back of the train.

I had never been on a train. I still haven't been on a train like that! Also, I'm pretty sure it was in India. I have no explanation.

I actually thought for a long time he was Indian. Now you could see why. When we were in Mexico people thought he was Spanish. It's just the Melungeon in him.

There were many other vivid dreams of him. I drew him a lot growing up. I wished other boys were him sometimes (knowing they weren't) and then being GLAD they weren't).

After happily changing High-schools my Junior year (bad bully issues) I met him. Footsie (first boy I EVER flirted with), being called down for talking! It was all too awkward! I gushed about his eyes, his silky dark hair, his perfection to my friends who answered "I heard he SLEEPS with his guitar. They think they're in a dark metal band. That's just so weird." (none true, btw)

He changed schools although I knew where he worked in the mall and saw him from time to time.

I made friends with someone who now I know was very psychically powerful himself. He was my friend. But his draw to me was very strong. He was my only friend I could swap "ghost stories" with. I began dreaming of him. Only not in place of my future-husband, just in addition to. The dreams always involved a terrible hunt and run. Exhaustion and oozing blackness.

Sometimes it was symbolically them and sometimes they were right there. Running, running, and being so disoriented! Not clear as before on the right choice. Running down spiral staircases as the colors change.

In real life I had no attraction to my friend and I had only an inkling that he maybe had boy feelings for me. That I felt he was happy looking over and that certainly weren't real love.

As we got older I learned from many people that he had been love sick for me and that I was completely brain dead when it came to this matter.

Writing this now I am realizing he must have created some sort of tie that I still haven't been able to break.

After college he still doted on me and treated me as a loving big brother. Very uneasy about what I was feeling I tried to get closer to see if some attraction or romantic love was under this ever-growing obsession! It always ended so awkwardly. He could never muster up the courage to make good on my very best "putting it out there". And so, sticking with the resolution I made when I was 9 to protect myself from cowards I repeated the mantra "Faint of heart never win fair lady." and took it as a rejection.

I knew he was in duality to my true love, but, he was still there. Ever-present and hollowly intoxicating. Like a statue made of smoke. I would reach out to feel but my hand would fall right through.

My last dream before discovering the identity of my husband was very direct. The stage of the first High-school auditorium. A clownish friend runs up on it, beginning the act and in a cadence that suggests "Holmes. Sherlock Holmes." He states "Jeremy. James Jeremy." Surrounding the name, no, engulfing and trying to squelch the name of my husband was the other. The one who wasn't it. Who fought so hard in my sub-conscious, dreams and in person!

He began to get serious with a coworker and finally proposed. I was slightly jealous (maybe) but truly overjoyed for him. I was invited to meet her and we had a great time. Abruptly after this he broke off our 5 year friendship in an email stating it was inappropriate. I was so decimated that I broke down at work and became wildly desperate for an explanation. I was ready to go declare my love and ask him to choose! I thankfully came to my senses in a few days.

Very shortly after that James ask me to be in a band and friendship led to him stealing me away from my then boyfriend! Only 4 short years We were married.

Still, Jeremy pops up in dreams to shake me up and make me feel again... To make me wonder what I was feeling. James rarely occupies them but is always leading me out of danger. He dreams of the Apocalypse so my dreams that have him in it are always themed that way.

This is where I am now.

I've dreamt of other little things that have happened. For instance, when my parents bought there little snowbird home in FL I dreamt about The Mouth that lives across the street and the leak in the roof. The roof actually started that leak while I was there. Over my side of the bed. On my dad burned head! As for The Mouth, no one in the neighborhood can stand her!

I wasn't expecting to ask for help but now it occurs to me that it's possible here and necessary.

What do you think about "Jeremy"? Is it possible for him to have created a link? He is Very intelligent and we always loved matching wits. My intuition has always told me that's what it is. I've even waited 7 years for it to fizzle and it has for the most part but the core is still there unfortunately. Do you know of a way to break this? It really kind of sucks. Thank you in advance for any ideas you have. Also, God bless you and keep you.

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stealthsilent1 (5 posts)
8 years ago (2014-07-29)
And arhico, did it work? What was the problem, did you get rid of it?
Archico (3 stories) (7 posts)
9 years ago (2013-11-22)
I am so happy. I have been led by my God to a solution and an answer!
This is something many people suffer with referred to as a "soul tie". It can be created from a very close friendship (which was the case here), and especially a romantic tie that involves sex or other bonds.
Here is the link if you are interested in breaking a "soul tie".
Demons can use these ties when they're not sanctified.
Archico (3 stories) (7 posts)
9 years ago (2013-11-19)
Thank you, stealthsilent1 for your validation. I appreciate you reading my story, pondering it thoughtfully and responding!
I do feel that this is true. I wish someone who has skills in coping with situations and lifting something like this could chime in also. I could certainly use some expertise. 😕
Blessings to you!
stealthsilent1 (5 posts)
9 years ago (2013-11-15)
OK, I'm not psychic and I don't know anything about being psychic or whatever. And I don't know you or Jeremy or what he was really like. But I understood from your story, what I got from it is that he fell in love with you, and was he obbsessed with you or were you obsessed with him? I didn't get that part of the story. Yea, but he fell in love with you and then put some kind of magic on you that gives you these dreams, again I don't know anything about psychics and the dreams of a psychic, but he is causing your dreams, I don't know if they could come from somewhere else, but to me, it sounds like in his obsession, he did something to make you this way. Again, I'm just going off your story, I don't know you or your life. But that's what it seems, its a simple story if you think about it clearly. Maybe because he didn't have enough courage he went behind your back and did this dream stuff. Again, I need to say this because I do not know Jeremy. He could be this way, or not. I have no idea. If you tell me more. I could tell you for sure. But for now its just a probability. In my mind, its like this.
Jeremy falls in love with you, gets obsessed, can't tell you his feelings or can't ask you out, whatever, so he does this black magic dream stuff to make you fall in love with him. And that's why youre having these dreams. One more time, don't believe what I say 100%. Take it with some salt. Or whatever. But if you want to talk, send me a email at michaelfares6 [at]

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