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For about three years now, after careful and cautious uses of the Oujia Board, I have noticed very coincidental knocks on walls; in the beginning. Now all I hear are too coincidental "kinks: in electronics, mostly T.V's and gaming systems. These "kinks" occur after questions I think of. One night I tried telepathic communication with these "kinks" and have received answers back, of course in kinks. Sometimes when I try asking if they hear me, I get a reply. Other times none but I still feel they can hear me. They - either being ghosts (hopefully of higher nature); or e.t's (which I have been telepathically letting them know how I'm desperately trying to reach them in the astral plane. With no luck however.) Is it possible extra-terrestrials can lower their frequency for a meeting in the physical plane? Maybe in isolated and quiet woods? Or alone in my home? These kinks do occur during the day, but I get my responses mostly when the sun has fallen.

My Ouija Board sessions ended after losing all three of them. Mine, my friend's, and another friend. We have no idea where they could, they are nowhere to be found. In the beginning, we made a home-made one, which was successful but was mostly of very low entities. More recently, my friend and I made another one but we get nothing now, it's almost as if we aren't allowed to communicate through those means. However the kinking noises are very common to us. We've had plenty of experiences; ranging from radios turning on playing specific songs, to our "spirit packet" of papers floating during a sort of séance if you will. I've seen a USO rise out of Lake Erie with yellow and red lights and vanish beneath the surface very fast and silently. Pretty close to shore too.

The point I'm trying to get across is, I am seeking help, advice, and tips to better my extra-sensory communication AND my astral projection attempts. I'm doing it mostly because I want to learn the astral plane, like an explorer exploring the Americas, and to learn practically everything I can learn in one life time by benevolent extra-terrestrials, etc. I know they hear my telepathy messages. I just need to do my part. Please and thank you.

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Nightingale (145 posts)
9 years ago (2015-06-09)
Hello wisdom_lamps,
Meditation regularly can help you become more intune with your surroundings and the beings therein. I would also recommend that you try to feel the physical beings around you as much as the others. Sometimes that is easier to start with. With patience and time the sensing may change to communication. Also, attempting to focus on one object or song during meditation can help. Feeling energy and stories around you will become more natural the more often you do it, and will help you build the ability to communicate.
You may want to concentrate your efforts on receiving rather than sending at first, for you already seem to be good at projecting your thoughts towards other beings. Sensing the mind, emotions, or essence of a person is a good start.
You are already strong, and I wish you the best of luck. Take care to understand how you can build a mental wall and when to let it down in case of ill-meaning beings. You will learn this best through meditation and the practice of switching your focus to another plain.
Take care,
PathR (4 stories) (1274 posts)
9 years ago (2015-06-09)
I do not have much to add Anne said it all.

Possibly some may encourage.

I have seen an ET but it was quite brief in my home but it seemed as if it was there to observe in my home. Side of my head hurt. I had another that was odd.

Two different years I saw an observer.
It was evident that they were not from here as I looked back they were gone. Each time it was a different individual. Possibly a time traveler.
If you look up Scientist-Tesla.he was a genious and before death was working on a on time machine.
The Philadelpia experience was real. You should see movie.

As to other vibrations. Some appear as
Humans. Some come in 2 and some in a large groups.
It as if they are an energy behind events of movements:disasters/politics/even plagues. It seems to be explained as the Buddist say we are a part of the whole nothing is separate.

I had a teacher who taught inspirational Writting. Then building-opening up prep/ground ask. Then tap into energy by doing this and that. The result was Geometric geometry for one. Message in symbols for some. Direct or mixed message for others. The Key is our ability to dedicate body/mind/action to be a clear channel.

In Circle class there was the tapping in the same corner with scents. Message that were very clear coming through. Again it entailed prep and this and that.

It seems that objects can be because you do not need them. Others may say they can be teleportation else were.
wisdom_lamps (1 stories) (2 posts)
9 years ago (2015-06-09)
Progression update - got in bed and started focusing on the light ringing noise to enter the vibratory state. (during this time I really, really felt like I was being stared upon by multiple entities.) However, the kinking noises were answering my unintentional messages and I began conversing with this entity. I asked if it were ET or spirit, it replied to spirit. I asked if it were a higher frequency spirit and it said yes (but I learned in my Ouija sessions that lower natured spirits tend to lie, so I didn't know what to think.) but it was there to help my transition. Although it's presence kind of disturbed me (sometimes more than others) and I began getting nauseous and had to leave the room, thus ending my OBE session. I feel I'm too attracted to spirits (or vise versa) Hopefully that nausea was a one time thing.
Emotionlessthug (68 posts)
9 years ago (2015-06-08)
True identity of technology from my perception.

Cameras - Freezes the space time continuum, and planets, energy, living organisms into an image, and saves it.

Camcorders - Records the space time continuum, and planets, energy, living organisms into a video, and saves it.

These two pieces we have is only a partial of the technology. Elites gave it to us to save memories, and keep us stuck in a fantasy. This was ET's devices in the first place, used as a tool for experimental research.
Emotionlessthug (68 posts)
9 years ago (2015-06-08)
People with weak subconscious is stuck in an alternate dream universe and lucid dream sorta like experience, and NSA Super computers are manipulating their perception, telepathically manipulating people's subconscious, and they're caught up in a reality warping and getting robbed of their sense of reality and having their sense stuck in a fantasy through their unconscious that NASA Supercomputers are causing. While the humans sitting back programming and coming up with ideas.
The super computers keep their minds on a brain wave connection server. The elites have specialized metallic computer devices built in their homes, earrings, necklace, watches, bracelets to repel electromagnetic waves from allowing the supercomputers to control their brains. It's way too many methods they're using.

ET'S are telling the elites what to do with us, and giving mankind concepts on accelerating the human beings evolution with human errors. ET'S sits back in an underground bases with human scientist, using computational molecules and molecules modeling through an experimental process of living organisms, dimensional vortex, drugs creation, disease creation, parallel universe, energy, alternate realities, wormholes, planets, layers of the atmosphere, time travel. Giving techs to NSA, NASA, FBI, CIA.

I notice people with Social Anxiety have reality awareness, and reality perception, their subconscious is able to see the truth, no matter how hard it's been hidden about the people who's trap in an alternate dream universe and lucid dream behaviors, and environmental flaws. Seems like the government use a false name and false definition to keep the true identity confidential. ET'S scientist and human scientist created antidepressants to keep their reality perception & reality awareness stable for a while. I guess ET'S consider them as a threat, because stopping them will be the right thing to do.

I started to notice these things happening at a young age.
wisdom_lamps (1 stories) (2 posts)
9 years ago (2015-06-08)
Anne - I appreciate your feedback, this gave me plenty of insight. It upsets me ET's don't want a teacher/student relationship, probably so we can evolve naturally on our own and see how we do and what paths we take so it's understandable. Also, I believe my frequency has altered my diet. I've found meat to be less appetizing and less enticing, so that's my cue I'm doing something (s) right. Thank you for your time to reply.
AnneV (4 stories) (1064 posts) mod
9 years ago (2015-06-08)

I'm the author of this site but also an astral projection one ( You'll find ET information there as well.

ETs are very telepathic and can sense when a person is trying to communicate with them. As you know, they do exist in the astral but can lower their frequency to the earth plane but don't do so often (would you if you didn't have to?). I did the same thing as you; I put out a sincere request to have one communicate with me. Within several days my infrared motion detectors went off in my room (this was pre pets like my two dogs) and I saw an ET standing next to my bed. I went to wake my husband but instantly I was "shut down" and couldn't see for a few seconds and then it was gone. The message pretty much was 'for your eyes only.'

The reason I had the motion detectors is because the loft where we sleep in our log home is very dark and I can't see at night so we installed two of them. I think you can get these at any home repair store like Lowes or Home Depot. They will go off even if the ET is in the etheric so if you can afford one or two, put one by your bed (they go into a light socket). This may be the quicker version of contact for you since it picks up ranges more subtle than your eye can see. The only caveat of course is that you have to be awake when it goes off to know there has been contact.

As the famous astral projector Robert Monroe said, "Maximize sleep". I know it's hard for young people to sleep in but have you ever overslept to the point you then become groggy and find it even harder to get out of bed? That is a good launching point for out of body experiences, remote viewing and subtle realm communication. I have found though that from my own experiences with ET, they don't seem to want a teacher/student relationship. It's more a viewing/observing action. And why they pick some people to observe and not others, I don't know. I often wondered if they observed me because of my deep involvement with astral projection itself. You can see them plain as day in the astral so there goes their camouflage. Maybe they feel threated by that? I don't know.

Humans on this planet are mostly asleep and I don't mean the good kind. I applaud you for opening your eyes and mind to the vast potentials that exist in our universe.

If I were to give you any kind of advise or tip, I would encourage you to think of things all around you as oscillating energy and vibration. That's all we are. It all breaks down to vibrations and there are dense ones and fine ones. One big goal is to change your own frequency to vibrate more finely. When you do this then seeing into other planes becomes possible, as well as your own telepathy, etc. To raise your vibrations is done through thoughts that also resonate at that frequency, eating light, refrain from other toxins (even toxic relationships), meditate, be around nature as much as you can and some other things. I think all of this is either on this webpage or the astral one. Keep educating yourself and you'll get there.

If you want any correspondence outside of this forum, feel free to write me at annemoss65 [at]


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