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My Journey Thus Far But Where To From Here?


The first time I can recall having an experience that wasn't normal it was an encounter with shadow people.

I was about 7, my brother and I at the time shared a room. We had bunk beds. He slept on the bottom and I slept on the top. One night, I felt like I was being watched. Awoke to 6-7 shadow people standing around the bunk bed. I sat up and looked at them. Not really scared, but curious. I sort of got a sense that they 'were there to see me'. There was one wearing a hat... We looked at each other for a while (but they didn't have any facial features just all black --I assume we were looking at each other). I watched them move. They were like regular people, moved basically the same. Until one of them stuck 'his' hand up through the bottom of the top bunk-bed's mattress and bedding to the right hand side of me (I got the feeling 'he' was a 'trickster'). This freaked me out, so I quickly went to the end of the bed and climbed down the wooden ladder and walked into the hallway. Once in the doorway I turned around (make sure I saw what I thought I was seeing) and they were still there... Turned a bit like they were looking at me still, but didn't try to stop me from leaving or try to hurt me or anything. So, I went into my mom's room (like I would do if I had a bad dream or was scared) and laid beside the bed on the floor so that the covers would cover me as well, but I wouldn't disturb her sleep.

Later, while in 5th grade I'd have episodes or something. I don't know what it was. But while in class I remember being bored then I'd start to hear the 'static noise' like a shhhh then I'd start to feel like the room was slowly spinning. Then after the spinning I'd hear people (like a lot of people-easily 10-20) singing and I'd become very nauseated (could never understand what they were singing but it had a melody). I would put my head down during this period close my eyes and fall asleep for about 5-10 minutes and it'd be gone sometimes for the rest of the day-- other times it'd repeat a couple times.

I've had dreams as well that have come true later. I can't explain it. They just feel different somehow. But I will see/hear/smell details then later (days, weeks, months etc) be in the exact situation and everything will happen exactly the way it was in the dream. The first time, my dad had gotten a 'new' house near the beach and we were to go there the next day for the first time. That night I saw a gravel driveway, and a wooden plaque shaped like the state of NC. Woke up thought well wasn't that odd... When we got to my dad's it was a gravel driveway and the neighbor's house had a NC shaped wooden plaque on the outside of the porch with their names carved into it.

I have (as I would call it) been said good-bye to by someone who had just died. He was a family member sort of. I didn't know him too well, but he was my Grandmother's step-sister's ex-husband. I was in my and my boyfriend's apartment (bf had went into the kitchen to check some meat that was baking--I was in the bedroom) and suddenly his voice popped into my head and said 'Bob' (his name) and was gone just as quickly. The next day, I learned from my Great-Grandmother that he had passed away the previous day and that the funeral was a couple days later.

My Grandmother as well as Uncle have told me that my Great-Grandmother would also experience paranormal dreams/visions. In that the person would appear to her about 3 days before they died to 'say goodbye', but she wouldn't know exactly who it was. AND she never talked about it really.

I am also sensitive at times. I can get a sense of someone's mood/problems.

About 13 years ago, at my cousin's funeral he was turning the music on during the funeral home guy's spiel. The guy was freaked out a bit, turned quickly stopped the music, re-started his speech just to be interrupted again. Everyone heard and saw this! But what they didn't know... And I only realized part in hindsight was that I was looking at my cousin during the funeral I just couldn't see him... When I would look toward the coffin and his body I'd cry but my head would turn (without me doing it--you know how if you have someone forcefully hold down your arms while you try with all your strength to lift them for a while. When they let go and you relax your arms how they raise up by themselves? That's what it felt like when my head would turn) toward the right (I was the last in the pew near the wall and double doors leading to the outside loading/unloading area for the hearse) and my tears would stop automatically. I'd turn my head back and it'd start all over again. Later, during the funeral the lights would turn off. This happened many, many times and the director would turn them back on. What I realized later in hindsight was that the exact place that I was looking when I wasn't crying. Beside the double doors... Was the light switch which I was looking at when the lights turned off. The whole time I had a country song in my head. The one where a guy is singing about holes in the floor of heaven. It was also pouring down rain; (

I would like to develop my senses more to where I could control them. Right now they just come and go and do what they please. Has anyone ever developed or gained control over their gifts? And where do I start with so much experience with the clairs?

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vhoff38 (1 stories) (37 posts)
10 years ago (2014-03-07)
Well I have had lots of things happen to me like seeing ghost and thing at funeral homes Luke when my father passed on in 2009 I could see her s face above the casket and I had to turn my head because every time I looked I started to cry so I did my best not to look and with one of my older sisters past on a year ago but before she left us she came to see me at my house and it scared the living life out of me. But anyways for me I learned to learn how to talk to the spirits and ask them what they need or I'll ask them to leave me along and so far it has worked for me. So why not try that and if it don't work go to a medium and get some advice.

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