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Aura, Fire, Dreams


Let me just come out and say it, I am 15, and I am an aura reader, a fire (I have no term for this), and my dreams have a way of coming true about my future. It feels good to tell people after not telling hardly anyone. I am a quarter native american, Choctaw. Its funny really, how my native name is Istas, meaning snow, but I can influence fire. I learned this by staring a a candle when I was younger. The flame moved to the side I looked, and if I concentrated with a pounding in the back of my head then the fire would grow and move. I was born in Shawnee Oklahoma, and I never met my grand-mother, but my mom said that she said I would be a special child. My grand-mother was a native.

When I was little I complained that I saw color around people. So we went to get my eyes checked. Nothing, I had great sight. Then when I was in a girls home I met an other aura reader. She helped me, and my ability grew more each day. There still growing.

As for my dreams, I dreamed I would find a baby bird and have to kill it. Wo weeks later it happened. I dreamed I would get taken away from my birth mom, and it happened, I dreamed my grand-dad would die and a week later it happend. There are many other times this has happened. So I would like to know if there are others out therre lime me, I would like some advice. Thank you for reading, it feels good to finally say something. If you have any advice for me please let me know. Leave a coment. E-mail me. I promise every single thing that I have said in this is all very much true. E-mail me at snowbloodstone -at-

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