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Discovering Myself And My Family


I've been talking with my mom and we know what's been going on. My whole entire family is psychic. I'll go down the list:

My Grandmother:

Psychic vampire: she drains energy to enhance her other powers

Manipulation and persuasion: she can make you do things you wouldn't normally do. She'll say a certain thing that will make you think a certain way, that'll force you into the mindset of doing what she wants.

Aunt Earnestine:

Healer: She can heal injuries with just the touch of her hands.

Aunt Sherry:

Liar: She makes you believe something that never happened, or is so ludicrous that it could never happen.

Uncles Charles:

He can sense bad spirits and expel them.

Twin sis Reina:

Sight: She can see spirits and interactive with them (though we've told her not to, because we know that's not good).

Oblivion: Shen Reina doesn't like a certain thing, she'll make it dissapear, or "throw it into oblivion". We search and search but there is no trace of these items at all!

Will: She can also will things to happen, like when we were little she really wanted to go to her friends house and she wanted it so bad, she willed it into happening. The next day my mom had an important meeting, and that girls mom said that she would watch us the whole day! Reina willed that into existence.


Audio perception: I can hear spirits, like their footsteps.

Sense: I can also sense spirits, not only tell where they are, but their intention (whether their good or bad).

Deja vu: I can sense that I've been somewhere before in dreams, but only during that moment. I have no recollection of that moment before the moment has occurred.

This causes me to believe that this ability is bigger and that I can travel through time. I don't think i'm strong enough to will it to happen, or maybe I haven't tried hard enough, but it's only ever happened when I'm sleeping. I'll make it a goal to try while i'm awake. I really want to test this ability. I know I can do it, I just need to concentrate. Please, if anyone knows a person who can help us understand our abilities a bit more and maybe, if there's an instructional facility that someone can get us into contact with that'd be greatly appreciated. You can email me at

Also, I'd like it if other kids would talk to me! I feel so alone in this, and need to know if any kids know more about this. So yeah, please contact me. I need you and you need me. So we can both understand these abilities we have together. Please

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WhiteLeopard (1 stories) (14 posts)
9 years ago (2014-02-19)
Hi there! I'm a young person on this site looking for answers too! I might not be the best person for you to talk to since I'm really new to this but I'm going to give it a go since no one else has yet! 😆
You have a very interesting family!
I think some people in my family have some abilities too! I think my mum is an empath, she gets vibes off of people and can instantly tell whether they're sinister or not! She's met people when she was younger that she got bad feelings off and later on in life they've turned out to be a murderer or something! 😲 She can also tell precisely what others are feeling. However I don't think she's aware of this! 😜
My gran I think definitely has an ability of some kind but I'm unsure of what because we're not really that close... But the scary thing is I'm like a young clone of her and I have some abilities. She gave me I think its called a charm necklace with some strange symbols on it that I researched and it supposedly gives you blessings or protection. I never wear jewellery but have always been drawn to it: D
Sorry I got off track a bit there and had to re read your question!:P
I've been told that meditation and getting your chakras opened up and in balance can make you much more aware and able to access your abilities. I also think that patience is key, staying calm and not trying not forcefully cause something to happen, from my experiences, is what gets the best results...
And another thing I find really helpful is reading the articles of other people's experiences and the comments that resolve their queries. Someone with similar experiences to you may have found a solution or technique that would be perfect or near enough to apply in your situation!
Woah I realize I've been writing way too much sorry about that!: D
If you want to talk more or ask any questions I'd be happy to try and answer them to the best of my ability (I might seem a bit eager but I'm just really keen to help others and in return learn from them/their experiences)
Good luck to you and your family! I wish you all the best!:)

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