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I Honestly Don't Know What I Am


I'm 19, and for the most part my life has been completely normal.

I went to high school, finished, did some college, and took a break to try and go into a regular job. I did so and moved back in with my parents and three siblings which I guess you could say has stressed me out. I think that's the whole cause of this but I'm not sure.

So once all of the stress started happening I noticed a shift in how the world reacts with me. It all started with vibrations in my head. I'd hear them and look around to see if it was my phone or someone else's but it never was. I'd hear it loud and clear as day with everyone around and everyone would just move on and say I was just hearing things. I think they're linked to people's heartbeats because when I hear it its in pulses. I also believe it to be related to people because sometimes when I go dancing its like I'm hearing it a million times and its fast and erratic and overwhelming but when I'm alone or with few people its calmer and less crowded. I also feel like if I focus enough I can pinpoint people and see if they're heart or energy is beating because once my best friend (whose parents are abusive) was sending me really scary texts about being scared for her life and all that night I focused on her and all the other vibrations went away and it was like I could feel her heartbeat in my head and I knew she was okay, so I was okay.

About 6 months in to all of this I was hit by a car while walking from work. It didn't feel like I was too hurt and I could still move and there was relatively no pain so I kept walking and went home, there was a huge bruise on my back and I took a picture to send to my mom and then I went to lay down so she could bring me to the doctors when she got home but when she got home the bruise was gone and I was fine. I tried to explain to my mom what was going on but she just told me that "its normal for us" and then every time I've brought it up she's ignored it or changed the subject. So I started experimenting and when I hurt myself I heal like a normal person I scab and scar and all that jazz, but when I had my friend hurt me I healed through sleep. Its just all really weird especially with no one telling me anything.

My mom won't tell me and neither will my siblings, I'm the youngest and this is all confusing to me. I feel like they can do the same things that I've done and they just aren't telling me.

I feel like maybe its a gift but I don't even know if my family is human, and if we are human I'd like to know why we can do things.

None of it is like bad or dangerous but if I can use it for good or to help people then I think I should. I've told only 3 of my closest most trusted friends and shown them what I can do and they're split, some say banshee, some say psychic, some say I just have good hearing and a good white blood cell count.

Anyone have advice on how I should handle this? Or any idea on what I could be?

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Lioness (8 posts)
10 years ago (2014-02-20)
To be human isn't clearly defined yet, we are still exploring both the world and ourselves. So let's see this from another perspective, rather than asking what you are. Tell us who you are and see if anyone have felt or experienced the same thing. I don't think anyone can tell you who you are, looking at what you write it seems you experience something unique and it should be shared as if a science project (in a good way). What we are able to do is definitely up to debate, add to it. Be proud of your difference rather than turning against it because its unknown. Questioning who you are probably holds your development of abilities back because they keep being questioned rather than experienced and felt.

Get back to being you, the answers will come soon enough 😉
WhiteLeopard (1 stories) (14 posts)
10 years ago (2014-02-19)
Hi, I'm not an expert on these things but I have some suggestions you might find helpful.
First of all please don't experiment by hurting yourself 😢 it's never a good idea!
Secondly, I think you might have the ability of healing and possibly have some characteristics of an empath.
If you meditate and do some more research into the gifts you have I have no doubt that you can help people. Maybe look through past stories on this website that seem similar to your situation and the comments that have been left on them. I have done this and continue to do so and it really helps me a lot. You could also Google it but maybe that's not such a good idea because its not always reliable...
If you have any questions or want to talk more I check this site from time to time so I will get back to you! 😆
Best of luck! 😊

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