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Feeling The Energy Of People Who Are Dying Tragic Deaths


I have been going through some very strange experiences lately where I sense a persons emotions and even sometimes thoughts during the time of their tragic death. When this happens to me I get a strange feeling like I am not in my body in a way and like the thoughts and emotions of the other person have taken over, it is hard to explain so I will provide a couple of examples. A lot of the time when this happens to me I don't even directly know the person who has died, a couple of times it has been friends of people that I work with, whom I have never met or even heard about before.

The first time that this happened to me was around a year ago a family friend who I did know quite well took his life, the night that this happened I was up all night crying I had a horrible feeling, I felt very hopeless and depressed. I also felt very disconnected from my body like I was floating above myself (I have noticed that when I pick up on empathic information I almost feel as though I am drunk and can not think clearly at all, I really hate the feeling which is why I can't drink anymore). I knew that this was not my own energy at all because I have been dealing with being very empathic my whole life and I am able to figure out when something is my own energy and when it is not mine, but I was not able to disconnect myself from this energy. I kept having an obsessive thoughts all night which were very out of character for me." if only I had a gun" popped into my head which we later found out when he was discovered 2 days later that that is how he took his life. I also wrote a letter to my family that night saying that I was so sorry but I could not live here anymore and that they couldn't have done anything to save my life I knew that this letter was not actually to my family or from myself when I was writing it but I felt like I urgently had to write out this letter and a couple of minutes after I finished writing this letter I felt myself go back to normal, like all my own emotions came back and I was able to feel like myself again and finally go to sleep after the long emotional night I had to deal with. The whole time this was happening to me I knew that these were not my own thought or emotions and I was trying to figure out what was going on and I was trying to surround myself in white light and block out the energy but it seemed like all my attempts where failing.

The second time this happened to me it started out with me having a dream, I had a dream that I was at some sort of body of water and I was there with my co-worker and all of a sudden she started crying and pulled a boy who I have never seen before out of the water and his face was all blue. I just stood there watching her while she held him and tried to get him to breathe again but he wouldn't. I didn't really think too much about this dream because I always have very vivid dreams that I remember when I wake up, so I didn't think much of it until I noticed how I was feeling the next day, I just did not feel like myself at all, I felt very depressed the same as the first time this happened to me but this time it was not as extreme of a feeling. I felt like this all day, and once again I knew that it was not my own emotion as I am always a very positive and happy person and it is very rare that I am ever in a bad mood. All throughout my day I was trying to figure out whose emotion I was picking up on and I just kept getting told that something happened at work. I pass over a bridge on my way to work and as soon as I got onto the bridge I was bombarded by images of a man jumping off of it. I was working with the co-worker who was in my dream the night before and when I got to work I was expecting her to not have shown up or to be very upset due to the loss of the person I saw in my dream but she wasn't at all when I got there she was perfectly fine. So I thought that maybe it was just a dream and that maybe the visions I was having was just in my imagination or something, but I was still left with the horrible feeling for the rest of the day, The next day my co-worker got a phone call from her mom saying that her best friend from back home had jumped off a bridge.

The third time this happened to me was a few weeks ago, and it was the most unsettling experience I have ever had with these sort of things. I was enjoying a day out with my friends and we ended up stopping for coffee. I started getting a very horrible feeling and I felt very unsafe as though someone was going to come up to me and attack me, I kept having images show up of someone coming from behind me and stabbing me and it felt as though someone was standing behind me, like when you sense the presence of someone who is not there. It also felt like the back of my neck was very "unprotected" if that makes sense it is a weird feeling like I wanted to put on my hood or wrap a scarf around my neck to make me feel more safe I felt very vulnerable in the back part of my neck, I don't know if anyone has experienced that before or if it is just my weirdness I don't know. I ended up having to go home because I felt very scared and paranoid. I felt off all day just like the other times this has happened to me but this time felt quite a bit different. The next day I found out that one of my friends cousins was found stabbed in her home.

The reason I am posting my experience is because when this stuff happens to me the emotions are very very strong and it scares me, I don't like feeling the emotions of people who are going through very tragic experiences and I would like to know if anyone has any suggestions of things I can do which might help me, thank you for reading I know this post was quite long

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NightWind13 (47 posts)
7 years ago (2014-07-21)
I know that this comment is very short and unhelpful but I wanted to tell you that youre lucky you don't feel theyre pain too...
MrE (1 stories) (168 posts)
7 years ago (2014-03-10)
Yes, they are VERY overwhelming.
I won't even begin to sugar coat how over whelming it is.
Even when you have practiced meditating and balancing your emotions, it can still be very difficult.

However, that is the best course of action... Practice meditating until you can balance your emotions and your energy subconciously.

You can also channel the outside energy, and direct it towards another end.

For me, getting to the point to where I could mostly remove "myself" helped greatly.
In the same respect, getting to that point is a series of steps that typically involves giving up the material aspects of the world.

I constantly do things for other people, and I push myself to the very absolute limit... In terms of energy and finances. My logic, which I have integrated deeply into myself, works with my subconcious in keeping track of how much I have to spend, and the limit of what I can give up without losing myself to oblivion, or losing my footing in this state of civilization.

In any case, you need to decide 100% what you want, and who you want to be.

If you want to just get rid of the feelings as much as possible, I suggest focusing heavily on grounding.
When empathic impulses hit, ground.
Grounding is a meditation method, one of the basic energy meditations, whereby you help re-establish and rebuild yourself and who you are.
For most people, it calms and soothes chaotic emotions.

I would also build up shielding, to help reduce outside influences.

Lastly, to reduce the impact of the empathic impulses, you have to redesign your thinking.

Right now, you think it's bad to have these feelings. So, the moment it starts, you lock on to it, and it's like a boiling pot being watched.

Instead of thinking how horrible it is for you, just calm and let it pass. Everyone has things they have to do through, and 90% of these people can't help giving off the energy they do that affects you in the way it does.
In panicing over it, you yourself are also giving off the same energy that will affect others in the way others energy is affecting yourself.

Even non-empathic people are effected by this energy others give off, wether they realize it or not.

My theory is that, if everyone would suck it up and balance their emotions, all these empathic impulses would gretly decrease in intensity.

Now, if none of that works, you might consider moving/ working with people and teaching them to be more balanced until you have a group to fall back on when things get too intense.

In my experience, moving is not a permanent answer.

Teaching other people to balance themselves is a better answer, but it's nto a easy answer.

Even still, out of all the people I've taught, and even the people that have taught me, I can only think of one person that can balance energy as well as I can, or better than I can.

Everyone else doesn't get it... They still go back to focusing on themselves, and it begins to drag me into either their world, or my world, and all the rest of the world be damned.

In any case, I hope that insight helps.

God bless, and be well.

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