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Demons Or Spirits?


I moved into this house a few years ago. It is very old, i'd say 100-200 years old. When I moved here, while the feelings were benign, I felt other presences. I have always been a "sensitive". However, even a skeptic could tell the house definitely has history, and I could feel many many people lived here before I. There are strange hiding rooms, with little doors but once you step inside, the rooms are huge! It looks like a place where people were hidden, Like an underground railroad or similar nature. It turns out several people have died here as well. One was apparently a suicide, another one died in her sleep (a 16 year old female with the same name as me, I moved into this house at 16) and that's all I know of for now. It wouldn't surprise me if there were more deaths here that I don't know about. Anyways, strange things happen here. Good and bad. I feel as if I have had many revelations here and that I moved here for a reason. Moving here made me acknowledge and take my gifts seriously, as I have always kind of ignored them. Next door is a catholic church. Across the street a very old graveyard. I feel as if I am being protected, yet attacked. I assume that because of all the lives lived here, perhaps there is a magnetic vortex of mal energy. Repelling it and attracting it. I have had several pets die here. That's probably the most extreme, most of the things that happen here are just situations that are draining. So with that being said, I don't think these spirits are evil, but I do think they feed off of the energy here. I am starting to notice patterns in said situations that manifest. Everyone says my room is like a time portal, things go either super slow or super fast, and that my room makes them tired and lazy (I am always tired here.)

I know of at least two spirits here. I am not sure if they are the spirits of the people I have mentioned. I know it would be logical to say it probably is them, but I just can't help but feel like it's not. I have also captured the two on video, as orbs. (I took some acid by myself, with the intention to open myself to a state of higher consciousness. No bad feelings, and I didn't take enough to trip hard, like, I didn't feel wacky. I felt completely normal, grounded and felt inner peace. I put on some relaxing music and had some candles lit, turned on the camera, and you see them literally fly into my hand, and I start to touch the flame of the candle, not feeling a thing.)

I try to communicate, but don't get answers. They just make their presence known. They stay around me, "jump" in electronics, (the computer, the ac, the heater) making this *clicking/tapping* noise in the walls through the house. Back and forth, on and off all day and night. Sometimes if I lay in bed in the dark, I see a grey mist hovering above me. One of my friends saw the same here with me in my bed awhile ago, before I even knew about any of this. So recently I started putting all this stuff together. I thought it was just the house, until I went to a friends house, and heard the same thing fly/click through her wall. (and that house is lovely and has a great energy to it) So, is that the spirits following me? Or her own that I hear? Because I sometimes think my friends also to be haunted. They are all good people, but with troubled lives, and we know that experiencing bad things can draw these things to you. I have been possessed before, but not at my house. I have seen my friends possessed, many times, but I don't know if its actually a spiritual possession, or a mental ego attack. Like possessed by lust, greed, ect. Are they the same thing? It's kind of funny (but not really) when I try to figure it out, I will call them out on whatever theyre doing, and they get this "deer in headlights" look of confusion and have a great way of playing it off. My friends also have gifts, and I am extremely connected to them via tele & em/pathy but they choose to ignore them and don't like to talk about it. They piss me off because they think they are all bipolar and nuts, try to take all this medicine to make them feel normal, when I know theyre not crazy. Or normal. I see what goes on in them, but I feel odd trying to explain this stuff to them. What if I am totally wrong? I don't want to misguide them, or have them live in fear and confusion. When I do feel I should speak up, they have extremely high defense mechanisms and don't want to hear what I have to say and will quickly try to change the subject. I think they are scared of the unknown. They don't have much interest in self knowledge, sensitivity, intuition, spirituality or religion ect.

Thanks for reading. I apologize for this being so long and a bit all over the place. Not something I vocalize too often. Now I leave you guys with these questions:

So, are these lower spirits? Or are demons following me?

Sometimes I feel like it's both.

Should I try to cross these spirits over? Or do I just move?

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MrE (1 stories) (168 posts)
7 years ago (2014-03-11)
First off. Taking any type of drug, for whatever reason, is a bad idea. Seriously, don't do it.

Another point I would like to make is... It's not so much the bad events happening in your life that draw spirits to you... It's how you react to those events emotionally.

Having said that, there is somethign I'd like to point out, especially about demons...
Many times, they are refered to as "Legion" or "Legions"
One demon can, and often will, pretend to be multiple spirits.
I also want to be sure to point that that the only difference between demonic and angelic is the grace of God... One spirit still has the grace of God, and one does not.

Getting deeper into it... Demons and angels tend to be considered principalities, or elemental.
Sometimes people think they are animal spirits... However, in my expeirence, principalities is more accurate.
What that means is that they are a spiritual manifestation of a concept... For example, Free Will.
The principality of free will gains its ability to manifest from the overall collective of the belief of the concept of free will.
Then there are lesser principalities tied in to it that are ruled by free will, but are part of the aspect of free will.

That is almost the same concept for demons being elemental.

What it comes down it is that angels and demons can not be distinguished from each other, other than through their works, and that there are angels and demons that are calm, collective, and even kind... And that there are angels and demons that are chaotic, cruel, and feral (Yes, the "GOOD" ones as well as the bad ones.)

Now, having said that, I will also say that, in my experience, there really isn't a good and a bad.
There is selfish and selfless.

I will also say, don't bother too much trying to differentiate what the origin of the spirit is... What you should focus on is mantaining your own emotional state, and keeping your emotions balanced.

Maybe it is demonic. Maybe it is both. IT doesn't matter either way if it isn't constructive.

As far as trying to get spirits to cross over... That can go both well and poorly.
Typically, it is easier for a spirit that tends to be more selfless to cross over, than one that tends to be more selfish.
The suicide, for example, would likely tend to be more selfish (I don't know all the details, so I could be wrong about it. Suicide tends to be a very selfish act)

There is a possibility that a spirit/spirits have connected themselves to you. Have you gone somewhere for a month long period, and had any follow you?

If the answer is yes, then yes, it seems you are haunted.
You don't seem to be suffering too badly from it.

As far as your friends go... They have their right to choose how they live their life, just as you have the right to choose how you life yours.

If that brings you sadness, just remember it means that meant those people meant something to you, and that it was worth getting to know them.

So take a small amount of time to grieve, then walk away.
Who knows, maybe they'll be ready to talk in 10 years.
Then you can spend all that time learning, and have a smile and a cup of tea ready for them when they finally talk about it, as well as answers that they didn't have.

I would also suggest that, if you aren't confident that you know something, then hold back on it and observe.

If you are directly asked your opinion, sure, give it, if you want to. Just don't say it's a absolute... Staay humble about it, and be straight forward about not being confident in what you know.
It'sperfectly fine. In fact, it's a normal part of being human.

And there is so much out there that we don't know, and possibly will never know.

So try to focus on what you can do to enjoy the time you have with your friends, rather than focusing on what you wish would be with your friends.

In any case, I hope that helps.

God bless, and be well.

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