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Spirits Interacting With Me And Other Bizarre Things


What happened to me was absolutely crazy and unimaginable- it started just after this past christmas in hilo hawaii. Well, there was one singular incident that happened several months prior and I'll start with that.

I pulled up at a park next to the ocean one morning with nothing to do, just staring at the clouds when I started seeing faces in the clouds- I couldn't believe it but it went on for like 20 minutes and I just sat there and watched in disbelief. It looked like mt. Rushmore in the clouds, but they all happened to be female black women and they came in sets of two's and three's- they had happy smiling and peaceful faces. The last face was the biggest and it was the only man and the only one by itself- after 'him' there wasn't anything else and it was over. I just accepted it as something cool and nothing else weird happened, until the day after this past xmas when my whole life and reality starting changing.

Hilo is pretty much the rainiest city on the planet, but during the 3 years I've been here, I could count on one hand easily the times there's been lightning- then this happened. Http://

It stormed for several days and set and broke records, closed down and even collapsed roads, and was raining at 2+ inches an hr. At some places. Along with weather being crazy, my life was in shiat also to say the least but I was rolling with the punches. The day after Christmas, I walked to a friends and we started playing a card game I'd never played. Everybody (3 people) got six cards, face down laid in front of you in a 2x3 way. I've played a lot of cards, mainly poker, but I had never heard of nor played that game before and don't know anything about it now- just what happened. I was just trying to learn when I looked at the upper right card laid out and was told not to- but I saw it clear as day and it was a king of clubs and I put it down. The next instance the dealer turned over a king of clubs, whereupon I grabbed my card and in absolute disbelief it was now a 7 of clubs. Freaked me out, my friends thought I was nuts, and I left.

There was so much stuff that started happening that I'll stick to what I consider to be 'big' or 'unreal' events. From having the card change, my following days and nights were getting weirder and weirder. I kept feeling and accepting this presence- whatever it was that switched the card I was going to roll with. One night, I was trying to sleep outside in a remote industrial spot, when this red orb thing moved out from behind this post on the right side, and I asked it to show itself and it ballooned out and expanded and was a deep red and then retracted like exhaling a breath, but then out from the left side of the post in a lighter red it did the same thing, and continued for 10-20 minutes. I watched in complete wonder. At the same time, it seemed to be communicating with me in my head/mind, and wanted me to go walking, which I began doing so. It was late at night, and out of nowhere, a friend stopped me while I was crossing a back street and takes me to a house where I end up just laying down trying to sleep next to the locked glass door outside when I see another bright red light through the crack and corner of a window that had shade blinds hanging over it- so looking through the door then through the window to the outside. I think- "hey super cool- I'm going to get to see this red thing some more" when the curtains were lifted or blew back and I saw a second bright glowing red light and then recognized what they were- EYES! It was the biggest dog I've ever seen- a HUGE mastiff like dog about the size of a lion or tiger or pony- which just stared at me with it's red electric glowing red eyes. It freaked me out and I jumped back, the blinds went closed, and I wasn't sure if it was going to walk around the corner of the house and expected to see it on the other side of the gate. I guess now I'm not sure if it was friend or foe- but at the time, when I regained my courage and composure I thought it was amazing and felt like I had just seen my 'spirit animal.' Also, I felt like it was communicating with my mind and 'it' wanted me to go walking again.

This is taking forever to write.

Anyway, on my little stroll, I was surrounded by these extremely close lighting strikes- I'm surprised I wasn't hit. My mind and body flashed all white and I got instantly sick and started throwing up and vomiting and dry heaving. When I finally recovered, I ran underneath this big tree close by, and started yelling about what was happening to me, when these pairs of red glowing eyes, began coming out of the shadows in the trees, and grew in number outward- they started making a cackling sound, while simultaneously there was this white mist started forming- like a ball of light when after 5-10 seconds lighting struck right down into it about 20 feet away and the red eyes faded back and I got scared as hell and ran to a friends house, acted like a crazy person, and stayed up the whole night.

New years eve night was when this spirit thing took it to a new level. I had nowhere to go, still kicked out of where I had been living I resorted to trying to sleep under a carport of an acquaintance- I tried knocking on his door several times loudly but he never woke up. After laying there for a good while, listening to all the fireworks going off in the distance, when these louder and different explosions started happening. At first they sounded far, way out from the distance, but then like popcorn getting heated up, it got closer and more in numbers of these weird explosions. These sounded like canons, and when I saw these explosions making only smoke and sound- not light like a firework, and they were happening out in the road and around me, like a frenzy almost, and it even woke the person that I tried to wake up earlier. He came out scared from the loud phantom explosions, saw me and told me I had to leave. I started running, and I absorbed this energy that is indescribable- like a euphoric adrenaline and the explosions subdued as I ran and began breathing and centering myself- and laughing at what was happening as I simply couldn't believe it, as laws of reality were being broke around in ways unexplained. I ran around this park area, saw several two dimensional red shaped figures appear out of nowhere and zip off into space. I saw a Hawaiian who was on a handheld radio and I heard him talking about me. I went up to talk to him and he asked me who the other person was that was running with me- and kept pointing down to parking lot looking confused after the 4th or 5th time I said I didn't see anyone and that I was alone. I kept laughing and ran down the street, with this almost burning feeling inside me that was being purged when I ran past this yard and a fire and fireworks on a table unlit with no one around all became lit and went off- hearing people acting puzzled about how the fireworks just were lit, just like myself. I ran past 2-3 more yards where that happened again and I just kept running and laughing in disbelief at what was happening.

I wanted to keep this short- so I'll jump to the next morning when more absolutely crazy stuff was still happening. I had my friends smart phone when it started acted weird. I had the notion to go back to where I had been living and when I got there this female paranormal entity started interacting with me. I swear to god- throughout this ordeal, electricity had been doing weird things around me, but then it got different- it sent a webpage on the phone with a skull half on fire and it said "paranormal activity detected" and I just laughed at it. Then I saw her twice in the house- a ghost- she had long black hair and was wearing a white dress. She sent another weird webpage, turned off and on the phone at will numerous times, played little jokes on me, and had things show up in my pocket or in my trail when there was previously nothing there.

I'll leave my story at that- I left out some parts but whatever. People obviously don't believe me when I talk about what happened to me, but it's all true and I don't think it's fair of myself to not tell people about it. There were parts of being in that world that were fun and exciting- obviously- but there was a dark and difficult side that felt like hell at times.

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Celest21 (2 posts)
9 years ago (2014-04-28)
All these things has to be related to something, is like a door has opened and has allowed this access of these things to you. It might be something you said or did or read, have you for fun or something curse, laughing at rituals or reading something you didn't supposed to? If not it might be another person causes these to you by being a pherefon of a situation. Have you friends involving with Magic or something? You the answers but no matter what is happening you don't have to be in the place of the result of others actions. Clear up your mind and use your intentions to send away what does not fit in your path. You are the only entitled to decide what will you invite or reject in your life. While you re doing that leave healthy, avoid alcohol drink a lot water, make nice thoughts! Blessings!
PsychicJR (8 stories) (541 posts)
9 years ago (2014-04-02)
I don't know why but when I read this I think it is a dog but I posted last time on this story is it still with you
PsychicJR (8 stories) (541 posts)
10 years ago (2014-03-22)
You should of said the whole story it was really good but all I know is I'm psychic and that was that was not a good spirit at all it waa chaing you but fo you still feel it
God bless you 😊
vhoff38 (1 stories) (37 posts)
10 years ago (2014-03-21)
Its all true things like that does happen to people and its to do with psychic powers.

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