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Telekinesis? At My Live


I know I have low telekinesis level,yup

I just can control slot machines in game, like when the slot machine begin to spin round,

I start to imagine 777 then when the machine stop spinning, I got the jackpot.

Some times I play guessing games, when the card start to shuffle, I prepare my concentration, and when the card stop shuffle, I concentrate at one card, imagine what I want to got, I open the card I got what I want.

I've tried to develop my psychic abilities but it did not work in real live, I've tried to spin psi wheel, pencils, pendulum, but it did not work.

One times after do the concentration exercises, I tried to concentrate at piece of paper in the table, after a few minutes the paper move up and down, I try to think to advance the paper but the paper stop moving. I try to do that again but it don't work.

Another experiences I have, I can feel what my friends feel.

Like when with my friend who never share his secrets about whom she loved, some days she meet that boy in my class and I feel what she feel,

The day after tomorrow I tell him I know whom she loved, she got angry at me and said to don't tell this to another.

I never share about my psychic to my friends or family because no one understands about psychics. And all the people around me always connects physics with ghost or black magic. I have an uncle that can do telekinesis, but my family said he has a black magic, he has taken care of a child by his father because his father was afraid the grandchild would be like his son. My uncle father was a pastor.

Are I'm an empath too?

I need help to develop my telekinesis and empath ability

Please help me!

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