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My Best Friend Has Heard My Thoughts. Now My Bf Does Too


I met my bff when we were 5. She moved around a bit so I saw her off and on growing up, and always we reconnected quickly and easily. By senior year in high school we were basically inseparable. One morning I was picking her up for school and it was freezing outside. The door was always kept locked because her huskies would run if they could get it open. Her bedroom was at the other end of the ranch house. I knocked on the door, and being personally intolerant to the cold was thinking "it is freaking cold out here! Open the d*mn door!"

A few seconds later she did, saying "calm down I know it is cold out there." I said "I didn't say anything" she replied "yes you did" and told me verbatim what I had been thinking.

That was the first time this had happened between us, and obviously the time that sticks out in my mind. It has happened off and on over the years since. I have also had the need to call her or get to her, just feeling something was wrong. I can always tell when she is lying (though how much of that is just knowing her so well).

Recently my boyfriend moved in with me. For a while he was having trouble with his PTSD from being stationed in Afghanistan when he was in the military a few years ago. Without moving or saying a word I have thought (and I can feel my thoughts differently sometimes, like I am pushing them through my eyes/forehead? It is kind of a dull ache/pressure) "it's okay, I'm here, you are here with me, at home. You are safe. Calm down. It's over" and without moving a single muscle or speaking aloud he calms down. Actually his flashbacks have basically stopped and when I feel him tense all I have to do is lightly "push" a calming thought.

My thoughts have always come with (this might sound even more crazy than what I have already said) like "prethoughts" which I think before I "think them outloud"? Which is the precursor to typing them or saying them. Does that make any sense to anyone? Like I think about what I am going to think?

Ever since I was a child I have had moments where I thought I wanted something rolling to stop and it does, or like my curtains moving in the wind just now holding up my hand I got the same pressure in my fingers that I do in my brain and they stopped. Clearly this is most likely all coincidence? I have also often felt someone else's feelings, and am sometimes so empathetic that I can't even watch tv shows or movies because I feel so strongly.


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