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Deja Vu: Two Major Events


I've had déjà vu many times since my younger years. I would have little visions sometimes every night that would explain an event, although nothing that seemed overly important. Some of the visions would be about conversations had at the dinner table. Some would be about things we planned to do but haven't done yet.

There are two major events that I had foreseen in my childhood, both of them affected the whole family and somehow I foresaw them. I do want to give you a bit of background on where I lived as well because I feel that where I lived was very important to how I was able to see these things.

I lived in one of the oldest houses in my hometown, this house was about 100 years old. When I was little I would see things in the house, particularly spirits, which might have been the owners at one point and time, and a drifter that might have stayed there during the 1800's. None of them caused any harm, though the drifter had a bad vibe about him and his room, I still remember playing with the girl at nights when I should have been asleep.

The first major event happened when I was 10 years old. I had a dream, a very vivid dream about a car crash and a person getting hurt, the car being my family's car and the person being my brother. I think this dream happened around a week or so before the actual event. It might have been two weeks, but not longer then that. At first to me it was a normal day you know. I woke up, got dressed, and went downstairs for breakfast like every other day. What hit the light switch in my head was the breakfast conversation. My mother said something that just hit me like a brick wall. That's when I realized, I was living that dream. I was worried; scared in fact because I knew my brother was going to wreck the car. And I never knew he was secretly learning to drive from my mother on dirt roads to prepare for drivers education.

I asked my mother if I could stay home, I begged and pleaded with her. She still told me no, that I had to go with my father and spend time with him at work. I tried so hard to stop it but it still happened. About around 12 pm that's when my father got a call on his CB that he needed to get home. His son was in an accident, and rolled the car about 4 times. My brother only banged up pretty good and a few cuts. His friend he took got a broken arm, and some cuts.

Now that I look back at it, I'm glad I didn't stay home. I know what would have happened. I would have ended up in the backseat, the part of the car that was totally mashed into the floor. While I was trying to stop him from getting hurt, I was putting myself in danger though I never knew it. He healed fine as well as the other kid; they never had health problems because of it.

The next major event changed my family's lives forever. This time I think there was more then a month between me seeing the event and it happening. It might be why I didn't see it as soon as the other one. I had a dream about the home burning and some neighbors came by to make sure I was ok. They said something that struck me as odd and not usual to say on a daily basis. Especially the neighbor girl as the other neighbors didn't like me and automatically started to feed her full of things to make me look bad. I guess I can't blame her, I mean if I saw a guy that talked to something that wasn't there I guess I'd think him crazy too.

So anyways that was a normal Saturday for me, except that my parents decided to leave me and my brother at home that day. He was old enough to watch me and we had already done our chores so we had planned to rent a movie to watch while our parents were gone. My brother went to go get the movie and I stayed at home eating my breakfast while watching cartoons. I heard some noises that I had though very strange as if one of my friends was taking pebbles and tossing them at the window. I've known my friends to do that to let me know they are here and might want to play. I went to the window and didn't see anyone out there. I was confused so I went back to watching my cartoons.

I started hearing it again and I looked out the window to see flames coming out of the sides of the chimney. Right then I ran to the phone called 911, gave them my information, grabbed all the animals, and ran out of the house. After putting the animals in a pen in our neighbor's yard, I ran back to the house and grabbed a hose and started spraying the house to try to put the fire out. I knew somehow they would think I caused this and I needed to put the fire out.

Well after 30 minutes the fire department showed up and started to work (they were only 1 block away but it was a volunteer fire department). That's when the neighbor came back from where ever they were and started talking with me. After they said that one thing, I woke to the déjà vu moment. I silently wished I could have remembered the event before it happened, but based off my previous experience I doubt I could have changed it.

The house wasn't a total loss, but my room where I was eating my cereal and watching my cartoons was a mess. Based off the fire fighters description, they said it was a miracle that I was able to get out of my room. The house was really old and when a fire starts in older houses they tend to burn really fast, which was what happened to our house. They think that the 1930's wiring had something to do with how the house started burning. Might have been a bird that got caught in a wire, I know I had birds living in the attic crawl space near my room.

But after I went inside the house and looked into my room, I saw why they said I was lucky. The floor of my room, which was the ceiling for the kitchen, was completely burned out. There were no supports for anyone to be able to walk on that floor. Based off my description of how high the flames were when I saw them, they said there was no way I could have walked on that floor. Needless to say, that house was torn down and my parent's new house is on the same spot but it is not the same. I never dream of that house, anytime I dream of a house I dream of the old house, with its' stained glass windows that I would marvel at.

I still have dreams that predict things, usually something trivial. Who knows maybe it's not trivial and I'm just ignoring it when I shouldn't. I have many other experiences I hope to share with you all.


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haley9045 (7 stories) (64 posts)
15 years ago (2008-05-03)
also have you ever experienced Remote viewing? 😕
are an empath either? Please let me know!
haley9045 (7 stories) (64 posts)
15 years ago (2008-05-03)
thats so cool yes psychic abilitys can come from genes, house, or just natural. 😐
GlendaSC (5 stories) (1475 posts)
15 years ago (2008-04-18)
Jace - I don't know you or much about you. I don't gaze into a crystal ball either. But I do think. That seems good. I'm grateful that you weren't hurt. Grateful is good. I try to remember it even in less than great times. We take a lot for granted I think. Perhaps you needed a tough (painful) lesson and got to by-pass it in the fire. That's nice. I don't know. I do think that trivial stuff trips us up. Decide what is good and stick with it. You seem to be asking. Look for miracles in the spiritual stuff not the material stuff. Even rocks erode. Be a chemo doc or a janitor but always go for your best future in either. It equals out if we search. That is good. Be happy mostly and grateful in everything. Good luck to you. I hope that for you.
JaceAza (2 stories) (2 posts)
15 years ago (2008-04-17)
Well the place itself wasn't bad persay. Though I do feel a loss and have felt a loss for many years. I still get the déjà vu recently being about something trivial. Don't know if these small events would eventually lead to a major event. But like I've said I've had other things happen after I've left the house that leads me to believe I'm either borderline or awaking.
GlendaSC (5 stories) (1475 posts)
15 years ago (2008-04-13)
Hi - well I don't know what to tell you. My parents were sensitive, I made odd remarks about it as a kid and didn't get it, and my dad literally built the house I grew up in. No bad memories then. We added on when the time came. I do think some houses are spooky. As a married person, my hubby transfers and we house hunt. Some seem okay and a very rare few, just yucky. This happens a few seconds after stepping inside. I don't want to seek yuck stuff - there's enough seeking us I figure. I won't live in an unhappy house. Perhaps I could and change it, but why risk it. Look for healthy places is my feeling. If one isn't, admit it and look for protection. I think that's what I'd do. Never lived in a bad place so not sure.

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