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Help Me Figure Out Me


I have always had a flash of someone in my head the flash is fast but the memory is so strong and I can remember every single detail about when I was awake in 2004 my brother died and that's when it took off. I was so confused I would have dreams and they would come true I would have thoughts and they would come true. When I would sleep people would be in my dreams telling to do something to help them or tell someone something. In my new house I started seeing things in my head seen the man who lived there it I can described everything about him. I moved to a bigger house again I have seen people there too out of the corner of my eye and IN MY HEAD the people here I had a talk with them and said leave us alone (after my 3 year old said he sees 2 shadow boys and their not nice they are mean to him) they have left us alone their still here I feel them I see people but for the most part I'm afraid of my upstairs I'm being watched sometimes ugh, now I have crazy thoughts OMG...what's next? I was traveling yesterday (as a passenger) an I looked at an older man mowing his lawn I looked at his house I looked at his garage with his black truck in it all within a few seconds of passing his house, Then I seen"he's going to go in his house and his wife is collapsed on the tanish green short shag carpet in the living room I had seen the inside of his house (kitchen,dining room, family room, living room). It hit me there's something else at play here ask for help! There's so much more going on.

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