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A Gift


This is a story of my life which continues to grow and progress in a way in which I have learned to live with in the present time. At times it feels as if this is a gift and other times it's like others say on this site it feels like a curse.

When I was eighteen I knew that I was different I could think of what others were going to say before they would say it. I could find things that others were looking for and had just a keen sense of things around my environment. During a visit to New York which was guided by a dream that I had I led myself to meet a master psychic. This individual was in shock that I had traveled from another state and found her at some hole in the wall location in New York city. She had never met someone who could guide themselves to find someone who had similar "gifts". After this date it was like entering the matrix for those who have never seen the movie. Its like being introduced into a reality that others may not see. In my case I have no control over it as others may and the dilema that I have found that with my experiences and those experiences that was presented to me by Laura is that we have no control over what is to happen. I have figured out that as hard as we try to change what's written or outlined to happen in this life we can't divert from that reality.

This as you can imagine brings forward a new light in which I feel that we as human beings should not have to deal with on day to day basis. One of the worst imaginable feelings is knowing that a loved one will leave you it be a lover, a friend, or family member. Examples include the betrayal of a sibling knowing that it was to happen but not having control over it, or the break up of someone you trusted in your life which you felt and knew was your soul mate. Lastly to give another sample of this ability is knowing that you would battle for your own child in an endless custody battle and knowing that one day without notice the other parent would give him up to you without a fight.

I live each day knowing what the next event will be, but without knowing when or how or why. I know that i'm not crazy because I have given others my insight and they eventually see it happen or become a part of that prediction. I have advanced to such a level that I am able to see the faults of those I date prior to them exposing their true colors. I have learned to cut to the chase in relationships and i'm able to let that person go but in a weird way that in itself is already pre-determined.

Please comment I would be happy to explain more if needed and appreciate this community more than any other. Because we as a community have no where to go... We are not an experiment and I don't want to feel like we should have to deal with the stereotypes of others who don't understand us.

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Emilianoa27 (1 stories) (2 posts)
9 years ago (2014-11-14)
Thanks for commenting jagged star you can message me on yahoo messenger I check it every so often. My user name is Emilianoa27 just like my user name on here.
jaggedstar (2 posts)
9 years ago (2014-10-07)
I think that is awesome I would love to hear more. 😁 I'm trying to get more insight for myself and to learn.
Emilianoa27 (1 stories) (2 posts)
9 years ago (2014-09-13)
Thanks for the response vhoff38. I can empathize with you in regards to knowing the hard part for me is that I knew before my son was born I just refused to believe that the person I was with would then turn into the person that she is now, but we have to live our lives without self doubt because it would only create a negative response to other things in your life. Let me know if you want to talk more outside this forum. 😁
vhoff38 (1 stories) (37 posts)
10 years ago (2014-08-31)
I have a lot of the thing going on that you said and one of them is knowing what is going to happen before it really does and another is going through a devote and mowing that she would give the kids to me before we went back to court because my son give him self a fever of 103. 6 so his mom brought him back and his fever went away.

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