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Guardian Angels And Spirit Guides Being Friends


These are some other stories I experienced with my guardian angels. A while back. In 2013

So one night I had just gotten back from the psychic fair and a medium who goes by beth carpenter told me that I have seven or more guardian angels and that she told me they were cracking a joke about hitting me head with a hammer. Which made me realize the medium was real cause I hadn't told her I had talked about that someone should hit me in the head with a hammer because of my stubborn cheeky nature. One of my guardian angels she told me was named Sam or Samantha.

And so that night I dared my guardian angels times infinity to randomly appear and weird me out. So a little while later it was eleven at night. And I was walking to get the mail at night cause summer 2013 was hot. And I walked past a bench in my quiet apartment complex and there was an extremely tall buzz cut black haired guy and he was dressed in all white. A bright white long sleeve shirt extremely white long loose pants and extremely white shoes. It was as if this guy vomited out white. Flawless features he was sprawled out on the bench by the managers office his hands that were placed lazily on his stomach he was grinning as if he knew who I was. I pretended to ignore him. Then I heard a girls voice giggle a little away from him it sounded like a kid or preteen. But I didn't see any females anywhere. The parking lot was empty. Then I mentally thought really tall... And pedophile. I was only at the mail boxes for less than a minute. And the same dude was now sitting all the way on the other side of the apartments close to my apartment I lived in he was sitting on a staircase lazily starring at his hands smirking.

Then I went inside and realized it was one of my guardian angels and the girls giggle was my girl Guardian Angel Sam... I just get this vibe.

Another time I had dared them again to appear and weird me out. But this time when I least expect it. And I walked to the mailbox one night 3 days later. And I heard guys talking and a figure dressed in all white like the skinny black haired guardian angel. Well this one has wild windswept hair all over the place. I call him crazy hair angel. He was a bit shorter than the black buzz cut angel. Anyway he started staring at me with a slight smirk and a playful glint in his eyes and walked backwards staring at me calmly. And he weird-ed me out. I sped walked away cause my guardian angel had weird-ed me out. Both guys dressed in white looked as of they knew me so yeah my guardian angels completed the dare twice.

Then anther time I asked my guardian angels out loud if I could sing did edelweiss from the sound of music in my dreams. And I fell asleep and dream't I was standing in front of seven guardian angel singing sixteen going on seventeen and I ended it with 'I need someone older and wiser telling me what to do. I'll depend on you.' That was not what I wanted to sing. And then I heard a dude start singing behind me edelweiss. And I spun around and he was sitting on a throne. A little full of himself I'd say. I woke up and pouted.

My guardian angel like to tease me.

Then another night I asked my guardian angels out loud if I could sing music of the night from phantom of the opera and I walked onto a white stage a bunch of people sat in the audience and I opened my mouth to sing and a muscular guy dressed in white walked onto the stage into my dream and started singing music of the night. And I glared at him. And I walk over an sat in the isle steps that were white and looked at my hands brooding and pouting. And the guy started the verse again as if trying to get my attention and I pretended to ignore him and kept glaring at my hands. And I heard someone sprinting towards me and I was lifted up and swung over the guys shoulder as he carried me up the white marble steps in the theater. I cried out squealing playfully and giggling "hey!"

These are real stories based on what I experienced.

I know i'm not supposed to write dreams on here, i'm not asking for you to interpret them. Two of the stories happened while I was awake. I'm just sharing.

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gynethquinn (1 stories) (2 posts)
9 years ago (2014-09-23)
To princessserena. That's funny my twin flame is around me in spirit form and this is going to sound strange. But in one dream I was in my living room. And I heard footsteps moving around and stuff and I said "I wish you would talk to me in English twin flame. And his voice responded back cheekily " do I have to" he seemed amused. And I said in a two year olds voice "yes!" And I heard someone walking towards me and there next to me on the couch was my twin flame. And he said "her father promised her he'd send her the angel of music." And I awoke from that dream and realized it was what emmy rossum said as Christine in the 2004 moving before singing 'wishing you were some how here again.' So yeah I interact with my twin flame and guardian angels. Man I should of wrote this above. Oh well. Its funny I've asked several times to sing music of the night instead so far I've sung think of me and baby got back and my favorite things and sixteen going on seventeen from the sound of music. The universe likes to tease me. Lol!
PrincessSerena (1 stories) (14 posts)
9 years ago (2014-09-21)
I remember that I also had a similar Phantom of The Opera dream experience. My Twin Flame came to me and started to sing "Think of Me" in front of a huge stage with me and it felt SO real! Now everytime I hear that song I think of him.
gynethquinn (1 stories) (2 posts)
9 years ago (2014-09-16)
To OnMyJourney316. Maybe its possible 😁 I'm an indigo transitioning to crystal. I'm kind of on the halfway mark between an indigo and crystal. Sam used to play with me when I was a toddler. My guardian angels sometimes appear in my eyesight. But mostly now a days its random nudging and touches and clairaudiently hearing them and also them visiting me in my dreams a lot.

So yeah I have seven or more angels according to the medium. Two names I have now learned from my dreams are two male guardian angels named Nathaniel who I call Nathan and luke who is blond. Just thought I'd add the blond part.

I joke around with my guardian angels treating them as individuals. And I allow them to play and prank me on holidays. I get cuddled at night by energy forms which o sense are my guardian angels. I'm twenty two and last year my mom told me she had a dream where a bunch of male guys with flawless features had stolen my underwear as a prank and in her dream I got them back by putting a hole in their white boat.

The night after she told me the dream I dreamt I was sitting in my parents car while they were driving and one of my guardian angels was sitting next to me and handed me a pair of underwear. I awoke the next morning like 'very funny guys.' I'm friends with some of them I don't mind them goofing off and doing harmless pranks.

The medium beth carpenter also said I have four angels holding my soul in this body because I didn't connect all the way into my physical form. I actually want to be here they didn't force my dicision to stay on earth. At some point I'll be ready to go back into the light but not for a while. I'm having too much fun with my physical body
OnMyJourney316 (3 stories) (8 posts)
9 years ago (2014-09-15)
I didn't even make it past the first paragraph before my entire body was covered in chills. Samantha is a very strong spirit who looks over my daughters. She came to me one night so I could get familiar with her presence, as she visits them nightly and I was concerned about who it was and why my youngest never goes to sleep until late. She speaks with her also. They are gifted in their own right. One is a Crystal Child and the other I believe a Rainbow but her gifts have been present since young and often surprise me (I.E. Mommy that man is touching you and I don't like it (of a spirit I felt at the time)) From this site I have read a few other stories naming Samantha (Sam as she told me to call her) as one of their Angels. I'm starting to think she has a connection to us all because we are gifted.

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