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Sensing A Male Spiritual Presence


For quite some time now I have been sensing a young male presence around me. When I say young I mean roughly in their 20's. I know this spirit is harmless, but for some reason he has attached himself to me.

Sometimes when I wake up at night I get the sense he is there with me, watching over me. Sitting next to me/laying with me on the bed. I know it sounds strange but I "just know" that hes there. And sometimes I have thoughts about him, the feeling I get from him are loving vibrations. And other times I forget hes even around like he never existed, until my next encounter. Whilst meditating the other week I had a random image come to me of a young mans face flash up. I have a feeling this could be him showing himself to me.

I have no idea who this person could be or why they have chosen to attach themselves to me. I smudge the house and myself regularly to clear the energy and ask any spirits to move on as I have quite a few who visit me. I never see them clearly though, most only show themselves to me at night briefly. This guy however has not made him self known until my meditation (if that was actually him).

Im wondering if any of you can help me figure out who this person may be and why they are stuck to me? I'm not sure if he needs my help, or if hes just watching over me, and if so why me? The only connection would be I believe we are of similar age.

If anyone can pick up on anything that would be great. Or give me any tips on how to find the answers myself. Anything would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you

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Kathryn26 (6 stories) (16 posts)
10 years ago (2014-09-16)
Thank you for your in put OnMyJourney316, knowing this has helped me a lot. I went to see a psychic today (someone who is more in tune than me). I asked if she could see anyone around me and she said a young male (im glad this can be reconfirmed) She also said he is a friends brother who has passed, and I know only of one friend who has a brother who passed over at a young age. So I have a feeling it may be him. Considering the circumstances and how close I was with the family, I actually can't believe I have never thought of this before. He did however still choose to remain silent when asked who he was and why he was with me. But she said his energy was protective and loving. I may try and meditate on this and see if I can get more answers.

Love & Light to you x 😆
OnMyJourney316 (3 stories) (8 posts)
10 years ago (2014-09-15)
I had a similar experience last year. Always felt as if I was being watched or followed but it was always a reassuring feeling knowing he was there. I found out he was an old classmate who had attached himself to me because "with me he still felt alive, he knew I was aware of him". He had passed 7 or more years ago. It was strange yet I talked with him and helped him to cross over. That was a very emotional experience and afterwards I honestly felt very alone. Then others came. He still visits periodically and I was told he was always a part of my journey. We knew each other in life and he was the first spirit I have communicated with knowingly. This guy may be a bigger part of your path but it strikes me as odd that he won't tell you who he is. I have been told to always ask who are you. Bad spirits never want their identity known yet friendly spirits have no problem sharing it. Hope this helps, if not at least you know you are not alone in dealing with these experiences.

Love, Light, & Peace ❤ ❤

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