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I'm not entirely sure how to approach this. So I am just going to get straight into it. My mother is very sick with MS, just recently she has had another attack. Which has left her incredibly depressed and angry. She is so negative about everything and everyone. I fear that her negativity towards life and anger about her sickness is actually making her feel worse. She has gone into counseling but that hasn't done the trick. I have suggested meditation, I have recently tried binaural beats, has anyone else tried these?

I feel a lot of negative energy in the house, and I'm worried negative spirits and energies will attach themselves to her and make it worse. At a low point in my life I had a mischievous spirit attach themselves to me, he's still there but doesn't bother me much anymore. I have been told they are quite hard to get rid of, and you can't just smudge them away? It was suggested I see a spiritual healer. Anyway back to the point, I just don't want the same for my Mother, she is a very spiritual person like me and is very aware and sensitive.

Any ideas on what to do? I have thought about smudging the house and my Mum, but I don't want to go up to her and be like "I'm going to smudge you because your bringing negative energy here" I don't think that would go down all too well. But I don't want to see her spiral down into more depression either.

Any thoughts and comments would be greatly appreciated. I am quite stuck on this and don't want to approach it in the wrong manner.

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PathR (4 stories) (1274 posts)
12 years ago (2012-05-31)
Kathryn26 there are other alternative therapies
(aka:complimentary treatments) one can use.
One has to use caution and use a PDR to verify
Any herbs, or vitamins that should not be use with
Certain medications. Enema's or Colonic treatment
Helps with eliminating metals, or toxins.

If your Gp can sign off for your mom to get Reiki,
Or Acupuncture, or message treatments. This would help!
All of these can work on the body,emotions,mental

There are some tapes that work with meditation and
Also with pain management.
With binuaural beats I would have your mom listen
To the ones which are on YouTube, as some people are
Quite sensative to sound and can become irritated.

What I have found with patients going in an out of Hospital is they are suceptible to transferance of energies. I have seen grown men scream, wanting to get out of the Hospital because they were sensing death and pain of others. This made them question
Their own sanity. Which is something to bear in mind!

As for clearing the area, you can use smudging, or
Tibetan singing bowl or tapes can clear the location.

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