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Hey Guys,

I haven't posted in a while, the last time I did was to talk about a negative experience I had with astral projection (being dragged from my body). I did as advised and protect myself every night as well as grounding, but sometimes when I'm so tired I forget.

The most recent experiences are as follows:

I was in my room out of body, and decided to be silly and yell out thinking I was all alone, a voice replied "You shouldn't do that, do you really think your alone? Hide" so I went back to my body and pretended to be asleep. A negative presence entered the room. Walked straight up to my bed and stared at me inched from my face. The energy was horrible from it.

The experience I had last night was slightly similar, I was out of body this time I decided to surround myself with light. A woman appeared, she was beautiful red hair pinned up and in a green dress. I don't think she was a spirit guide. I told her I was going to attempt to go into the room across the hall, opened my door and shouted something. She replied, "you shouldnt have done that, they are coming" she also mentioned something about "the 14"? I can't really remember. I then asked her who she was, and she replied 'im the one who looks after you" I then replied can they hurt me? And she said "yes, now sleep".

I have been very sensitive lately, I find myself waking up talking to someone, but then I forget as soon as I'm fully awake although a lot of the times I hear myself say why are you here? And feel angry.

Any ideas on what this presence seems to be o the lady? The same night I had the first bad experience my brother had one too. He's a bit younger than me, and told me in the morning someone kept coming into his room and bothering him most of the night.

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pulsar (2 posts)
11 years ago (2013-06-02)
Hi Kathryn26

Let me start by saying your story is the first one that almost exactly duplicates my story. And I have been searching, on and off, for about 4 years.

Almost exactly similar... Waking paralysis, could feel the bad energy approaching and suddenly it appeared, right through my door. Which leads me to my first question, what did it look like?. What ever attacked me is best visualized as the woman ghost from the grudge (and no I have not seen the movie in quite a while when it happened). Very dark aura, but the worst was the feeling of pure evil (as stupid as that sounds). Long story short (and it is a really long story), it came up as close as maybe 3 feet then I regained control, a bunch of stuff happened and I woke up. Which leads me to question 2: What time did the first encounter happen and what is the average time of the re-occurences.

The closest I come to an answer as to what and who attacked me is: Lilith. Apparently Lilith only appears in christian religion in the book Enoch (I'm speaking under correction, so please don't quote me, or yell at me). She was apparently the woman before Eve, which became corrupted by evil and omitted in the bible. She shows up all over the place, if you look. After god banished her, she was approached by lucifer and made a deal with him. She later became a demon and tormented people right through history under different aliases. Of course, this is just a story, but the closest I could come to some answers.

After the first occurence, I was really attacked almost every night. Like night terrors as you described. I tried everything from salt baths to haitian demon warding. Some stuff worked for a week or a month and then just didn't. The only real thing I came across that worked for me was Amethyst crystals, cleansed, blessed, grounded and charged at each four corners of the room that you sleep in. This was some technique used in the 1600 (when lilith attacks were common) specifically for this demon, Lilith. Also charge the imaginary 6 platforms (like a cube) between them. While I had these up, there were more then once that I saw this grudge looking thing outside my window unable to enter.
I'm not using it anymore, and the attacks stopped almost entirely. Except I'm still not able to Astral attack free. Although I have not seen this grudge looking thing in 2 years. I have seen other stuff, and always fight them when I do, It's kind of become a hobby of mine (lol).

As for this girl in a green dress, I've seen a similar girl too, except she wore a red dress when I saw her, and she had a dog with her, which led me to Witchcraft's Familiars.

One last question: What was the date of the first attack? FYI, mine was 13 November at 03:13 AM.

I hope it helps for you, and I'm eager to hear your reply.
Sini42 (15 stories) (17 posts)
12 years ago (2012-05-31)
Hello Kathryn26, I agree with PathR on her comments here and I also had funny and negative astral visitors come to see me about 2 years ago. One was like a witch, that came in with a negative dark cloud, that covered the roof. Another one was like a clown-person,who was joking and giggling, the third was an aggressive character, who entered the whole space many hours before I saw the hands and being itself. These were all people I knew then, people who were close to me, but did not love me. I wanted love from two of them. The third was just a work aqcuintance, but who was very bad to his spouse at the same time of this astral visit to my home. This all of him came to my knowledge when time passed, but the astral character which form he visited in, was the true motive in his own life, which I did not know well. I feel the astral visitors show us the truth of some peoples inner motives and present state. Usually there is eather contradiction between good, love and negativity combined in these people, that come in uncomfortable forms, or we are just sensitive/have a disbalanced relation with them. Because in real life, they are near to our energy space, they just happen to cross into our awareness as also astral visitors. In one of these astral visits, I learnt the truth about a close relative, who had for years been unsupportive in spirit. I knew after seeing this astral figure, to guard myself better from that person. Also to forgive her better. And one, the most difficult character of these three, was spiritually destructive in my life. He had to go. But my own love rejected the truth of him and this astral visit displayed the whole darkness. I wished I would have been wrong. But the astral visit was a wake-up call and that relation ended soon after. People in real life can act and many times do. We are taught to behave hiding our true emotions, if they are intimate, negative or not necessary in that situation to show. People we might know can have roles, be clever and have many lawyers in how they behave, even their inner feeling is something else. An astral visitor is the true heart level inside someone. It is symbolic of that and visual symbolism is language of the spiritual world. The figures we see, are a way for the spiritual world to make us see. To be understood in the main point. But I would like to say, that after having first these "lighter" experiences and recently deeper and very thorough, I would not play with astral projection at all. Only to go for trips with a clear aim to enter and after the helping deed is done, to return. We must be humble, because if we are not, the lesson will come to our path from more developed energy planes, than mere humans are. In good energy, these lesson are welcome. In bad energy, they can torment a psychic for years. If we do not take astral trips for any other reason, but to only help, we can balance our energy better. The life here on earth is so physical, that we must also live this physical plane in full. And sometimes the advice one male psychic gave to eat a chunk of thick meat the whole stomach full, will certainly ground us. Hugs and happiness to you, good wishes from Sini
PathR (4 stories) (1274 posts)
12 years ago (2012-05-31)
Here is a list of a few:

Azurite-inspires spiritual power
Flourite-promotes healthy aura
Angelite-absolute love/acceptance when projection
Moldavite-for experienced projector only!

You may wish to use 3, possibly the Kyanite,Angelite
Quartz. You can always check by placing your hand
Over the stones and sense which ones give off a
Resonating vibration when you ask which ones to use.

Note: Kyanite comes in different colors and affects different chakras. As our aura changes we have to use different crystals.

Good journey

It is important to note which ones need cleansing and setting and recharging.
Kathryn26 (6 stories) (16 posts)
12 years ago (2012-05-30)
Thank you for your insightful comments PathR.

Yes I do have a number of crystals under my pillow. Which ones would you suggest?

I do try and practice love and light, that's why I'm slightly confused as to why I have such negative experiences. Unless my mind is set to expect them?

Hmm I'm slightly confused with who the woman may be if she was giving me instruction. Could she have been another projection of myself if that's possible?
PathR (4 stories) (1274 posts)
12 years ago (2012-05-30)
Kathryn26 when we sleep we naturally project.

When we experience a spirit being controlling this is
Just a reflection of how we are on an unconsious level see ourself. Hence we experience this contol
In dream scape, and lucid dreams to include astral projeciton is what I have experienced.

The human body has an Etheric double and this is the
Essence that does the projection. Normally our unconscious downloads the events we traveled.
With an understanding of Astral travel, exiting and re-entering the physical body at will.

While there are planes of existence the key to a good
Projection would be: how our mind operates during waking hours. The thoughts are fine vibrations and what occures is a law taking effect: "Like attracts like" (Our mind Vibs to these Neg spirits-Vibs. If we watch Tv of violence these pictures depict being a casualty/victim. Other scenarios are allowing ourself to chew on the events such as somebody acting badly toward us.
And think quite naturally that was rotten, how dare
They. With the mind chattering on and on is like feeding in a meditation.
This sets up a frequency that is conducive to neg's

We must understand that
As humans we have to untrain our unconscious mind.
Because our mind is on auto pilet and like an old knee will
Automatically react to a reaction.

On the other hand, when we practice, love, and send
Love and light we can still come across a neg.
But the scenario is controlled and they either change
Infront of our eyes or the whole scenario changes one
To picture and reasonate love/light which is actually
Quite beautiful.!

The woman sounds like a Guardian.
But with the law of physics. A guardian can only
Call to a humans attention and being a human they can
Not control us. It is a violation of our Free Will.

Do you not use crystals under your pillow?
There are three types that are useful for protection and
Beneficial for astral projeciton.
Kathryn26 (6 stories) (16 posts)
12 years ago (2012-05-30)
ahhh anyone have any feedback at all? I can't be the only one!

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