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I am 27 years old Indian girl believe in science and truth that are scientifically verified. I don't know why and how I got the gift of precognition and ability to see unsatisfied spirits wandering in my house and other's too as I am not a religious person at all. I didn't believe in these things until it actually happened. I am telling you four incidents.

First was happened at my sister's house. I was waiting at her house sitting on a chair, when I saw a person sitting in front of me and he was looking at me with anger, telling me to leave the place, then he got disappear. I ran from there. Second was when I saw man (wearing dirty rotten clothes) walking behind me in a street at afternoon and he just got disappear.

Third was when I saw my mother's death in a dream which happened later. Fourth, I laid on my bed and closed my eyes when a black shadow floating over me chocked my throat with a rope. My sister was sleeping with me she felt something was happening with me and she held my hand and start praying. After sometime it was gone. My mother is not alive but I feel her with me whenever I am in trouble and she saved me two times before accidents that could kill me.

My father told me that we had grand-grand father who actually had knowledge of Indrajaal (black magic) and he had that book in his house. He binded (traped) all unsatisfied spirit with black magic because these spirits were hurting and killing villagers. I wonder that why my father and uncle doesn't get these power. And I really respect that these power or God has chosen me. But really don't want these powers because when someone hurt me I can't wish bad or curse him. Like he hurt me, may god punish him to loose his job, it just happened very next day. I really wish very soon I will be normal girls without psychic powers

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Winter_Solace (109 posts)
10 years ago (2014-09-21)
I will say this, these are your gifts that you were given. You can do away with them if you wish, but you'd have to lose a part of yourself in order to do so, which I absolutely do not recommend. I believe you may have had gifts when you were little, and over time, you lost them. You have them for a reason. Let me ask you this, now that they have come back, perhaps this is a second chance for you that God has given you to use them for good? To use them to help others in this world?

The fact that these angry, dark, and oppressive spirits come at you tells me that something else is involved in your situation here... And what you said about some people in your family practicing black magic basically gives me an answer. When a family member practices black magic, they involve other family members and put them at risk, like a curse, literally. I don't know what your thoughts are on black magic, nor do I care. Black magic is bad, very bad. It deteriorates the person using it, or in other words, their bodies age faster and they become weaker over time. Evil and dark spirits, mainly demons, become involved when black magic is used since that dark energy, much like demonic energy (usually the same thing), is what they thrive on and commit evil with. I can say with confidence that your family must be cursed. In order to do much with black magic/witchcraft, you must make pacts with demons. Once a pact is made, the future generations in your family are affected by this curse put upon them by the demons. That is why some, if not all, family members will be tormented throughout their lives by them.

I definitely see this as a chance to redeem your family to God using these gifts for good and doing things for Him. As always, because of free will given to us, you have a choice. I just pray that you choose wisely for yourself and others around you.

God bless.
Love1st (guest)
10 years ago (2014-09-16)
You're not alone in wondering why. There are some people who avoid their spiritual gifts and others who embrace them. Perhaps you are more open to them than others. I have known some people to have the gift temporarily and then it's as if they close themselves off from it. I view spiritual things as being able to be explained by science we don't understand yet, and I know there's an afterlife. I don't see it as "magic"; rather I see it as either healing or harmful intentions depending on rather you wish good things or hurtful things on people. Belief is a powerful thing.

And also, you could be picking up on things that are going to happen rather than wishing them on people but either IMO is possible. Only you will know for certain.

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