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I need some advice, ever since I was a little girl I new there was something different about me. I would get sleep paralysis every night as a child, I would be terrified when my mother turned off my bedroom lights and closed my door, I would lie awake waiting for the 'man' to come and sit at the end of my bed, like he did every night. I would feel my bed dip, the weight of a person perching at the bottom of my bed, the same place every night. I'd freeze with fright, to scared to move a muscle, after a while I'd grow the courage to look, there was never anything there but I could feel something, physically and emotionally.

As time went on I learn't that I could sense peoples emotions, it's a horrible thing, knowing what the person your engaging with thinks of you. I also felt like I could sense spirits, I'd have a feeling that I can't explain come over me and I'd feel that something or someone was there. Adding on to my weirdness I also had psychic tendencies, I'd know things before they happened but it was always on boring unimportant things, irrelevant matters. During the years though it's grown and I've been able to predict a lot, including my own fathers death.

That's my background, the reason i'm writing this is because since my fathers passing, me and my mother has been going to psychics, they each tell me I have a gift and I laugh it off in front of my mother. The last time though was different, the medium performed reiki on me, as she predicted I could sense spirits and this was effecting me sleeping.

Since she did this I've begin to see things, white and black spots fly past me, I see a white outline of half a body casually walking past me. Am I going mad? Should I go to my doctor? I've never heard of reiki making people see things?

To be honest with you, I hate it all. People say it's a gift, but I don't see it. I've been known as odd all my life, the girl who hides away in her bedroom. If I don't spend at least two days alone a week I go insane, I can't sleep at night my head races and I get hyper. I hate knowing what people are feeling, when I'm with my friends and I can feel they are irritated or bored. When I'm with a guy and I Know he likes me, just makes me feel awkward.

Does anyone else have these? I've read a few stories on this site but they've always been based on one of these abilities never them all?

Or am I just literally crazy?

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Lumie108 (10 posts)
7 years ago (2014-11-10)
I have these abilities and for me it's a blessing as I help spirits cross over and offer love to those who need it. It has taken me a long time to believe in myself and I have experienced the good to the really bad. As a kid, I would have negative entities sit on me just to scare me but in my later years I realised that most of them just wanted acceptance and I was the one who they felt comfortable with. Some come across as aggressive but it's not always the case. If you want to advance in your abilities you need to have a good intention or it's pointless. I can help you understand. Don't doubt yourself cause you know what you are experiencing and even if people do not believe you, it is still real. We are all spirits with bodies as a vessel for having a human experience. I'm here to help.
Nav (4 posts)
7 years ago (2014-10-07)
Spirits are real, the spirit world is real, you are not crazy. It's hard because it's just not what most people see or consider. My suggestion is to watch The Divine a Truth channel on you tube. I believe you will learn a lot and feel more comfortable with spirits and mediumship.
Love to you.
DawnH (1 posts)
7 years ago (2014-10-06)
Yeah, sometimes it's not so fun! There's so much going on energetically at the moment, too! I pick up the emotions and the feelings of other people, very confusing if you sit in a hospital for awhile. I see quite a bit in bed, too but I hear more than anything But, there are things than can help - especially with the emotions. You've heard it all before, probably - grounding and protection. A Reiki attunement will expand you aura and make it stronger, too. (There are other methods as well.) The stronger the aura, the more you can keep your feelings and other people's separate. Ask your guides for advice. They can help you. And clearing, oh so much clearing. I like the violet flame mantras - they've helped me. As your vibration grows and you clear things out, you can connect more to the higher frequencies - avoiding the astral plane, much more. That's where a lot of the stuff you don't want to bother with is. There's so many good books you can read that will help. I'm a fan of Doreen Virtue, but that's just me. I'd get some sage or something to clean out your house to help you sleep.
west3174 (1 stories) (21 posts)
7 years ago (2014-10-06)
I believe I can help prove your not crazy or anything like that. My wife can see the dead. If you take some pictures of your house and my wife sees any ghosts she can describe them. If she sees the same things as you do it can offer validation that what you see is real. That is of course if there's any ghosts in the pictures. Anyways if intrested you can e mail them to me at west3174 [at]
Love1st (guest)
7 years ago (2014-10-05)
Don't think of it as a gift or a curse; think of it as a tool.

I know other people's emotions can be overwhelming at times, and I know that (for me at least) if someone is mad (for example) it may still not be obvious who they are mad at or what they are even mad about. I feel others' emotions strongly, too. Learning to accept when other people around me are angry has been a difficult lesson that I'm still learning. You can calm people down when they are upset/afraid/angry, but if they don't want to be calmed down, it will be very draining for you. This is not always the case, but you may experience it from time to time. That isn't to say don't do it, but be aware of what you are feeling, too. I have found that hugs help a lot (for both you and them) depending on the individual and how well you know him/her.

I have experienced the sleep paralysis before, and it's not fun. I used to get it a lot as a teenager, but now I usually just get caught in a dream loop (where I experience the same dream over and over or jump from one dream to the next) or I get caught halfway between a dream and awake state and see non-human beings. I think it has to do with some sort of harmonic resonance frequency thing, but as I'm just beginning to study physics, I'm not sure at all how the whole things works. (I hope one day to be a catalyst in proving the spiritual realm exists through "modern" science to a point where it is universally accepted as truth but I'm not even a small fraction of the way there yet.)

I will sometimes get premonitions, but for me it is more like the wind changing (a feeling) rather than a clear thought. I know someone who gets more clear pictures like you, though. If you get premonitions, maybe it is because you can either prevent a situation from occurring or at least prepare for it if you can't change it. There will be times you can't change a situation, so don't feel guilty about that if you try and it doesn't work or if it's simply something you have no control over. Do what you can. There is no reason to feel guilty.

I would recommend developing coping mechanisms for what may be stressful situations for you (e.g. Extreme emotional situations). There are probably others on here with more experience than me who could give better advice on this. I just wanted to share my experiences. Hope it helps!
sometimes-joergen (1 stories) (1 posts)
7 years ago (2014-10-04)
You're not crazy. You'd only be crazy if you were wrong. There's definitely something different about you, and I kind of know what you mean, but to a much lesser extent. Sometimes I can see people's insecurities, but never anything positive. I know what you mean, though. It is awful. I just end up feeling sorry for everyone, and I can't reach out to them because I don't know them, and nobody listens to a stranger. Especially one like us. What I would suggest is to confront your visions. Like the guy sitting on your bed at night, for example: when you feel his weight, get up and try to touch him. If you can't, then maybe it will help you believe that nothing is there. If you can touch him, you can use that as proof that you really do have powers. As for your empathic abilities, I would recommend that you try to use them in a way that will benefit others. If you can sense pain in other people, maybe you're just the person to destroy it. If you can use your abilities for good, maybe it will help you deal with them better. You don't have to tell them that you can look into their minds, just say what they need to hear and do what they need to see. I hope your life gets better. Stay strong.

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