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Energy Slithering Up My Spine


One night, I had decided to open up my seven major chakras. I laid down comfortably in my bed, and placed a small piece of moldavite on the area of my crown chakra to start things out. I felt the bed disappear, and my limbs felt heavy. I began to do the technique I had been working with. I breathed in energy and focused on the chakra. I visualized the chakra glowing brightly and expanding with each breath of energy until a sensation can be felt. I repeated this for all seven, including moving the moldavite down.

With tingling, pulsating, and pressures on the other chakras, I made my way to the root chakra. I did the same process, but this one had ended differently. My focus was to open up the chakras, instead, I think I may have done an additional thing. I placed my moldavite over my abdomen, breathed in deeply, and imagined pure white energy flowing down to a glowing red orb that intensified its magnitude with each breath of energy which expanded with each breath.

A swirling sensation started at that point. I continued anyways just to make sure I opened my root chakra way open as I tend to have that chakra the least open. The swirling sensation had been followed by a tingling and pressure at the base of my spine. I kept it going until something started to happen. Energy began to rise up my spine. By the time the energy had reached an inch and a half up, it began to slither its way up. I mean it literally slithered its way up like a snake. I laid there shocked at this new sensation. The slithering energy had reached all the way to the base of my neck. I felt the energy intensify to the point it felt like a snake slithering inside of me. I did not feel fear for some odd reason. This energy is definitely from inside of me. I felt calm and obviously knew this energy is different. I felt love surge through me as it rose. I felt love to my mother whom I have a difficult relationship with, love with my grumpy sister, love with my sometimes annoying father, love to the person who made a false rumor with my guy-friend and I, love to those who did crimes... I felt love to everyone and everything. I saw good in everyone.

Eventually, I sat right up as the sensation became way too uncomfortable for me to bare. The sensation dimmed, but I could still feel energy rising up. Even as I type these very words, I feel the energy just slither its way right up. Now, I can feel it had reached past the base of my neck. I can feel energy around my crown chakra. It feels as if a fountain of energy is at the top of my head. I can feel it inside my head as well.

After attempting to get answers on this slithering energy, I got one description of energy rising up the spine (not slithering though): Kundalini. I discovered that Kundalini is this serpent inside all of us that slumbers within our root chakra. It is possible to awaken this powerful being which is important to reaching enlightenment as Kundalini unites the Earth and Sky energies within us or something like that. At the awakening of Kundalini, many, perhaps all, abilities will surface. They all warn that Kundalini is not to be taken lightly though. The energy is incredibly potent making an underdeveloped person seriously ill which can lead to hospitalization. This makes me rather worried about the slithering energy as I am not a pro at these kind of stuff. But the thing is, forcing the awakening of Kundalini is dangerous which makes me wonder if I did force the awakening if it is an awakening. I do have to note that my health is excellent except for the pain in my right knee if I run too long. I think my really bad fall in the school hallway caused that.

After feeling this energy, I discovered quite a number of things happening. In my sleep, I used to dream vivid dreams. Now, I enter deep, dreamless sleep. I enter this dark void instead of a world that your imagination can create. Coincidences occur much more. I find that I can guess what a person is going to say or think before they even say it out loud. I get more premonition now after that. During my math class, I had been taking a quiz our teacher had given us. I was nicely focused on my work, until I got this gut feeling that something is about to happen that will disrupt our work. Not too long after that, the fire alarms had gone off signalling a fire drill. I had become more tolerant to the cold. I was actually tempted to take my jacket off as I walk home from my bus stop, but I did not want to worry my mother. I suddenly see beauty in everything which gives me inspiration to use for my art class. The number phenomena had increased. I remember seeing the number 1111 every now and then. For example, when my story earlier had been published, I found that my story had been 11511. 1111 is in there. The clock reads 11:11 more frequently. Other numbers appear as well.

I would love to have answers on this energy. If it really is Kundalini, advice would definitely be needed.

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