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I'm a 15yr old girl and I was very close to my grandmother she recently died awhile ago and I've been feeling her everywhere

Not at school but restaurants I used to take her to and the movie theaters.

My grandmother was a psychic when she saw certain people she would get a thought this person is going to die and they would die that week. She would have dreams of a snake swimming in water and the next day or week someone would die.

Over Christmas vacation I had a thought that something will devastate the town soon. Later that week a old friend of mine who was on the football team (very popular in our town) died of a drug overdose. Everyone was mourning.

I felt my grandmother at my cousins wedding. I wanted to hear my grandmothers voice. My aunt had a voice mail from my grandmother saying,

"hey, it's your mother call me back" in order to get to the voice mail you need a password, it scared me that I think either my grandma did that or I did.

After my grandmother first died I felt her in my bedroom with me being a little to close and I couldn't sleep for weeks. I later had dreams of my grandmother calling me to have my mom make a doctors appointment or to take her to the emergency room... It was very disturbing for me to take that in

Its been 4 months since my grandmother died. Every time i'm home alone I listen to her records and I sit and cry and cry.

I don't know how I should take this I feel like its a awful gift to know when something bad will happen. I don't like what they gave me.

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arrow936 (3 posts)
8 years ago (2015-01-24)
Hey sonic10o1,
I like you seen visions or felt people around me. When I was in 9th grade I started to feel like things were going to happen and usually they were bad things. One time when we lived in Georgia and we were going to visit our home state of Kentucky to see some friends and family, I was so excited. I was in 9th grade at the time and I couldn't wait to get away and have some fun with my friends back in Kentucky. The only thing the day before were to leave, I felt an awful feeling that something bad was going to happen. I couldn't pinpoint what it was but I knew it was going to be bad. I told my mom, dad and brother about it, but we still planned on leaving. My dad stayed behind in Georgia and me, my mom and brother made the trip up to KY. The second night we were in Ky, my brother took the Blazer and went to visit our cousin, that night one of tires which were bran spanking new blew out while he was in a curve and hit another vehicle head on. The woman on the passenger side ended up with one of her legs shoved into the engine of their car and her and the driver had to be rushed to the hospital. My brother and cousin only had scratches.
That was the start of many visions or feelings. I am 39 now and since then I have had many many what I call "visions". Like "brainshown" some of my visions have been dark, but I have since learned to discard those negative energies. When I have a dark visions, I simply say go away Devil, you are not welcome in my world. Once I started doing that positive visions started to happen, I started getting good feelings and good visions of things that were going to happen. I still get visions that warn me of bad things that are about to happen, but I look at it as God trying to warn me... To keep me safe.
Don't get me wrong, I'm not trying to push religion on you two, because honestly I don't go to church to tell you the truth I don't believe in organized religion but I do believe in God.
I am the 3rd generation of getting these type of visions, my grandmother on my mother's side, my mother, and myself all get visions. Only thing is mine are far more pronounced than theirs.
I wish I knew how to get visions when I want them, but sometimes I think if I can control when I get them that I might not be able to turn it off if you know what I mean. We got a gift, and I am glad I have it because it has benefited me in my life. It did scare me when I was younger and for a while I thought I was a freak because I had these visions. Honestly, it will help you.
Brianshown, embrace your gift and use it for the better. It sounds if some dark energy is trying to convince you that you are not worthy. The dark energy is jealous and doesn't want you to interfere. Please, concentrate on positive energy and tell the Devil that he is not welcome in your world. Positivity will find you. I promise
brianshown (1 posts)
8 years ago (2015-01-24)
Im the same when I was smaller like 5 I been able to see spirits like one time seeing a dark shadow killing a little shadow in a empty apartment window an anyone I know just 2 days before they die I dream of them dieing it happened a few times my sister few years ago an just not but last week I had a dream my freind was going to die an when I woke up I knew he was going to die this kind of stuff been hunting me all my life to were I have shut myself in my room I haven't left in almost a year an I'm afraid of geting close to anyone iv even tryed changeing it but they always die somehow even if I tell them an it got so bad iv even tryed to kill myself a few times but every time I wake up in the hospital tell me how can you survive a 80ft jump an only have a broken leg or shoot your self in the head an end up ok with just a stitches or even slit your neak an end up with stitches I relly mean all this has happened think my crazy I don't care but I don't know y

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