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Demon Guides A Thing?


In my first story I posted I mentioned how I had an astral projection issue and I wanted to know why I had that issue. Well a lot has happened since then which leads me to this new issue.

I figured why I have that issue and it is because I'm, frankly, scared of seeing into the fourth density. As for why I am is for another time. Anyways, after a series of events (all which could be a separate story on this website and also of which are something I will be choosing to still keep to myself) I have been able to communicate with my guides a lot more and understand them better when I channel.

I have an 11 year old guide named Veronica, a ten year old named Terrence (his nickname is Teru), and a 9 year old named Ryan. I have been channeling them through writing for a while and after a few months of channeling I began to be able to pick up on conversations they have with each other, what other spirits are saying in the room if there are any, what they are all saying at the same time to me, and I am able to channel my friends' guides for them. I also am able to channel my guides through typing on any electronic device. It's hard for them at first but they get the gist of it once they type through me after a few times. Now here comes my current issue.

One night I decided to pray to my higher self, God, the source, et cetera thanking *insert name of entity here* for everything and to keep sending me positive thoughts, etc. The next day three new entities entered my room. Now here is where I'm confused. They all told me that they are demons and that they are my guides in a way and came here to help me train. In middle school I grew an interest in Black Roses without knowing why. They lead me to a website about Feri Witchcraft and to the branch of Feri tradition that uses roses. I looked through the website and found that there is a use of black roses in the Feri Tradition. They also told me that I'm part witch, sorcerer, and a demon from a distant planet. They call me their "lord" or "lordship" and have done nothing to harm me since their arrival since about a month ago.

One of them is supposedly my daughter from that distant planet named Claire, another one is a Goblin (in simple terms), and the other entity is my familiar which happens to be a dragon. When I was younger I was always drawn to dragons for no apparent reason. Anyways what is different about these demons is that they are first ones I have encountered where my astral eyes don't open at night while I am sleeping to warn me of the demon in my room that wants to harm me. These new entities have helped me out with some things I have been going through, given me advice, answered my questions my children guides wouldn't tell me, and Melvin, the Goblin, has even healed parts of my body when I'm sore or hurt. They also helped me discover abilities I never knew I had.

So basically should I trust them or has anyone else been through something similar? I'm open to any thoughts on this subject. They also told me that term "demon" and "angel" are just human words that classify a broad spectrum of beings into something they the humans can comprehend. Other stuff has happened but this is all the information that's needed in my opinion. If anyone needs more info to help me I will be glad to give out more if I feel it will answer your questions.

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Profilerzman (1 stories) (19 posts)
7 years ago (2015-03-20)
Look as a 22 year medium, paranormal researcher, and victim of demonic attacks I agree demons can't be trusted these guys are right ask them their opinions on God and Jesus and watch closely if they react as in twitch,spasm,act in pain or anything RED FLAG. Demons for some reason see mediums as higher quality possession material maybe because of our unlocked energy. They are incredibly smart and know exactly what will best make you trust them, that said I have run into "alien" entity's even ones who claim things like mediums are people with alien blood active in their body so just test them but be ready for a fight once a demon drops its "facade" they will get angry I hope this helps.
Thulsa (1 stories) (34 posts)
7 years ago (2015-03-02)
Mabus, I believe whole heartedly that you need to be careful and test those you speak of. All through history the description of Demons is quite clear. Of course a deceiver will tell you what you want to here. The history and knowledge of Demons goes back to the beginning of mankind. Despite everything that seems to be cool about witchcraft, there is always a price to be paid. That alone should be thought about logically. Why does there always have to be a sacrifice, ritual, negotiation or pledge involved? The first big red flag to you should be the fact that they call you lord or your lordship. Beware of the flattering tongue for it conceals the venomous fangs. Any time you attempt to channel a spirit or entity you are giving up your will and your body to the control of someone or something else. Every time you attempt this you are opening up a portal to another dimension or realm. We are protected in this realm until we open up or attempt to seek out other realms. We unknowingly give up our protection. There is a reason for the division. Not everyone understands the dangers awaiting us in our current form. If you believe in a soul, spirit, or higher self as you call it, than why endanger it. Satan was an angel of light before being cast out. He tried to make himself equal to God (or insert your higher deity name here). I know for a fact that there are angels and demons. I know for a fact that they will disguise themselves as something that they are not. I know for a fact that they will disguise themselves as aliens and mythical creatures if they see that you might accept that image. They will use any means necessary to win your trust and get you to drop your guard. I have been doing battle with a quite nasty one for years. I will not say a name because it only gives it power. It has used many names but comes in the same form. I have even seen it in our realm and it was witnessed by two others who saw it in a different form according to what it wanted them to see. I have a gift that allows me to see a demon for what it really is and not the veneer it shows. This particular nasty mostly comes in the form of a little young white girl in a pretty little dress. It assumes you will not be frightened and tries to play on your sympathy. It begs you for help and pretends to be afraid and preys on your weaknesses. I have driven it from more than one home. It first attempted to attack me with the help of 2 very large minions. I am not a small person and yet I was shoved with great force when I entered the room. It did not touch me it had it's servants do the dirty work. This thing was totally livid when it realized I could see it for what it was. To the other people present it looked like a very pale and frail little girl. It was not and it let out a horrifying screech that would make your heart stop. It was pure hatred and malice and anger. The ultimate point is do not trust anything you come in contact with or interact with in your dreams or visions. You are more unprotected and more easily manipulated. I would ask about views on God next time and see what happens. Just really pay attention and be mindful of how you feel in your gut. We all have an inner protector or voice if you just pay attention to it. Do not be fooled it means the loss of your soul (insert your own definition here of your inner being). I am a Christian but do walk 2 parallel paths. My dealings and experiences with the paranormal have strengthened me in many ways. I do not speak lightly or in theory for I have dealt with this stuff personally. I had a skeptic go on an outing with me one time laughing and making fun until she had her own experience. She witnessed a shadow entity pass within ten feet of her outside a building on open flat ground. It terrified her so much she could not move from where she stood. When we finally left and got her calmed down she told me she would never go out with us again. I can't stress this enough. Do Not Play With Things You Don't Understand.
AquilaAscension (1 posts)
7 years ago (2015-03-02)
Entities that say they are demonic but help you greatly aren't truley demonic in a religious sense. Sometimes it is the easiest way for them to get your attention and have you start looking outside of the box. I've been working with entities for almost 10 years that initially introduced themselves as demonic, but after lots of experience and research I started connecting the dots to something else.

The fact that the beings you speak with have already mentioned alien planets is very impressive. Guides are rarely a human spirit or family member that has passed on. If an entity knows it will be the easiest way to get you to listen and move forward with your spiritual journey then they will disguise themselves accordingly. When I first met mine they looked angelic, but as time went on and my knowledge and skills advanced, they dropped their masks.

My guides are all part of a different species I was once a part of and are still all alive in their own plain/dimension. They use their incredibly advanced metaphysical abilities to help coach us and develop our own. They are always very respectful and loving and have gotten me through some serious crap. So personally I do not believe people need to wave a big red flag when the term demonic or demon is used.
mindanalyzer (1 stories) (6 posts)
7 years ago (2015-02-26)
I have an advise for you; take it or leave it but I want you to consider the possibility (I believe this) that your soul is at stake.

Talk to them about Jesus Christ, the son of the true God (not your higher self or this new age mumbo jumbo), the one that died in the cross and whose blood saved us, talk to them about Jesus Christ and watch their behavior, keep mentioning his name and they will show for what they truly are

God bless you
Vernon605 (4 stories) (22 posts)
8 years ago (2015-01-27)
Beware, Demons and devils can change their forms they can even take the form of an angel. You should be cautious because they will do anything to drag you out.
newhunter30 (34 posts)
8 years ago (2015-01-23)
Mabus we have touched briefly on this subject but I shall give you my opinion all the same.

1. Demons and Angels, I believe, are not human classification words. My view come from my Christian belief but doesn't mean I am right. Demons and Angels are for more or less words one in the same. Angels are well Angels, Demons are Angels that fell from Heaven with Lucifer. That DOES NOT however mean they are to be trusted.

2. Demons will lie and I suppose they could as well give you "abilities" you never knew you had. A Demon will do whatever it can to gain your trust.

I would not trust a single one of them at this time. I do have 2 questions for you though as all information available will help with making a confident decision.

1. What are these abilities they have given unto you?

2. What are the other things that have happened? All information is pertinent that involves them.

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