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Growing Up With a Psychic Mother


When I was about 12 I had my first glimpse of my mother's psychic abilities. My sister and I were 12 or 13 and were downstairs in the kitchen getting ready for school. Our mom was upstairs sleeping still. We let the dog, Suzie - Lhasa Apso, outside to pee, and were eating our cereal. About 10 minutes later, my mother came running downstairs screaming "where is Suzie? She got hit by a car!" She was frantic about it and kept saying she heard the car screeching and hit her. We told her she was outside peeing like always.

As I went over to the kitchen door to call her inside, we all heard the car screeching, and the thud and yelp of a dog. I remember my father going outside with a towel to bring her in the house. I remember her lying on the floor in front of us all gasping and bleeding from her mouth. I remember my father was on the phone with the vet telling him that her head was bobbing back and forth, then I remember her tongue came out of her mouth she stopped jerking and we all screamed and cried.

This was my first experience with death, and it hit me hard. I loved that dog and I was devastated for weeks afterwards. This was the second thing that happened to me which made me question everything. I realized after I calmed down that this whole thing could have been prevented. If my mother had come down just a second or two sooner, I could have gotten the dog away from the danger. My grief turned to anger at her for not warning us sooner. I became very interested in ESP, and mediums at this time.

Any information I could find in book stores I would read. I think "Seth Speaks" and the "Exorcist" were about the only thing on the bookshelves at that time of any interest. It was very hard to get any information at all.

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imyohan (4 posts)
14 years ago (2010-04-04)
my mom has been doing psychic stuffs when she was a teenager, she just stop. I knew she knew something but won't tell us. She's more busy on the other stuffs. But she is into readings like palms and feng sui, bleh, the rest she won't share.
NightJudge (3 stories) (11 posts)
16 years ago (2008-10-03)
I have a psychic mother too. Like yours she has dreams but unlike yours she doesn't try to do anything because she doesn't believe in them. Be glad your mom tried to stop your dogs death even if she wasn't able to. Knowing she tried but it wasn't meant to be is a lot better than knowing she might have been able to change it but did nothing to even try.
SunderMic (3 stories) (123 posts)
16 years ago (2008-05-22)
im sorry about your dog, my dog past away too and I hated it cause she was like a friend to me, sorry if sounding abit weird, but having a rubbish childhood and all that like mine my dog was always there when I was upset and would always come next to me and give me them guilty big eyes 😆
and after she pasted away all I could hear was her foot steps because we have wooden floors, and her cry for atension, which was warming for me because it was like she wasn't gone but now I no longer hear the foot steps or anythings.
AirNymphSS (2 stories) (6 posts)
16 years ago (2008-05-21)
My mom is a psychic too... It was a pain in the behind growing up going through my rebellious teen years. Having your mom know things that are going to happen, what you're up to, and then have them happen and her saying, "See, I told you so". I'd even go out of my way to try and prove her wrong, never worked. She predicted one boyfriend was cheating on me, where she had no solid proof, and no communications with him, only her "feelings". And she predicted the split with my now ex-fiance, she said, "There's something wrong with him... He's not right in the head. This isn't going to end well, you need to leave him now and come home to us..." That was the one time I listened to her and avoided a huge heartache waiting around the corner.
mystical2 (16 stories) (483 posts)
16 years ago (2008-05-17)
There is a book called, "Secrets of a Medium" by Larry Dreller. You should be able to get it at the library.
Also, try not to be hard on your mother. It's not her fault. We receive information, but are not always able to control what happens. She got the message when she did and she tried, however, the time she got it was out of her control.
I am truely sorry about your dog. I know how it feels to lose a pet. My dog died the same way when I was 9.
abilicous (2 stories) (18 posts)
16 years ago (2008-05-17)
Wow. I have a psychic mom, too. But I inherited her gifts along with a few extras. But I understand that it was maybe hard to cope with. I was shocked when my mom told me. My mom is a clairaudient (hears spirits). Shes heard them her whole life. My claiaudience just began about 2 years ago. But yes, I understand where you stand. It can be confusing.

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