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I'm 17, and well, for the past 8 or so years of my life I've always seen and heard things. Moreso within the past two years.

Things that used to be small, like shadows out of the corner of my eye or small noises have grown into scratches on my back, full conversations, sometimes even pain. So what I really need is some help.

I contacted a professional and I was told that instead of ignoring whatever it is, that I should try and listen and see what it wants. Now I've been doing it for a few months, and the headaches caused my ignoring it had gone away, but I can certainly say that everything is definetly much more lively. I see and hear more, I can feel the pain some spirits had felt when they died and I'm starting to feel very intense emotions like sadness and anger.

My question is I guess, is there a way to make this easier for me? It's hard seeing them and hearing them all at once. It's especially a lot worse in certain places where I sometimes get up to 3 of them talking at once. I really just want better control over this 'ability.'

Also, if you can help, how do I bring up to people that their loved ones are trying to get a hold of them? Sometimes they don't stop until I say something, but people usually get freaked out by it.

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Meril (5 posts)
6 years ago (2018-05-14)
If it's hard to hear all of them at once, just state that you want to hear one at time, and have that intention.

Maybe start with peeking their curiosity and interest. Like, describe that loved one first, "I understand that this might startle you, but do you have a (description of loved one's physical looks, what they liked to do, or description of which side of the family they're on) who passed away?" And then wait for their response, and then pass them the message from their loved one.

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