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Growing Up Different


I have always been different than the other kids growing up. I will start from when I was very young. I was able to see and hear spirits like I would see and hear a living person. I had no idea at the time that these spirits were actually spirits, I thought that they were real. Also, I had a very strong ability to telepathically communicate with insects and animals. If I wanted to play with a butterfly I would concentrate and a butterfly would show up and land on my hand and be there until I wanted it to go away. Same thing with birds and other small creatures like squirrels and chipmunks.

I would also know things that I was not capable of knowing. For example I would tell my Mother that we would be getting a visitor shortly and for her to get ready to answer the door. Or I would tell her she was going to get phone calls from a specific person at a specific time. And also I would be able to tell her something about someone, like if they were ill, if they died, how they died. I would just know things that a typical small child could never know.

Growing up I realized that what I was capable of was not normal because I found out that nobody was like me. I ended up getting bullied for my gift so I decided that I wanted to block it out as much as I could. But you can only block out your abilities so much. Throughout my years of growing up I had come into contact with spirits often, but just shook it off like nothing. But all of this has suddenly come crashing back into my life.

About a year ago I had lost both of my Yorkies, I loved them like if they were my children. The desire of me wanting to know if they were alright had opened up my realm that I had shut out because I wanted to be normal. I have many abilities that I can't explain. My family knows of my abilities, and I have a long line of psychics in my family and they cannot seem to put a finger on what I am exactly.

Long story short, my abilities include:

-having extremely strong telepathy with any animal whether or not I want to.

-extremely strong ability to see, hear, and communicate with the dead

- strong ability to know when death is in the near future for a person or an animal (this one I am not too happy about having)

- extremely strong ability to feel someone's emotions and thoughts as if they were my own

-in general, ability to know when someone is coming, what will happen to them, how we will meet

-Out of body experiences almost every night


-when I get angry my energy is so strong that things fall, break, move, someone gets pains, or as funny as it sounds, it will randomly down pour with extreme thunder and lightning until I am no longer angry.

I am also very strongly protected by my angels and spirits that choose to be around me. I have had so many near death experiences and some how I have not even gotten a scratch. Its like in the heat of the moment, my last few seconds, that everything slows down, slow motion. And it is almost like I get pushed out of the way into safety.

I can go on with stories of further explaining each ability, but we would be here forever with the novel that I would be about to write. So I will not do that to the readers! LOL. I just want to know what I am considered, if there is a certain name for me. What type or kind of "psychic" am I?! I have searched the internet high and low for answers but I cannot seem to find any.

I hope that from me sharing my story, that I can gain positive feedback and some advice on certain things that may stick out to you.

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ProfKelly (38 posts)
10 years ago (2014-06-11)
Here's a staring point: "The following FREE Psychic Quiz singly analyzes the behavioral characteristics of psychic experients and will propose the most likely Psychic Type an experient belongs."


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